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Friday, November 12, 2004 at 4:11 PM

Willard Scott's on a noose and I got predictions to make!!

My ego has taken a beating today! One of my previous posts had some insulting comments on it and quite frankly I am in tears! I guess all that is left for me to do is make good on my words, post my weekend Lions and Wolverine predictions, and hang up my blogging shoes forever! I mean, I know Willard Scott personally and he is quite upset that his name is even showing up on this blog. He feels dirty and cheapened that it has even happened and before he really is on a noose, I better call it quits. I guess I just used this blog as a pathetic tool to make my empty life have some meaning, but now, thanks to those comments, I realize I truly am a loser and will kill this blog and then myself! But, true to my word, the predictions first.

U of M has not had any luck with Northwestern in the Lloyd Carr years. The Wildcats have posted the best record of any Big 10 team against Carr and he is not too proud of that statistic. But no worries here this weekend, the Wolverines are well rested coming off the bye-week and will take care of business in their home finale of the 2004 season. Mike Hart will again carry the offensive load, going over 200 yards again ( Adrian Peterson who?!?! ), Braylon Edwards will dazzle the Big House one last time and Chad Henne will do just enough to not screw up... Again! My final score prediction is:

U of M 34, NW 20

Lions predictions - do I even have to waste my time typing about this? Joey Harrington will still suck, Kevin Jones will still suck, and the defense will make another no name quarterback look like Joe Montana. The Lions will be 4-5 and back under .500, just where us Lions fans are used to them being! Enough said, Joey Harrington blows, my final score prediction:

Jaguars 23, Lions 9

Well, that is all FOREVER!!!! I would like to thank those guys for posting those comments and making me realize that I am pathetic and better off hanging myself. So now, as suggested, I am off to find a noose and a nice, high rafter to help me end it all. Until I see you all in heaven, or maybe hell if you prefer, godspeed and half a wonderful weekend - the sports dude.

P.S. - GO SPARTY!!!! You will very rarely, if ever again, see those words posted on this site. ( Seeing how I am going to be dead, that might be the only time anyway, by default! ) But I hope they do us all a favor and beat the Wisconsin Badgers this weekend. Funny, don't you think, that the only time Wisconsin is any good is in the years they don't have U of M on the schedule? Strange, but true!

at 1:54 PM

New link on side bar....

Just added a new link to the old side bar, Pro Football Encyclopedia. Haven't wandered around it too much, but got the heads up for it from the Detriot Free Press sports section this afternoon at lunch. According to the brief write up in the paper, there are scores, rosters, standings, and some trivia. Looks pretty neat, and I am always trying to keep up to date on new and exciting things in the world of sports.

I stated earlier that I was going to talk today about Maurice Clarett and Joey Harrington, but there really is no point in that anymore. All I will say is that Maurice Clarett is a paycheck player, plain and simple. He will play good one year to earn the cash, crappy for a couple because he is getting paid and who cares, then will have another good year in the final year of his contract. The only reason why he even said what he said is because people were starting to forget him, he had been out of the spotlight for awhile, and needed some face time to make his inflated ego feel full again! He is an overachieving, money hungry whore, nothing more, nothing less. Don't get me wrong, being a U of M fan I have no love for anything related to the Buckeyes, but this is just a cheap shot by a cheap player. Plain, simple, end of story.

Next - Joey Harrington. Look, sorry Lions faithful, but Joey will never be any better than he is, and what he is, plain and simple, is a decent quarterback that should be a life long back up. I said it a few years back when they drafted him and I say it again - a quarterback is only as good as the conference he comes from and the secondaries he is throwing against. Joey came the Pac-10 where they recruit for offense, maybe a little for the D-Line, but the secondaries are made up of other schools cast offs, leftovers and walk-ons. He had inflated numbers against shitty defenses, and he will never be anything but mediocre in the NFL. I really wish the Lions would have gone after Jeff Garcia this off season, that would have been great! I also wish the Bengals wouldn't have screwed us over and let Chris Perry fall in the draft right into our laps, but that is all another story for another day and time!

Well, signing off, I have to think of creative ways to portray to you, my readers, how the Wolverines will win this weekend and the Lions will lose. Until that time, enjoy the rest of your Friday - the sports dude.

at 9:04 AM

Here is some old shit....

(Here is some old shit from a blog I used to have that I wrote last year about the Finals and Phil Jackson. I thought it was pretty funny, so I just figured that I would repost it here, seeing how Phil pissed me off again today. Here we go:)

PART ONE: Original post date of June 10,2004:

Hello, my name is Phil Jackson. I used to play basketball, just another one of your typical mediocre white guys that really only got anywhere because I was tall. That was my claim to fame - my height, and also my hair style - everyone loves a great looking jerry curl and all. Well, now that I am on the verge of winning my NBA record tenth Championship, I thought I would share with you, dear readers, how it was that I even got into coaching in the first place. As far as I can remember, it went a little something like this.... Man, I miss basketball. Being alone all the time with this zen buddism crap is really boring if you have no one to share it with. I mean, yoga is great and all, but seriously - I miss the game of basketball and really want to get involved again. I have been told before that maybe I should try coaching, but I am too afraid of failure. I mean, Buddha never lost so why should I subject myself to that type of torture? It just wouldn't be fair to take over a losing team trying to rebuild and go nowhere with them. I am too spiritual for such an endeavor, meaning I am above that. If only Buddha himself would send me a sign, give me some wisdom to get out of this darkness that I find myself in.... (IN THE DISTANCE A PHONE RINGS, PHIL ANSWERS) Hey there Michael Jordan, how you doing? Me, pretty okay, just finished my daily routine of yoga and green tea, now I am about to go meditate for awhile. What's that you say MJ, you like me and want me to be your coach? The greatest player on the planet wants me to be his coach, is that what you said your Airness? Wonderful, where do I sign on? Great, see you in the morning. I can't believe it, any monkey could coach MJ - all I got to do is figure out and offense where everyone stands around and watches him play. Somewhat triangular, if you will, in shape and form. That's it - the triangle offense I will call it! Give the ball to MJ, everyone else watches and BAM - I have three rings under my belt! What's that Mr. NBA Commissioner David Stern, MJ has been caught gambling and you have to suspend him for a couple years? You can't suspend His Airness, it would ruin the game and the NBA's image. MJ is the NBA - if you suspend him it would kill the NBA and you know it! Instead let's just say he is "retiring" and let him do something else for a couple years, like baseball! He could play for the White Sox farm team - who is owned by the Bulls and no one would suspect a thing. He won't make it, he will definitely suck at baseball, and then in two years he will just "unretire" and come back to the Bulls. How about that, no damage done and you will get His Airness back in a couple years to rule the NBA and make you millions again! Sound good? Great, let's do it! Wow, MJ is back, GREAT!!!! Look, three more rings - GREAT!!!! What is that MJ, you really are retiring this time? Well, thanks for the six rings, but I guess I will retire too - I am not good enough to coach without you. BYE-BYE Chicago, it has been fun - but I can't coach without a superstar, I am really not that good. See you around!! Later I will get into what it was like to retire and why I came back for more. Until next time, everyone's favorite Lil' Buddha with the jerry curl - PJ. ( Like how I call myself PJ, sorta like me and MJ are almost "Buddha Buddies" or something!)

PART TWO: Original post date of June 11, 2004:

Hello again basketball lovers, it is I the Zen Master here returning to you today to finish my tale. I said I would and I am making good on my word. The key to spiritualism is never saying anything that contains no meaning. Therefore, I said I would finish my tale and therefore I fully intend to. Let me see, where was I - oh yes, retirement. Well, to be honest with you it was quite boring. Yoga and green tea can only hold your interest for so long, know what I mean? I tried coming up with a new offensive scheme, but the hexagon offense just didn't flow as smoothly as the triangle. That idea was scraped, so I started organizing my Buddha statues by height and belly roundness, but that only kept me occupied for a month. People were telling me to try something new, you know, coach a perennial losing team and rebuild it and make it a contender. I laughed at the idea, that would mean doing actual coaching, teaching and work. I mean, get real people - I am not that good of a coach. I only know how to take a team that has superstars, let the superstars do all the work, and then I sit back and get called one of the greatest coaches of all time. Rebuilding? Never, that is not in my vocabulary. I only believe in taking a team that is already spiritually sound and getting all the accolades for winning a championship with it. There is no way, no how, that I would take over a loser - Buddha wasn't a loser, so why should I be? But what to do? MJ is gone, although he is entertaining a come back with the Wizards. But I can't coach that team, even with MJ they are not going to have a chance in hell. But I do miss coaching, what should I do? (AGAIN, A PHONE RINGS IN THE BACKGROUND) Hello? Hey Shaq, how you doing? Yeah, tough break, you and that young guy, Kobe, came close this year but fell a little short. What is that you say? You and Kobe, who is about to be in his prime and become a superstar, like me? Come again, you want me to be your coach? Get out!!!! Where do I sign up for that gig? Great, see you tomorrow! Well, look at that - Buddha must be smiling on me today. Can you believe it, this is amazing. First MJ, now Kobe and Shaq Diesel? Does it get any better than this? I don't think so, my little buddha buddies! And look at that, a three peat - and I didn't even have to break a sweat! That is great, I am awesome. I don't even have to coach, all I do is tell my team to get the ball to the superstars and I win. Man, am I a genius or what? Well, got to go, I am about to go to the finals and try for my NBA record tenth ring. What is that, I have to play the Pistons? The same Pistons that have always been a thorn in my side from day one? Come on, give me another team to play - especially one without Larry Brown, now that man is a great coach. Well, let's see what happens. (SIDE NOTE OF EDITORS - Phil Jackson sucks, he is a lucky man who only coaches superstars and I am glad the Pistons are going to stop him from getting a tenth ring he doesn't deserve. GO PISTIONS and FEAR THE FRO - you can take that Buddha shit and shove it up Phil Jackson's dumb ass!)

PART THREE: Original post date of June 16, 2004:

Well, I know this blog is suppose to be funny. Well, at least that is how I look at it anyway. But I would just like to take the moment to honor the first five game sweep in NBA finals history. Congrats to my home town team, the Detroit Pistons - your 2004 NBA Champs! Could it be any better? Seriously, the little team that couldn't did - and did so by spanking those little bitches from LAH-LAH land. Folks, I say five game sweep because you take away a miracle shot in the last seconds of game two - a shot that never should have taken place - and we won every quarter, every minute, every second of every game. People of the world - the Pistons are the best team in a long time, and TEAM is the key word for those guys. Congrats! The biggest satisfaction to me though is the fact that we, the Detroit Pistons, stopped Phil Jackson from getting a ring he didn't deserve. You think Red Auerbach is sending some of those cigars to Detroit this morning? Damn straight! Much respect, because we earned it, we fought for it, we wanted it and we BETTER get it! Sorry Phil, but you really just aren't that good! Lastly, I know I am probably jumping the gun here, but I am going to put it in writing first - the Pistons WILL - that is right - WILL repeat next year. I am a history buff by nature, and back in 1989 there was a little thing called the expansion draft that took place after they won their first title. The new team then - the Minnesota Timberwolves, an animal. The new team this year - the Charlotte Bobcats, also an animal. The Pistons of 1989 lost Rick Mahorn to the T-Wolves, although I believe he chose to retire or not play for them. The Pistons of 2004 are going to lose someone, most likely Elden Campbell or Corliss Williamson ( although I hope not the BIG NASTY - we will miss him too much! ). The point is, history has a way of repeating itself and I think these guys will come out next year and want to prove to everyone that it was NOT a fluke. With all the similarities to the two teams and all the history that is similar as well, it will happen. Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first - your 2005 NBA Champs - BACK TO BACK - the Detroit Pistons. GOIN' TO WORK - FEAR THE FRO - GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(That is the end, more to come later and godspeed - the sports dude!)

at 8:36 AM

TGIF... Let's bitch about basketball!!!!

Well, here we go, I sure have been doing a lot of bitching about basketball lately. Well, it is early in the morning, it is Friday, and I need something short and sweet to start the day, so here we go....

First, did anyone happen to catch Phil Jackson on ESPN's "Pardon The Interruption" last night? I tried to find an article to link to on ESPN (or anywhere for that matter), but I couldn't. Basically whiner Phil, the same guy who gave Larry Brown that infamous "cold fish" handshake after the finals last June, the same guy who is the MOST OVERRATED COACH TO EVER COACH ANY PROFESSIONAL SPORT, said on the show that the Pistons were not the best team that the Lakers played last year in the playoffs. So, let me get this straight here Phil - the Pistons, who did all of the following things to your Lakers are not the best team that you played last year in the playoffs? They include -

- Spanked your ass up and down the court for five games, except for about five minutes in regulation in game 2 and the overtime in game 2.
- Completed the first five game sweep in NBA Finals history.
- Stopped you from getting a record tenth ring that, no way in hell, did you ever earn or come close to deserving.
- Showed the world what a big as whiner and little bitch you are, and the only way to make you look good at all is with "boobs" behind your bench ( you all remember that rack behind Phil in Game 1, right? ).

I am sure I am forgetting some, post a few comments if you wish to add some others. The point is, Phil Jackson is not a great coach, Phil Jackson is not a good coach, Phil Jackson is just another coach, nothing special at all. He is, however, a very smart man - I will give him that. He sure knows how to come to a team with the greatest players in the league at the time ( MJ with his sidekick Pippen, Shaq and Kobe ) and ride them to all the rings and leave before things get bad. The guy is just smart and knows how to pick a "no lose" situation, that is all. I would LOVE to see him go to, I don't know, the Atlanta Hawks or something - let's see if he can rebuild a team. I guarantee you, unless he trades for the best player in the game to come to the Hawks, he never even smells the Finals again, let alone the playoffs! I could bitch about Phil all day, so I will now stop, he is just a bitch, the Pistons bitch, plain and simple.

The last thing is Ron Artest. I am not going to spend a lot of time on it, the whole situation is already funny enough as it is. Boy, what a "team" player he is. Sorry guys, can't play ball for awhile, I am tired from doing my rap album so I need a month off. Read the article here. It can be spun anyway by Walsh, Carlisle, or Artest, but the bitch wanted time off to promote a rap album. Do that in the off season, tour in the off season, make videos in the off season, that is why they call it the "off" season dumb ass. Then, to top it off, he says he doesn't even know what the word "integrity" means - yeah, no shit dumbass! That is it, I am done.

Until next time when I will get to Maurice Clarett, (another bitch) Joey Harrington, (just plain sucks) and my Lions and Wolverines weekend forecast, keep reading, keep breathing, post a comment and enjoy my friends - the sports dude.

Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 10:37 AM

NHL Lockout - who cares!

Well, seeing how this is a sports blog, I guess I should "finally" post about this. Also, this is a slow day for me as far as sports opinions are concerned, so I guess I can post about it just to pass the time. Hockey, if I had to pick a sport to care about or watch, would be right up there with celebrity poker, 9-Ball tournaments on ESPN, the Great Outdoor Games, Badmitton and Celebrity Knitting. The point is this, I just really don't give a shit! In fact, I would bet that 75% of America doesn't even miss hockey, and the the 25% that does consists of the players, so that number is even stacked! Hockey is boring, slow, and quite frankly even more boring to watch than baseball for goodness sakes! The most exciting thing is the damn zamboni for christ sakes, does that tell you something about hockey people! I always say they should spice up hockey a little, make it more fun to watch! What you need is a hot blonde with a wet, see through white T-Shirt clinging to her ( the ice is cold, man what a sight! ) driving the zamboni. Then, leave the zamboni out there while the guys are playing so they have to avoid it. Plus, make it four on four so that there is room for the players and the zamboni, and give the zamboni a faster engine so that it can chase the players down. Otherwise, what the hell is the point of hockey! Here is the summary of every hockey game ever played - ready?!?! Skate, skate, skate, skate, skate, skate, shoot, clang, miss. Repeat that for three hours, throw in an occasional "SCORES!" instead of miss, and pick your final score - 2-1, 3-2, 1-0, etc. Where is the excitement in that! The only reason I miss hockey games at all is because I have nothing to put on my TV at night to help me fall asleep anymore.

I work with a guy who is a big hockey fan, there has to be the token hockey fan in every work place, just like the token Spartan fan, token Nascar fan ( another boring sport! ), etc. He went to this "Rumor" site this morning ( key word rumor ) and saw that, thru an internet based survey of hockey players, off their own "secret" web site that only hockey players know about and have "secret" passwords to, that hockey will return in January 2005 because the players all miss it and agreed to a salary cap. He got so excited I think he blew a nut or something, he yelled for me to come over to his desk and read the story - he knows I hate hockey, don't miss it, and I love to remind him everyday that hockey is gone. I pointed out quickly that it was a "RUMOR" site and, a "secret" hockey player only site with "secret" passwords? Come on, dude, what a dumb ass! What, do the players have "secret" tree houses somewhere, or "secret" bunkers with "secret" handshakes too? He was pissed that I made those points, pissed that I didn't believe the "rumor" site, and just pissed that I still make fun of hockey in general!

To close the conversation with him, he said to me "Come on, give me a break, can you even imagine a winter without hockey, what would we all do?". My response to him is that it would be the same as every other winter I have ever known, I didn't watch hockey then, so why would I miss something that to me, and 75% of the rest of America, never even existed anyway? Hockey is the least popular, the most boring, of the four major sports - Baseball, Football and Basketball being the others. Always has been, always will be, the ugly step sister left out in the cold - no pun intended!

Oh, the other thing I like to throw at him is this - he always talks about the Red Wings and I say "Who, they are a hockey team? The only Red Wing anything I know is this, and I always thought all those bumper stickers and car flags were just a tribute to how great the work boots are!" What can I say, I love to torture the dude!

Well, until next time, when I will touch on Joey Harrington and his lack of skills, Ron Artest and his rap album, and, as always, my weekend sport forecast - much love, godspeed, the sports dude!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004 at 1:59 PM

Just some oddball thoughts on the NBA...

The offseason was strange this year, don't you think? I mean, signing a contract for a lot of money, making a commitment to an organization, and playing for that team all just kind of got thrown out the window, didn't it? What I am talking about here is the "professional" athletes like Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Tracy McGrady, Alonzo Mourning, etc. Am I missing anyone in that group there? Basically all those guys said the same thing - "I want to go to a winner, a team committed to winning." So, the guys that are your teammates, what they are chopped liver? If I was on the team that these guys go to, what would I think? What would I feel? What, if we start playing bad he is going to disrespect us and say he wants another trade, to another contender? What, am I not good enough to even lace up a pair of sneakers with you now? Are you going to force a trade someday for me to get out of town? And what about the team he leaves, yeah, that would make me feel real good about myself. What, am I not good enough to even be on the same plane as you? Should I put my clothes on in a separate locker room, eat my meals at another table not even facing yours? How about I wipe you ass for you, maybe kiss it a little, would that be better? I know there really is no flow to this paragraph, I apologize, it is just this - plane and simple. Until those above guys learn the value of the word "team", they will all be nothing. Not a single one of those guys there, listed above, will ever win a championship. Seriously, I am saying it now, typing it now, remember you heard it here first - they will never win a ring, period! The only way it may happen, and I stress "MAY", is if they realize that all their bitching, all their pouting, will never get them anywhere. That is why I was so glad the Pistons won last year, the way they won, the "team" ( to use that word loosely! ) they DESTROYED AND EMBARRASSED, was that they did it as a team, no egos, nothing, just a true team. Until these guys understand that, until they get it, they can switch uniforms quicker than a whore on Friday night, they will never be anything but another player, left on the outside looking in.

Next, and this one is more brief, here is another article that pisses me off. Read the last paragraph of the opening story about Carmelo ( whinny bitch ass punk ) Anthony's T-Shirt. I am not going to get political, I am not going to tell you who I did or didn't vote for either. All I am going to say is this - if you are going to be "cool" or "hip" and wear a "dope" T-Shirt that is all "phat" and shit, talking about politics and other "shiz-nit", then at least vote you asshole! The point here is not that I am pro-Bush or pro-Kerry, I told you I wasn't going to tell you, the only point is that if you speak out then make your voice heard you jackass. Better yet, lie and say you voted for Kerry you dick, at least then we would believe that you know how to read and write - which, I doubt, you do. He probably didn't even understand the point the shirt was trying to make, he probably thought it was just an album cover for his favorite rapper, MC Jackass or something! (Sorry, that is the best fake rapper name I could come up with at the time.) Seriously Carmelo, go whine about your lack of skills, go whine about your Olympic benching, or better yet go smoke some of your friends weed! And, by the way, whether you like Bush or not, by wearing that T-Shirt you insult every man, woman and or child who died on September 11 or lost someone who died that day. Maybe you should go to their door step, wearing that shirt, and see what is like to be an American you bitch! If you don't vote, you have no right to piss and moan. Furthermore, I doubt you even realized that those were the Twin Towers burning, you cunt, you probably thought they were big, fat ( or would it be "phat" here too? ) joints burning or something, fuck you asshole!

There, that is enough for now, I am truly pissed off enough about this - until next time - the sports dude.

at 1:56 PM

Just added some site meter...

Just added a site meter to my page, just for shits and giggles! Now I can scroll down to the bottom and count how many times I visit my own web page. It is truly great, modern technology and all, just to remind yourself that you are a loser! Oh well, I was running out of fingers and toes to count the times I visit myself anyway. Now, someone else will do it for me - plus, it goes along with the sports theme! The counter is mini footballs! The only catch is that there is some "baby" sponsor down there, that has to be there, or the site meter people will take away my counting privileges, as well as my house, car and first born! So enjoy that sponsor, but please, enjoy my site more!

Until next time, let the countdown, or I guess count-up, begin!!!! The sports dude, daily visitor 1,2,3,4 and 14.

Monday, November 08, 2004 at 10:44 AM

My Pistons Predictions.... FINALLY!!!!!

Well, what the hell? The season already started, LB already has had hip surgery, and the Pistons stand at 2-1 if memory serves me correctly. Lets see, they already got their rings, some heavyweight belts from Rasheed and are well on their way to defending their crown. Can I still make predictions? I hope so, because I still plan on doing it anyway - so leave me alone about it, alright? I was unable to post last week, my computer and blogger were not getting along, and anytime I tried to post I would get a "timeout" on my screen. Therefore, I am finally able to post, late or not, so here we go - my Piston predictions.

As far as the Eastern Conference is concerned, I don't see any concerns anywhere. I will say the same thing this year that I said last year - just get them past New Jersey and the Pistons will take care of the Pacers and make it to the finals. Well, the Nets took care of themselves this off season - they are a joke and a shell of themselves. Plus, Kidd will be gone by the time the trade deadline comes and even if he stays this year, the Nets are still worse than last year, so they are out of the way. The Pacers did nothing to get better, nothing to get worse, they just stayed the same. I really am no more concerned about them now than I was last year. The Heat are a lot better, make no mistake, adding Shaq makes you a serious contender instantly. But the Pistons already beat Shaq last year in the finals, and he had a better supporting cast then, so why should there be any concern now. There is none, that is the point. The playoffs will start, the Pistons will win the Central Division hands down, and will have the #1 seed and best record in the East - maybe in the league, but that might be being a little greedy. So, here is my Eastern Conference predictions -

The Pistons will be seeded #1 and finish with a record of 62-20, getting to that famous 60 win mark that truly makes you elite in today's league. The Heat will have the second best record, followed by the Pacers and then five other teams that have to make the playoffs because you have to have eight in each league, right? I will say the other five teams are the Sixers, the Celtics, the Nets, the Magic and the Bucks. The final four will come down to Orlando .vs. Detroit and the Heat .vs. the Pacers, and the final two will be the Heat and the Pistons. The Pistons will take that series in six and return to the finals.

Now, the Western Conference I don't follow quite as well, but there are so many powerhouse teams out there it makes me sick. The beauty of that is they will beat the shit out of each other all year, beat the shit out of each other all the way through the playoffs, and be tired and primed for the Pistons to beat the shit out of them in the finals. I pick two teams to be left standing when all is said and done, and those two are the Spurs and the Timberwolves. I think the Spurs will prevail, just for the sake that they are hungry and pissed from last year and that the Laker jinx is now over. That series will go all seven games and be brutal and hard fought to the end. If I had to guess what the other six teams are that make the playoffs in the West I will go with the Kings, the Rockets, the Nuggets, the Mavericks, the Suns and the Jazz. Sorry Kobe, you are not good enough without Shaq, maybe in the East, but not in the talent laden West.

Anyhow, the Pistons will have home court advantage, thank goodness, because they will need the best fans in the NBA to be the ultimate sixth man once again. With the advantage of that and the advantage of having four games at home, they will win the necessary four, losing twice on the road. The Pistons will reign supreme once again, winning there second back to back title in six games over the Spurs. Game, set, match.

Big Ben will get the Defensive Player of the Year Award back, which he never should have lost in the first place. Ron Artest - what a joke, he did a great job on Rip in the playoffs last year, huh? Antonio Mcdyess will get comeback player of the year honors, instead of sixth man, even though he will be in the running for that. LB will be coach of the year, and Joe Dumars will be in contention, once again, for Executive of the Year.

History has a way of "REPEATING" itself, no pun intended. Remember what happened after the Pistons won in 1989 - there was an expansion draft, correct? What happened next - they repeated in 1990. What was there this summer after they won - an expansion draft, right? Well, as I said, history repeats itself, just like the little team that could - the Pistons will do in June 2005.

That is all, go Pistons, I am out. Hopefully blogger will behave itself this week and I can keep posting, keep blabbing and keep on keeping on - until next time, my homies - the sports dude.

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