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Friday, September 22, 2006 at 1:06 PM

Weekend Warrior - 9/22/06

Sorry, the weekend warrior has been out sick all day so this is going to be the quickie version of the all knowing of know nothings, the all powerful, great and president of the tired of Drew Sharp and his unintelligent crap that he spews weekly, the weekend warrior!

Wisconsin at Michigan

Closer than we all want but coming off an emotional win for these kids it may be hard to get up for Wisconsin. However this is the first “real” team Wisconsin is going to play, the second of three “revenge” games in a row so I think the Wolverines when it is all said and done will be just fine.

UM 31, Wisconsin 17

Notre Dame at Michigan State

Yes, even I am going to be wearing a big block “S” this weekend in hopes that Sparty can knock the crap out of the “Ego” and “The Golden Boy”. It worked last week when I picked against them so I am going to do it again this week in hopes that it works again, I love reverse psychology!

ND 45, MSU 41

Packers at Lions

I am going to keep with my outline and I had this as a win so there you go.

Lions 27, Packers 17

That is all folks, enjoy the football and all the rain this weekend, football safely folks!

The sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Sports Dude, where are ya? Sorry my Spartans couldn't provide a better test for your boys!  


Blogger me said...

A great place to find out everything about MICHIGAN AND DETROIT  


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