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Friday, December 17, 2004 at 10:10 AM

Weekend Sports Forecast.

Well, let us start with the Lions and I will make this short and sweet, shorter than the leash around Joey's neck! The Lions will lose, end of story. Kevin Jones will continue to shine, at least giving us some hint of hope for the future. He is a keeper, a very dependable back, and I am glad that he finally got the opportunity to show his skills. However, Joey will continue to give the game away, throwing passes into the turf, and the offseason officially begins now. The Lions will finally see they need a proven veteran at QB to push Joey, and they will go after one BIG TIME in the off season. All being said, my final score prediction:

Vikings 36, Lions 16.

Bye bye playoffs and bye bye Joey! Done.

Next, a quick shot at the Tigers. I like Dave Dombrowski and I like what he is doing. It is clear that he is not going to over spend and will wait until the last possible minute if necessary to sign someone. Much like last year and Pudge, I think you will see something like that again for the Tigers this offseason. It will most likely come down to Scott Boras and Dombrowski saying to each other, again, my star needs a team and your team needs a star. That is what happened with Pudge and I see it happening again this off season with some of Boras' players. That being said, I think they will still add a starter and another big bat, but they will not drastically over pay to get either! Good job Dave, it is nice to have a smart baseball man in the front office.

That being said, I am out like Joey Harrington's career - god speed, god bless and have a good, safe weekend - the sports dude!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004 at 10:30 AM

The cure for the NHL Lockout.

You heard it here first folks - Luke Waltons Forehead has the cure for the NHL Lockout. All the players need to do is find Wayne Gretzky and ask him for some help. Wayne Gretzky, the great one, needs to walk into Gary Bettman's office and tell him "We will give you the cap that you seek, under one condition - you resign and give me your job." That is right folks, Wayne will take over as hockey commissioner, thus you will finally have a hockey guy running the league. The owners will get the cap they seek and the players will get what they want most in return - Gary Bettman's resignation. Everyone will be happy and we will have hockey once again.

That is all for now, more nonsense later I am sure - the sports dude!

at 8:32 AM

State of the (Detroit Sports) Union Address.

Well it has been an interesting few months in the sports world of Detroit, hasn't it? We had the Lions fooling everyone at 4-2, the Tigers having hope early and now missing some free agents, the Pistons sleeping, and the Red Wings - WHO? So, let us take a brief moment and look at each one, shall we?

The Lions - typical Detroit Lion football folks, plain and simple. They looked pretty good at 4-2 early, but are 1-6 since for a grand total of 5-8. In all honestly there are bright spots, and even early on I predicted a 7-9 season. There are a lot of reasons to look to next season, I think they will make the playoffs, but in order to do that Joey has to go. The future looks bright in Kevin Jones, the offensive line is young and seems to finally be getting it, the receivers - Williams and Rogers - will be promising when they finally play a full season together and have someone throwing to them that actually knows what they are doing. The defense is fairly young and will only get better when Boss Bailey returns next year and Jason Hanson is as solid as they come. The Coach, Mooch, once he gets a damn QB people will see how good of a coach he is and that is all I have to say about that. My Lions assessment - with a new QB in the offseason, letting McMahon go and forcing Joey to be a back up where he belongs, there will be playoffs in the future.

The Tigers - there is still hope people, have no fear. Remember, Pudge came in at the last second last year, so don't be surprised if something like that happens again this year. I like Dombrowski, he is smart and knows what the hell he is doing, so he isn't going to just throw money around for the sake of signing someone. It is nice to finally have an educated baseball man in the front office, you know? All I am asking for is a starting pitcher, that is it! Second on my wish list would be another bat, but that is not the main thing they need. I think their offense is good enough to compete if they just add one more starter, the bullpen is done. My Tigers assessment - get a starting pitcher first, concentrate there, and worry about another big bat later. Do that and the Tigers will flirt with the division lead / wild card next year, I guarantee it!

The Pistons - well, we stand at 10-10, what can you say? If you ask me, there is no reason to panic, that is the truth. I think there is the brawl that still bothers them a little, there is the fact that they really haven't had a full, consistent team yet. Whether it be a suspension, an injury, whatever - their roster really has not been at full strength yet this year night in and night out. Lastly, I think there is the "post championship hangover", meaning that these guys just didn't expect every team to come at them like this, night in and night out. They really are just being blind sided from being last years "Cinderella" to this years team with the bullseye on their back. I still think they will win 50 to 60 games, I still think they will win the division ( Cleveland will collapse, mark my words! ) and I still think they will make it to the Finals. My Pistons assessment - they are on the brink of a big winning streak, similar to last years 13 in a row. It will happen soon, and then all this silliness will be put aside and all will again be well in Piston town.

The Red Wings - WHO!?!? That is all I have to say about them. Does anyone actually miss hockey? 8 out of 10 people will tell you no, I promise you that! Now, take away any of the other major sports for this long - baseball, basketball or football ( especially football ) - and you would have riots and mass chaos! That is the problem with hockey, no one gives a shit. The bottom line is the players need to stop being so damn greedy and give in to the salary cap. Without that cap there is no hockey, and that is as about as honest as I can be. My Red Wings assessment - the only reason I miss hockey is because it gave me something to put on the TV at night to help me fall asleep. It has got to be, by far, the most boring thing in the world to watch, plain and simple. I don't miss it and I look forward to the replacement players next year because the owners are right and the players are bitches - done!

Well, that is all for now, later still the Rose Bowl talk and whatever else comes to mind. Until then keep smiling, it is the holiday season after all! The Sports Dude!

Monday, December 13, 2004 at 9:31 AM

Monday Morning QB.

Well, I had an off week last week, just didn't feel in the blogger spirit very much! Hopefully things will be better off this week, but who knows? All I know is it is another Monday following another Lions loss and another dismal performance by one Joey Harrington. All things considered, let us begin!

Well, is there anyone out there now that thinks Joey should stay? ANYONE? Let us see, he was something like 5 for 22 for a collective 47 yards, if I am not mistaken. That is horrible, with or without the weather! Can you even use the weather as a factor? Kevin Jones looks like a keeper, looks like the Lions running back of the future, now we just need to find the QB to hand it to him. The Packers essentially stacked the line in the second half, tempting Joey to beat them, but he failed miserably. The dude is about as accurate as a blind man, no disrespect meant for those that are blind - I am sure they probably throw a better ball than Joey anyway! It is time to move on people, and hopefully the Lions will. Their biggest pursuit of anyone in the off season should be a veteran QB, that is all! Nothing more, nothing less - just a QB that can show Joey how a QB is suppose to play. Maybe with someone pushing Joey, and Mike McMahon is not exactly someone that I would be afraid of as a back up taking my job, he will start to perform. But the bottom line is that I don't think anything will make Joey a good quarterback, his opportunities have come and he has shown nothing when they are given to him. It is a shame, but it is what it is.

Well, not too much else to say about that game. The season is over now, time to start thinking of the draft and next season. I am tired of people blaming Mooch, he was conservative in San Francisco, but he had weapons there and it was a pretty successful team. Here he has no choice but to be conservative - he has a QB he can not trust and whom he knows couldn't throw an accurate pass if his life depended on it! I would be somewhat conservative too, if I had no choice! And going away from the run in the second half, what choice did he have? Mike Sherman of the Packers stacked the line to stop the run, knowing full well that Joey couldn't do shit even if the receivers were open! Bye-bye Joey, see you later!

Well, there are a lot of things to talk about this week, and we will get to all of them in time. Rose Bowl preview, post Heisman talk, the Pistons troubles, etc. But until then, we will just have to part ways for the time being. Stay strong, dream of the draft and a new Lions QB for Christmas, and take care - the sports dude!

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