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Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 10:00 AM

Lions Preview - slappy edition!!!!

The sports dude has been called crazy before and I have no issue with that but this has really been a special one for me and that is all the people who think I am crazy for saying what I have been saying about the Lions. Look this post will give a little insight into the deep, dark and twisted method that goes into my think but I really still have a feeling that this team has a chance to win this crappy division that they are in and at least go 9-7. I was going to break down the offense and the defense but I really don’t feel like getting into all of that in depth too much but I will say that the offense is already better with the subtraction of Joey ball game and the addition of Martz and a QB that actually knows how to play football. The defense is better with the subtraction of Dick “Bend ‘Em Like Beckman But Don’t Break” Jauron and the addition of Donnie Henderson who just wants to give them hell. With that I give you my thoughts on the division followed by my breakdown of the schedule and how I came up with the craziness that is 9-7.


Sorry, but history shows that the Bears of modern times very rarely have good back to back seasons. Remember the last time they won the division when Jauron was their coach? Yep, they were not very good the next few seasons, Jauron ended up getting fired and they totally redid their roster. The point is with Chicago is that history is not on their side and their offense is actually worse than the Lions. Their defense should keep them in games more often than not but if you score 14-17 points against this team you have an excellent shot of winning. The key to me is to see how long it takes for Lovie Smith to realize the Rex Grossman came from a Florida college, which means he sucks, and that Brian Griese should be their starting QB.

Green Bay

I don’t feel like looking at the roster to check ages but at least when you see them on TV it appears the head coach is younger than the starting QB. That can not be a good thing can it? I don’t want to hear any “swan song” crap for Favre, I really don’t, the talent is not there and it is clear the Packers are well into their rebuilding mode even though Favre may not realize it yet. I think, Favre or no Favre, these guys are the bottom feeders in this division and will be looking up at seasons end. The key to me is Favre and how long it takes him to scratch his head, wonder why he ever said this was the most talented team he has been around in awhile and why the hell he came back in the first place.


They have a new head coach, which seems to be the common theme in this division this year, and we all know this new head coach brings in one of our old best friends here in Detroit – the West Coast Offense. They are relying on a QB who should be in the Social Security Office with Favre but I think this is the team that will be at the top of the division with the Lions at seasons end. Make no mistake about it, I think 9-7 or 10-6 will win this division at best, but I don’t see the Packers or the Bears as having winning records this year. Key to watch is Brad Johnson and how much longer he can hold up before the arthritis kicks in over a full season.

The schedule and my predictions for wins/losses

HOME – Seattle – Loss
@ Chicago – Win/Loss
HOME Green Bay – Win
@ St. Louis – Loss
@ Minnesota – Loss
HOME – Buffalo – Win
@ NY Jets – Loss
Bye Week

HOME – Atlanta – Win/Loss
HOME – 49ers – Win
@ Arizona – Win
HOME – Miami – Win/Loss
@ Patriots – Loss
HOME – Minnesota – Win
@ Green Bay – Win/Loss
HOME – Chicago – Win
@ Dallas – Loss

So there you have it, the sports dude mathematical craziness and breakdown of the schedule. That above breakdown has six games I mark as wins (Green Bay, Buffalo, 49ers, @ Arizona, Minnesota, Chicago) and six games I mark as losses (Seattle, @ St. Louis, @ Minnesota, @ NY Jets, @ Patriots, @ Dallas) and 4 games I consider 50-50 at best (@ Chicago, Atlanta, Miami on Thanksgiving, @ Green Bay). That puts them, in my mad little mind, at a 6-6 mark with four games that could go either way and I can honestly look at those 50-50 games and see them winning two if not three with no problem. At Chicago but you all know my opinions on that team, home against Atlanta whom they play well, the Thanksgiving game against Miami and they used to play well on the holiday and with Green Bay being horrible this year maybe the Lambeau Curse will end. Call me crazy if you must but when I look at it I think there is a real honest chance for a 9-7 season folks and that is my story and I am sticking to it. Later – the clinically insane sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

You are crazy, but in a good way!  


Blogger Ian C. said...

Sports Dude, I certainly hope you're right. But I get the feeling the Lions will send you on another vacation.  


Blogger Big Al said...

Dude, you're so, so young. Still young enough to not have the hope beat out of you by years of Lion ineptitude. You know not what you say... Or you're a genius. I hope it's the latter.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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