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Friday, September 01, 2006 at 3:15 PM

The Weekend Warrior Post.

Yes sir he’s back and ready for business, the prodigal son returns to bloggy-blog and it couldn’t come at a better time – football is here! Come on now, who missed me, who missed me? Anyone, someone? Well, you don’t count mom, but thanks for chiming in anyway. That’s right folks it is once again time for the Weekend Warrior to take his place on the high and mighty throne and install some insight and humor into the world of college football. So here it is folks, the first installment of many weekly meetings between you and I, the all knowing of know nothingness, the silly, ridiculous and straight up mentally insane President of the Neifi Perez Fan Club… the Weekend Warrior!

Northern Illinois at Ohio State

Yes, the sweater vest returns and is dressed in his usual “Saturday’s Best” on the sidelines. Starting the season #1 has not gone well for the Buckeyes in the past; in each of the seasons that they have started #1 they never finished there. Why do I mention that here you might ask? For the simple reason that I like to put jinxes out there for the teams that deserve them so why not! Security is tight around the stadium because there are reports that Maurice Clarett has been seen outside the stadium trying to steal cell phones from fans at gun point. Ohio State wins by halftime and the sweater vest actually undoes one of the buttons and cracks a smile.

Ohio State 42, Northern Illinois 10

Akron at Penn State

Surprisingly enough JoPa is back for another season, although he can barely remember his way around campus. The campus is scattered with signs that say “JoPa go this way” to help the old man to not get lost in the Valley of the Happy. Even though his team will be up big before he has a chance to forget his name JoPa is up to his usual cranky self and barks at the officials just because they are there because that is about the only thing he does remember to do on his own these days. The officials laugh it off and remind JoPa that a touchdown for his team is a good thing and not a bad one.

Penn State 29, Akron 13

Notre Dame at Georgia Tech

Man, with all the greatness juice coming out of Notre Dame these days you would think they changed the name of “Touchdown Jesus” to “Touchdown Charlie” or something. If my memory serves me right, and mine is only slightly better than JoPa’s, it wasn’t too long ago that a rookie coach had a very successful first season, all the talk was about him returning the Irish to glory, and within a couple seasons he was out on his back side! Remember that there Irish, that guy, what was his name, oh yeah – Tyrone Willingham or something like that. The point is don’t count your chickens before they hatch, especially with Weis as your coach, because he may just eat them! Irish win without much effort anyway.

Notre Dame 45, Georgia Tech 24

Idaho at Michigan State

Well all I can say is at least it isn’t Central Michigan here Sparty, if it were you may be in trouble. Yes you have yourselves a fine QB in All-American Boy Drew Stanton but after that you have a roster full of some other dudes in green. This is just another walk through game for the Spartans whom are already looking forward to the Notre Dame game in a few weeks. Everybody’s favorite hot seat candidate, John L. Smith, reportedly spent the pregame warm ups in a tub of cold water to keep himself cool as Spartan basketball coach Tom Izzo was seen showing his buddy Steve Mariucci around the stadium. The Spartans win, but not as pretty as many would hope.

MSU 38, Idaho 24

Vanderbilt at Michigan

Replacing your worn out defensive coordinator with a fresh voice, check.
Replacing a boring offensive coordinator with a successful one from the past, check.
Hoping to erase the memory of an injury plagued season way short of expectations, priceless.
There really is not too much to say about this one other than Lloyd Carr hopes to come out injury free and has the stadium not filled with fans but with the staff of the University Hospital just in case. After last years players started dropping like flies the coach promises that even the smallest hang nail on a player will be treated immediately. The Wolverines openers are usually snoozers as Carr mostly looks to get the kinks out and keep some things under wraps for the match up against Notre Dame. The Wolverines win but it is not anything truly special.

UM 31, Vanderbilt 16


Florida State at Miami

The only thing I can think of with this game is you have got two teams worth of malcontents that are recruited straight out of juvenile halls and there is nothing better than watching prisoners got at it on the playing field. Take your pick here, prison team A or prison team B – I am going with the Warden, I mean Bowden in this one.

FSU 27, Miami 24

And now finally here it is, the feature of all features, the:


Western Michigan at Indiana

Seriously, please, before I start typing I have to stop laughing right? How do you pick a winner in this one? The team that turns it over less or remembers which cleat goes on which foot? There has to be a safer way to do it so that no one gets injured like maybe a coin toss or something right? Either way this one will go down to the wire with the winner being decided by who can spell their teams name correctly.

WMU 9, Indiana 6

Well, that is it for this week, next Friday I will add the Lions to the mix and once the season gets going a little deeper will start adding my upset specials of the week. The Monday Afternoon QB will make his return next week but on Tuesday, even we bloggers like to take three day weekends as well. Later – the sports dude.

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