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Tuesday, December 07, 2004 at 9:06 AM

Monday Morning QB - Tuesday edition!

Well, the Lions beat up on a lousy team - big flipping deal? Does anyone think they can do it again this weekend? You know, up there in Green Bay, on the frozen tundra, against Bret Favre? You know, where the Lions haven't won since Favre took over the starting job? If you think they can then you are truly mistaken, sorry to say. Kevin Jones - I think he has arrived. Can you expect damn near 200 yards week in and week out? No you can't? Can you say that it was against the Cardinals, what do you expect? Yes you can, but the bottom line is he did it. That is the point, and I think that you will see him average at least a hundred yards a game the rest of the way. He has finally gotten it, the line is finally in a rhythm and following in Damien Woody's footsteps and looking good for the future. Now, on to someone that doesn't get it - Joey Harrington.

Sorry dudes, the guy is just NOT a NFL starting QB, does no one get that yet? The guy couldn't put up numbers against the Cardinals - I could put up numbers against the Cardinals for Christ sake! We pick off John Navarre four times, are gift wrapped EXCELLENT field position by all those picks, and all you can do is muster up four field goals? That is all? It was the Indianapolis game all over again, except that it was the Cardinals so that the field goals worked this time! It is gut wrenching to watch and makes my eyes bleed! We have got to get a QB in the off season, figure out someone to get in there! Let McMahon go, drop Joey to #2 ( where he should be anyway! ) and give the starting job to the guy we sign. Let Joey watch, let him see what a QB is suppose to do ( complete passes, generate TD's, keep the offense moving, not be a pussy, etc. ) and maybe it will help him to just watch for a couple years, learn and get a fire under his ass! He has never been pushed by anyone, he only has McMahon behind him, that ain't exactly a push, that is more like a gentle breeze in the back! Point is, give the dude some competition and maybe, just maybe, it will help him out some! But, quite frankly, I would just rather push him OUT THE DOOR!!!! And, for the record, it was nice to see Navarre again and I still think that dude will succeed more than Harrington in the NFL, I guarantee it!

Well, that is all I can muster up for now! Later on this week we will talk smack about Notre Dame, talk shit about the Bull Crap System ( BCS ), the imitation Rose Bowl this year ( should be Cal ) and whatever else I feel like. Until then, good bye and god speed - the sports dude!

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