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Monday, November 08, 2004 at 10:44 AM

My Pistons Predictions.... FINALLY!!!!!

Well, what the hell? The season already started, LB already has had hip surgery, and the Pistons stand at 2-1 if memory serves me correctly. Lets see, they already got their rings, some heavyweight belts from Rasheed and are well on their way to defending their crown. Can I still make predictions? I hope so, because I still plan on doing it anyway - so leave me alone about it, alright? I was unable to post last week, my computer and blogger were not getting along, and anytime I tried to post I would get a "timeout" on my screen. Therefore, I am finally able to post, late or not, so here we go - my Piston predictions.

As far as the Eastern Conference is concerned, I don't see any concerns anywhere. I will say the same thing this year that I said last year - just get them past New Jersey and the Pistons will take care of the Pacers and make it to the finals. Well, the Nets took care of themselves this off season - they are a joke and a shell of themselves. Plus, Kidd will be gone by the time the trade deadline comes and even if he stays this year, the Nets are still worse than last year, so they are out of the way. The Pacers did nothing to get better, nothing to get worse, they just stayed the same. I really am no more concerned about them now than I was last year. The Heat are a lot better, make no mistake, adding Shaq makes you a serious contender instantly. But the Pistons already beat Shaq last year in the finals, and he had a better supporting cast then, so why should there be any concern now. There is none, that is the point. The playoffs will start, the Pistons will win the Central Division hands down, and will have the #1 seed and best record in the East - maybe in the league, but that might be being a little greedy. So, here is my Eastern Conference predictions -

The Pistons will be seeded #1 and finish with a record of 62-20, getting to that famous 60 win mark that truly makes you elite in today's league. The Heat will have the second best record, followed by the Pacers and then five other teams that have to make the playoffs because you have to have eight in each league, right? I will say the other five teams are the Sixers, the Celtics, the Nets, the Magic and the Bucks. The final four will come down to Orlando .vs. Detroit and the Heat .vs. the Pacers, and the final two will be the Heat and the Pistons. The Pistons will take that series in six and return to the finals.

Now, the Western Conference I don't follow quite as well, but there are so many powerhouse teams out there it makes me sick. The beauty of that is they will beat the shit out of each other all year, beat the shit out of each other all the way through the playoffs, and be tired and primed for the Pistons to beat the shit out of them in the finals. I pick two teams to be left standing when all is said and done, and those two are the Spurs and the Timberwolves. I think the Spurs will prevail, just for the sake that they are hungry and pissed from last year and that the Laker jinx is now over. That series will go all seven games and be brutal and hard fought to the end. If I had to guess what the other six teams are that make the playoffs in the West I will go with the Kings, the Rockets, the Nuggets, the Mavericks, the Suns and the Jazz. Sorry Kobe, you are not good enough without Shaq, maybe in the East, but not in the talent laden West.

Anyhow, the Pistons will have home court advantage, thank goodness, because they will need the best fans in the NBA to be the ultimate sixth man once again. With the advantage of that and the advantage of having four games at home, they will win the necessary four, losing twice on the road. The Pistons will reign supreme once again, winning there second back to back title in six games over the Spurs. Game, set, match.

Big Ben will get the Defensive Player of the Year Award back, which he never should have lost in the first place. Ron Artest - what a joke, he did a great job on Rip in the playoffs last year, huh? Antonio Mcdyess will get comeback player of the year honors, instead of sixth man, even though he will be in the running for that. LB will be coach of the year, and Joe Dumars will be in contention, once again, for Executive of the Year.

History has a way of "REPEATING" itself, no pun intended. Remember what happened after the Pistons won in 1989 - there was an expansion draft, correct? What happened next - they repeated in 1990. What was there this summer after they won - an expansion draft, right? Well, as I said, history repeats itself, just like the little team that could - the Pistons will do in June 2005.

That is all, go Pistons, I am out. Hopefully blogger will behave itself this week and I can keep posting, keep blabbing and keep on keeping on - until next time, my homies - the sports dude.

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