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Friday, November 12, 2004 at 8:36 AM

TGIF... Let's bitch about basketball!!!!

Well, here we go, I sure have been doing a lot of bitching about basketball lately. Well, it is early in the morning, it is Friday, and I need something short and sweet to start the day, so here we go....

First, did anyone happen to catch Phil Jackson on ESPN's "Pardon The Interruption" last night? I tried to find an article to link to on ESPN (or anywhere for that matter), but I couldn't. Basically whiner Phil, the same guy who gave Larry Brown that infamous "cold fish" handshake after the finals last June, the same guy who is the MOST OVERRATED COACH TO EVER COACH ANY PROFESSIONAL SPORT, said on the show that the Pistons were not the best team that the Lakers played last year in the playoffs. So, let me get this straight here Phil - the Pistons, who did all of the following things to your Lakers are not the best team that you played last year in the playoffs? They include -

- Spanked your ass up and down the court for five games, except for about five minutes in regulation in game 2 and the overtime in game 2.
- Completed the first five game sweep in NBA Finals history.
- Stopped you from getting a record tenth ring that, no way in hell, did you ever earn or come close to deserving.
- Showed the world what a big as whiner and little bitch you are, and the only way to make you look good at all is with "boobs" behind your bench ( you all remember that rack behind Phil in Game 1, right? ).

I am sure I am forgetting some, post a few comments if you wish to add some others. The point is, Phil Jackson is not a great coach, Phil Jackson is not a good coach, Phil Jackson is just another coach, nothing special at all. He is, however, a very smart man - I will give him that. He sure knows how to come to a team with the greatest players in the league at the time ( MJ with his sidekick Pippen, Shaq and Kobe ) and ride them to all the rings and leave before things get bad. The guy is just smart and knows how to pick a "no lose" situation, that is all. I would LOVE to see him go to, I don't know, the Atlanta Hawks or something - let's see if he can rebuild a team. I guarantee you, unless he trades for the best player in the game to come to the Hawks, he never even smells the Finals again, let alone the playoffs! I could bitch about Phil all day, so I will now stop, he is just a bitch, the Pistons bitch, plain and simple.

The last thing is Ron Artest. I am not going to spend a lot of time on it, the whole situation is already funny enough as it is. Boy, what a "team" player he is. Sorry guys, can't play ball for awhile, I am tired from doing my rap album so I need a month off. Read the article here. It can be spun anyway by Walsh, Carlisle, or Artest, but the bitch wanted time off to promote a rap album. Do that in the off season, tour in the off season, make videos in the off season, that is why they call it the "off" season dumb ass. Then, to top it off, he says he doesn't even know what the word "integrity" means - yeah, no shit dumbass! That is it, I am done.

Until next time when I will get to Maurice Clarett, (another bitch) Joey Harrington, (just plain sucks) and my Lions and Wolverines weekend forecast, keep reading, keep breathing, post a comment and enjoy my friends - the sports dude.

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