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Friday, April 15, 2005 at 9:04 AM

Forgot to mention added links...

With my nearly three week hiatus and other things happening in the world, I nearly forgot to mention new friends that I have made in blogger world. Here they are, in no particular order: - just added this one today, got a comment from him on a post, checked it out and found a nice little sight. Plus, we all know the Tigers need as much love as possible, so any Tiger friend is a friend of mine!

House of 21 Thieves - a general subject blog, but Evan (it's owner) has been kind enough to visit here a couple times and linked to me, so I shall return the favor. Great writing, much better than you find here, believe me! Plus, I am just a sports guy, he has more! Check it out, if you get a chance.

Well, again, got to run, but remember if you link to me, most likely I will link to you! Keep the links coming my friends - later! The sports dude.

at 8:37 AM

Terrell Owens can kiss my ass!!!!

There, I said it, now I feel a lot better! From the title of this post I think you can get a pretty good idea about what it is going to be about. T.O. is an asshole, period, point blank, end of story. The problem with sports today is that there are too many T.O.'s, too many Latrell Spreewell's saying that they got mouths to feed, that they gotta get there's! You know what jack asses, you signed the contract, no one forced you to, so deal with it, play it out and call it a day. Then when you become a free agent you can go and "get yours", but until that time comes honor the contract you have, enough said. I know for most of these athletes the word "honor" is foreign to them, but I figured I would still type it anyway.

Also, the argument comes in that "Well, owners can come and cut a guy who is not performing or ask to renegotiate a contract at anytime, how come a player can't?" Well, the only thing I can say to that is, to me, the only obvious answer - the owner is the owner, he writes the checks, he can do whatever the hell he wants! If my boss decides to cut my salary, if he decides to fire me, or the odd chance he decides to give me a raise (pipe in laughter here!), that is his choice, I unfortunately have to deal with it. It is part of the employee - ownership relationship. T.O., and all the other whinny ass punk bitch players like him, seem to forget that they are employees of the team, nothing more, nothing less. If I demand a raise, if I demand things like that, I get fired - here's to hoping Terrell Owens gets cut, that would be funny as hell! Unlikely, but still funny as hell.

Lastly, I would like to remind Terrell that, for all the amazing things he did last year, the miracle we saw with him coming back to the Super Bowl, they still lost right? He missed the last six games of the regular season or so, but they still got the first round bye without him, right? He missed their first playoff win, over Minnesota, correct? And, if memory serves me, they beat the monkey on their back and got to the Super Bowl by beating Atlanta without him, right? Then he comes back and they lose to a better team, New England, in the big show. Wow, he comes back and they lose to a better "team" - there is another word for all of you T.O. types out there, just like "honor" you need to learn the word "team". Otherwise, yeah, you will get yours - except it won't be a paycheck, it will be a big old boot in your ass kicking you out the door!

Oh, and one last thing there Terrell, if you want to call out anyone on the Eagles, don't make it Donovan McNabb, that is just stupid. He is the Eagles, he is bigger in Philly than you can ever dream of being, "miracles" or not. So, the next time you go to open that big old ignorant mouth of yours you better check yourself first fool, because McNabb owns the Eagles - and pretty soon he'll own your ass too if you keep it up!

Well, that is all I have got for now, later! The sports dude.

Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 8:34 AM

The prodigal son returns!!

Well, apologies and excuses would be lame, but I will give them to you anyway. I work with a company tied to the Automotive Industry and, unfortunately, this is when they start to get busy. As they get busy, so do I, and along comes the long hours and grief - just in time for the warm weather! For whatever reason, the Automotive Industry likes to be slow and dead in the winter and make me work my ass off to supply them equipment in the summer. Those damn UAW people, they have always been a little "backwards" if you ask me. Anyway, hopefully at least a couple times a week I can do this and hopefully you all will continue to check in, because I missed you all! Anyway, enough sappy bullshit, what have I missed?

In non-sport related news, Pope John Paul II passed on - God speed. Also, Terry Shaivio finally passed on as well. Just a brief thought on that one, if I may. It was all the religious zealots that wanted her to stay alive right? But, being a religious zealot, isn't heaven the goal? The "ultimate prize" if you will, for lack of a better description at this time? Now by keeping her "alive" (note to readers, being in a vegetable like state is not alive, in my opinion, that is why it is in quotes), isn't that like teasing her? Heaven is right there, but she just kind of has to wait it out. Damn people, you religious zealots should realize you gave her peace by letting her go, because that is not living, that is torture. Enough said, but I have told my wife this countless time - if I am ever a vegetable, pull that plug baby! That isn't living, just let me go to wherever and put me six feet under! Done.

Now, back to the world of sports! Here is what I missed, again, the best I can remember!

The Tigers started and what a beautiful spring it has been - weather wise! They looked great in the first game, especially Bonderman and Young, but the bullpen has been a disappointment thus far, surprisingly. That being said, it is still early, but if they are not at .500 at the end of April it may spell trouble later. Panic? Not yet, but close!

The Pistons got, yet again, another Central Division crown and locked up the #2 seed in the East. Take away the "hangover" at the beginning of the year and the brawl fallout, these guys would have been right there with Miami for the #1, neck and neck for the best record. But alas, no excuses, they just didn't get it done. I still hold true to my original prediction though - in a seven game series I see no one in the East that can beat the Pistons four times, home court or not. Furthermore, is there a playoff bound coach in the East better at what he does then Larry Brown? None that I see! The only team in the East that can beat the Pistons is themselves, so let the playoffs begin baby!

The Lions were in the news the other day, causing a stir with Alex Smith being the QB, not the TE. I said in a post a few weeks back that if the Lions draft a QB anywhere in the first three rounds that it all but spelled the end for Joey and I still believe that! Now granted Alex Smith is not going to be there at #10, but that is beside the point. I think Joey has three games and that is all, no more, no less. After that it is Garcia and Mooch is working on the side lines with a QB he drafts this year, his pick and not a pipe dream and a Morningweg left over like Joey Harrington. And Joey, that interview the other day in the Free Press about you knowing your role and being confident - get a clue, dude! You got three games and after that, when you fail, the starters job is all but Garcia's.

The Red Wings - well, I thought about a bunch of smart ass remarks to type here, but I figured you all have suffered enough. The playoffs would have started, another first round early exit on the horizon and some more octopus thrown on the ice! Hey, didn't Mitch Albom write an article last week saying he was already at the playoffs?

Other things I can think of is Jeff Gordon won some race, but NASCAR bores me as much as hockey! Tiger Woods finally won a damn major and Jack Nicklaus apparently is tired of hacking up the course, saying it was his last. Some soccer fans threw flares and fireworks on the field in protest (shocking!), North Carolina won the NCAA mens tourney, Baylor won the womens and the Spartans for both genders surprised the hell out of everyone and had really amazing seasons.

That is enough recapping, lets move forward! More to come and I am glad to be back - later! The sports dude.

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