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Friday, April 22, 2005 at 12:50 PM

Lions Super Bowl Weekend & Pistons/Sixers Preview.

I was hoping to be able to spend a little more time talking about these two subjects, but damn if my job is not keeping me buried right now! Anyway, without further babble, here is what I think about the weekend in sports.

Lions Superbowl Weekend, a.k.a., the NFL Draft. My opinion is simple, with that #10 pick, go defense and defense only. Unless Braylon Edwards is available, but that is as likely as Joey Harrington turning into a Pro Bowl QB! I like the Derrick Johnson talk, I like the Antrel Rolle talk, but please no offensive linemen. Those come in the later rounds, there is plenty of time to pick a big body later in the draft. Got to go defense, get a young stud playmaker type, and I would love to see Johnson fall. As far as the QB talk and drafting one later, it is all but certain that is going to happen - we need another arm, we only have two (well, actually we only have Garcia, Joey should only be holding things like clipboards, gatorade cups and the ball for Jason Hanson!) but please don't take that piece of shit Adrain McPherson from the Canadian League! He is a thug, he is a punk and he went to Florida State - he has jail time written all over him! I hope they are smarter than that, because it will be a wasted pick and piss me off! I hate the Florida schools and all they stand for, don't draft a thug from there! I like Kyle Orton, that dude from Louisville Stephen LeFors or even Jason Campbell from Auburn as a third round sleeper project. But please, keep the thugs out of the Lions locker room!

Pistons against Sixers - this is nothing more than a warm up for the second round. The only way the Pistons lose this series is if all the starters go out with injuries and pigs fly! In fact, there is still nothing that is making me change from the Pistons meeting the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. I think the Sixers may win one, the Pistons always seem to take a game or two off in every series, and I think Iverson is enough of a stud to get a victory on his own. That being said, here are my first round guesses:

Eastern Conference:

Detroit over Philly is five.
Miami over New Jersey in six.
Boston over Indiana in six or seven.
Chicago over Washington in six or seven.

Western Conference:

Phoenix over Memphis in five.
San Antonio over Denver in six.
Sacramento over Seattle in seven.
Dallas over Houston in seven.

There you have it, have a nice weekend! By the way, I still think the Finals will be Detroit versus San Antonio, but that is just me! Next week I need to remember to talk about Reggie Miller and how I am glad he is finally going away. Later - the sports dude.

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