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Monday, September 11, 2006 at 10:04 AM

The flags at half mast

The sports dude does not feel like being funny today, he is going to take the day off to respectively mourn and remember the sad and horrific events of fives years ago this morning. The Monday Morning QB will return tomorrow but he is going to stay silent today and instead share my story of this morning from five years past.

I had yet to discover sports talk radio and was still a dedicated listener of 89X and their morning show. I still remember that particular morning quite clear because, although they were typically a goofy bunch, this particular morning they were acting even more off the wall than usual. At the moment the first plane hit they made a small remark about a plane hitting the tower but mentioned there was no news of serious damage, just some small commuter plane. The jokes continued as the DJ's and even myself just thought it was something minor. A couple minutes later another update breaks in again mentioning the "small plane" and then suddenly the update DJ goes silent... Breaking news, the second tower has just been hit and we have just been told that they were commercial planes in both cases and not small commuter planes. Suddenly it is clear to not only the DJ but to all of us that this is no accident this is an attack on the American lifestyle and beliefs. I stand up from my desk in cubicle land and look towards the lunchroom where there is a small TV - I have a clear shot from where I am standing - and see the smoke from the towers. I look at my buddy and tell him this is serious and real, he too had only heard the "minor" reports like I got. From that moment on my eyes are glued to the TV and to AM radio to get more informative reporting than that which I would get from 89X and... Well, you all know how the rest of the day unfolded. I called my wife to wake her up (she had just finished a midnight shift and was at first pissed because I woke her up) and told her that she needed to turn on the TV that we were under attack and she was missing horrific history unfolding. I asked how our son was, he was the only sport dude-ling born at the time, and she said he was okay, he was to young to understand and more upset that mom wouldn't let him watch cartoons. I later talked to my father and he said this will be the day you always remember, just like he still remembers where he was and what he was doing when JFK was shot and now five years later I see what he means.

I went home that night and built a small vigil in my backyard, I live on a corner lot so you can see, and for the next two weeks I kept an oil lamp burning next to some American Flags. To this day it still sticks with me and I know that someday I will be able to share the story with my children when they are old enough to understand or with my future students (I am majoring in education at EMU for history) and tell them first hand what it was like and how it felt. It is our duty as Americans to live our lives to the fullest and to never forget so that those that died did not do so in vain. God Bless, God Speed, the sports dude hopes that your souls are resting somewhere in peace.

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