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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 8:24 AM

The dumbass returns!

Sorry about the long absence, but as they say, it is absence that makes the heart grow fonder! Okay, enough cheesy crap, my finals are over, the hot chick and I have said our good-byes and it is vacation time for me. Here is my take on some of the stuff as it stands today:

The Red Wings:

Look, I am neither a hockey elitist or even a hockey fan, but I do know on thing and that is if it smells old, looks old and plays old then gosh darn it than it is probably old. I would never kick Stevie away, if he wants to come back you let him until he drops, but if I was Holland I would take that roster and make the cutoff age somewhere around 33 or 34. To me that means bye-bye to guys like Chelios, Lang, Lidstrom, Maltby, Schneider, Shannahan, Wooley, just clean house. I would then start emptying out the minors, bringing up these young prospects and letting them start playing together and building chemistry for the next generation of hockeytown. Oh, the last thing I would do, is let Legace walk for nothing, keep either Osgood as a back up or find another vet and give the goaltending job to Jimmy Howard. Look, you fans may not want to hear it, but if you stay this "old" again for another season than I promise you that it will be the same story again next year. It is time to rebuild, it is time to get younger and it is time to look toward the future.

The Pistons:

you guys look bored, please finish off the Bucks tonight so you can sit, rest and wait for the Cavs and Wizards to go seven and beat the crap out of one another. A guy at work the other day, who is not a basketball fan like myself, actually said he was scared about the Pistons, claiming that if they look like this against the Bucks what happens when the better teams come? I tried to point out the fact that they are just bored but he didn't buy it, so I ended the conversation and turned to something else. Point is boredom is setting in for these guys so hopefully they go for the jugular tonight.

The Tigers:

pinch me I must be dreaming! I know it is early, I am not getting my hopes up, but one temper tantrum from Leyland and look at these guys now! Definitely a surprise, absolutely wonderful to see, it is just nice to see them winning and pitching and hitting and playing defense all at the same time. No more great pitching but no hitting losses or losing games 18-17 because your pitchers couldn't do jack, this has been a very nice April for all of Detroit.

The Lions:

Well except for the fact that he came from Florida State Prison University I guess I like the Sims pick, although I was really hoping for Huff. Bullocks is a nice pick up, Calhoun seems like a multi-position guy and the rest of the picks are special teams, developmental type guys. Look, I for one am glad they did not take Leinart, I still think he is going to be a back up at best, just like Joey, and not a franchise guy. I also don't think Vince Young is going to pan out, the best QB taken in the first round was Cutler. I just was glad to see the Lions not draft any wide receivers, a first I believe under Millen.

Good-bye and good luck my friends! The sports dude.

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