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Friday, January 21, 2005 at 3:35 PM

Weekend NFL Playoff Picks.

Eagles .vs. Falcons - this is the Madden NFL 2005 EA Sports game of the season. Come on, how many of you have never sat down, had a few beers and challenged your buddy on a Friday night to be Vick while you were McNabb? Or vice versa? Anyone? Well, I am a PS2 Madden slappy, so excuse me if I have no life and have done it before! Anyway, on to the "real" game. This will all come down to Vick if you ask me. Can the Eagles contain him? If they can limit his running and force him to throw I believe the Eagles have a chance. If they let Vick get in a groove and run wild the game is all but over. So, will the fourth time be the charm for the Eagles? The sports dude says yes! My final score prediction:

Eagles 31, Falcons 24

Patriots .vs. Steelers - this is the game I am most interested in, to tell you the truth! The Steelers were the ones that stopped the Pats streak earlier in the year, beating them at Heinz Field 34-20. Do the Patriots get their revenge? Will the Steelers defense again frustrate Brady, getting to him and forcing him out of his normal composed self? Who's defense will get the better of the other team? I have said it before and I will say it again, until Brady loses ( dude is 6-0 in the playoffs with 2 Super Bowl Rings and 2 Super Bowl MVP Trophies to boot! ) I can not and will not pick against him. So therefore, I am obviously not going to do it this time either! I think the Patriots have revenge on their minds and a huge chip on their shoulder as well. Revenge will be a key and Belichick again will use that to his teams advantage. Brady's leadership, composure, experience and knowledge will get the best of Rothlesberger this day and the Pats will return to the Super Bowl. Final score prediction:

Patriots 24, Steelers 16

Well, that is all for now. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend, hope to see you all back here on Monday. Be safe, be good and godspeed - the sports dude!

at 1:50 PM

Quick Hits.

The big house to get renovated: All I can say is I love everything I read here ( thanks Dan Joseph for the article link. ) and forgot about the halo garbage by reading here. Basically I am all for it. Have any of you ever been to the Big House? I am a skinny guy and my ass has a hard time fitting into the space provided! I mean, I know they only plan on widening the spots by an inch, but I'll take it! I mean, come guys, every extra inch counts right? More concessions, more bathrooms, more handicap friendly seats and hand rails, wider tunnels, etc. All good things. Plus, that scary looking press box will be torn down ( I am still surprised it hasn't fallen yet! ) and will be replaced by a new one, along with indoor luxury suites. It all sounds promising and I hope it works out.

The Pistons acquire Carlos Arroyo: good, I hope. Thanks Dan Joseph for saying the deal is finalized. As long as what is expected to happen, Elden gets waived by the Jazz and we pick him back up, then I am fine with it. The only reason why I think Elden is so important is one word - Shaq. We still have to go thru the big fellow to get to the finals and although Elden isn't playing that much right now, he will be needed then. His 15-20 minutes a night, but more importantly six fouls to use, will be very important to the Pistons in a seven game series against the Heat. If there was no Shaq factor than this is a slam dunk trade, hands down. But, with the Shaq factor, I hope the waiver wire stuff pans out. Much like we did with Lindsey last year, traded him and then he got waived by Boston, if we do it then, once again, Joe Dumars is the ultimate genius. I just hope we get Elden back, or that Joe Dumars has another big man somewhere in his back pocket. Darko is not ready to get abused by Shaq in a seven game series, and I think without Elden then Rasheed, Ben and even Mcdyess would get into too much foul trouble and be tired by the end of a seven game series. Believe it or not, if Elden does not return or there is no other big man in Joe D.'s back pocket, in my mind, it is a bad trade. Done.

Well, that is all for right now, I will be back later with my playoff picks - peace! The sports dude.

at 9:14 AM

NHL Lockout - whatever?

If anyone has read this post already I am sorry for cutting it short before, it is now finished. I got interrupted and didn't want to lose what I already started, so I published prematurely. Anyway, it is now complete so enjoy! And, if no one noticed, then this little blurb is irrelevant all together.

Look, who really cares? I work in an office of about 100 people or so, relatively small, and there is only one guy out of that bunch that truly misses hockey. No one else gives a damn, and there are 97 men in that 100 people! One out of a hundred, that is pathetic. In fact, the only reason why I miss hockey is because it gave me something to put on TV late at night and fall asleep to. Of the four major sports ( NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL ) it is, by far, the least popular. Why? One word - BORING!!!! See to me hockey is too much like NASCAR, either you are a die hard or you are not ( ironically, the majority of hockey fans I meet are also NASCAR fans. ). There really seems to be no in between with it, either you are in or out, love or hate, but no in between. For me I would rather watch paint dry why I am getting my legs waxed ( not that I do, but I am trying to make a point! ) then watch guys skate one way then the other for a few hours. Sounds about as exciting to me as watching dudes drive cars in a circle really fast for awhile, doesn't it? Wait, they already do that, it is called NASCAR. My point is this - do they need a salary cap? Yes, there is no other way to fix it and fix it right. But, after that, they need to take a good, long look at the game itself and make it a whole lot less boring. It is the most boring and least watched of the four major sports and a salary cap or not won't change that! Do I miss hockey at all? No, I could give two shits less either way. In fact, I still hope the union breaks, but that is my own personal opinion and I have my reasons for that. Furthermore, I think it would be funny if, for the first time in major sports history, an entire season was lost due to a labor dispute - and it looks like that is where they are headed. In fact, they may lose more! Plus, I still like the solution I posted about maybe a month or so ago - find Wayne Gretzky, make him go to Bettman and say "We will give you the cap if you give me your job!". That way everyone wins - Bettman is out, the players have a true "hockey guy" running the league and the owners get there cap - done.

That is all for now, later on I plan on discussing the Pistons trade rumor I heard, the U of M big house renovation ( thanks Dan Joseph! ) and, of course, my weekend NFL Playoff Picks. Until then, signing off, the sports dude.

Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 8:54 AM

Some odd ball thoughts.

Tiger Talk - the Tigers invited Dean Palmer to spring training. It is nice to see his name appear somewhere again, nice to know he is at least feeling well enough to come to spring training. His career was cut short by severe neck and shoulder injuries, all but making him useless his final few seasons in the "D". Maybe he is feeling better, maybe he just is dreaming, who knows? But it is nice to see all the same and I hope he can make it through pain free. Hey, if he is healthy, it couldn't hurt to have his bat back right? Good luck to him.

Other familiar names include Nelson Cruz, Craig Dingman ( not exactly a great name for a pitcher, huh?), John Ennis, Matt Roney, Maxim St. Pierre and Michael Rivera, whom we traded a couple seasons back to San Diego. He put up some decent numbers while here, but nothing special. He even did less in San Diego, which is why I guess he is back with the "minor league invite" tag.

Next, one of the new links I added yesterday gave me some bad press. Oh well, bad press is better than no press right? Hmmmm..... CLEVER!

That is all, I will chat with you all next time - later alligator - after awhile crocodile! Sorry, I have three young sons - you get that crap sometimes! Peace - the sports dude.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 3:43 PM

New Weekly Feature - Wednesday Hump Day List.

In trying to come up with some type of weekly feature, I decided to do a list. Why on Wednesday? Well, it is hump day, kind of in the middle of the week, so I figured why not? Kind of break the week up, we are half way there, so let us do something to keep the week moving.

The first list is kind of "blah", I sort of winged it today and did it "on the fly". Next week I will put more time and effort into it, as well as more research, and hopefully come up with a better list and product. But until then, you just have to deal with the boring one today to start it all off. Without any further apologies or excuses, the first annual list is:

Goofy White Guys Who Had 15 Seconds of Fame Against the Pistons in Last Years Championship Run.

Round 1 - Toni Kukoc. Had one great game against the Pistons in the Bucks only victory of the round.

Round 2 - Brian Scalabrine. In the game 5 overtime victory, the Nets back up went three pointer crazy and all but carried the load for his team.

Round 3 - Austin Croshere. In the Pacers game 3 victory ( I believe it was game 3 ) he also went three pointer crazy helping the Pacers win easily at the Palace.

The Finals - Luke Walton. My name sake came off the bench to provide some much needed spark to the Lakers in their only victory of the series, game 2.

That is all, like I said boring, quick and easy. I am planning on doing more research for next weeks list and hopefully that one won't put everyone to sleep! Later y'all!!!! The Sports Dude.

at 11:10 AM

Welcome back Luke!

Luke Walton was out sick yesterday, but gladly is feeling better today. Went out to dinner with the wife on Monday, ate some suspect seafood, was down for the count yesterday. Not quite at 100% yet, but able to get out of bed for something besides running to the bathroom! Not that you all needed to know that, but it is my blog damn it, so I felt like sharing. Any-Who, on to a couple random things I have floating in my head.

First, for those of you who can not stand cliffhangers, I apologize for being sick yesterday and leaving you hanging. My Grant Hill rumor was suppose to be discussed yesterday, but I had to put if off until today. Anyway, for what it is worth, I say the word rumor because it is that, plus the source it came from is, in my mind, a lousy sports writer all together. Rob Parker of the Detroit News ( formerly of the Freep, but they fired him years back because he sucked, so the News pick him up for some reason ) was on Sports Final Edition with Fred McCloud on Sunday night, his usual spot. He generally is there as Fred's guest, but I tend to drown out the garbage that comes out of his mouth because, as I said, I think the guy is a moron. Anyway, to get to the point, he said that in his talkings with Grant Hill and those close to Grant, he gets the feeling that Grant really wants to return to Detroit. Much in the way Lindsey Hunter returned last year, Grant would love to somehow comeback and finish his career where he started and hopefully get a championship as well. Not that I believe Rob Parker, like I said the guy is a horrible journalist, but it made me raise my eyebrows and think a little. It would be nice if it happened, although he would have to come off the bench, but that would only make the Pistons deeper and stronger. Whatever, just a rumor, but something I heard and felt like sharing. Done.

Next topic, what the hell is this crap all about? Milicic complaining about playing time and "hinting" he may want a trade? I am not going to even go into this very much because it is a joke! All I am going to say is earn it dude! The four "BIGS" in front of you - Ben, 'Sheed, Dice and Elden - are all better than you! Crap, Elden ain't getting no minutes either, but I don't hear him bitching! Keep practicing and learning not only from those guys but from the best teacher in the game, your coach Larry Brown. Earn the minutes, play hard and hustle, but don't piss and moan to the media and then go on the court and play like a little baby when you get minutes! That ain't going to help either dude! Your time will come Darko, quite frankly next year if you ask me since Elden will be off the books, but wait until you are ready. Shut up and practice - done.

Well, that is all for now. I am working on an idea for a Wednesday feature or something, but it is still up in the air. I will be back later to discuss it more. Until then, cheerio my mates, and have a bloody cheery day! The Sports Dude.

Monday, January 17, 2005 at 10:13 AM

Monday Morning QB - 3 & 1 BABY!!

Well, I am allowed to brag a little right? I mean, after my dismal showing in week one (1-3), to come back with a 3-1 record gives me the right to boast a little, right? If it doesn't, oh well, I am going to do it anyway! Well, enough with the bragging, let us get on with the posting.

My boy Tom Brady and the Patriots really stuck it to the Colts, didn't they? Even though I was all but certain they would win, I really did not think they would win in that fashion. They all but turned Peyton Manning into Eli Manning and shut down that high powered, record setting Colts offense. It looked more like Joey Harrington out there this weekend, didn't it? Well, the match up is set, Patriots against the Steelers, next weekend in Pittsburgh. Let us talk about the Steelers for a second, shall we? Rothlesberger looked like a rookie, rattled and unsure of himself all game long throwing a couple picks. In fact, the Steelers were two missed field goals away from being the upset of the weekend, my congrats to the Jets for playing them so well. Kickers have been a big story so far in the playoffs for the Jets, last week they got saved by the rookie from the Chargers choking, this week they lost because their kicker missed twice in regulation. Steelers .vs. the Patriots, my prediction will come later in the week. But, if you read my last post, you already know who I am picking.

Now, the NFC, where my one loss from the weekend came, the Falcons beat the Rams and did it pretty easily. Oh well, you can't be perfect all the time, right? But it will make for a nice QB match up in the NFC title game, McNabb against Vick, that one has Madden NFL 2005 written all over it, doesn't it? I know, I am a Playstation 2 slappy, so you have to excuse the video game reference my friends, but I had to throw it in. It should be an exciting game, the only question is - is the fourth time a charm for McNabb and the Eagles? Can they finally get to the big game, the big dance, and out of the NFC Title game? That pick is to come later in the week, I still need to consult my magic eight ball for guidance!

Well, that is all for now on this cold as hell ( why do we say cold as hell anyway, isn't it hot in hell???? ), snowy Monday morning in the "D", but I will return later. I would like to post a little about Grant Hill, an interesting rumor I heard, and the "love" he got and deserved on Friday night. Until then, stay warm, bundle up and drink some coffee, tea, or cocoa to help stay warm! Whatever your preference is, that is alright by me - but I am partial to the coffee! Later my fellow sport geeks! The Sports Dude.

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