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Friday, January 14, 2005 at 3:01 PM

Weekend Sports Cast.

Rams .vs. Falcons - here is my upset special of the week. Why? Simply because it seems that whenever a coach is on the hot seat, that team somehow seems to string together some victories. I just don't know about Vick yet and the Falcons, although they are young and on the rise, they did lose to the Lions this year. That has to count against them, right? Mike Martz will pull off the upset, in turn upsetting his critics because it makes it that much harder to justify shit canning him.
Rams win on a last second field goal; 31-30.

Vikings .vs. Eagles - well, no contest here. The NFC got even weaker when my Cinderella Packers acted un-Cinderella like last week, getting trounced and mooned by the Vikings in Lambeau. The Eagles make it to another NFC title game, their fourth in a row, but after that it is anyone's guess! And my guess won't come until next week.
Eagles win big in this game; 38-17

Jets .vs. Steelers - for some reason this is a hard pick for me, kind of a toss up game. But I will give the nod to the Steelers because they are at home and for none other reason than that. Nice young QB match up in this one, putting the Rookie of the Year Roethlesberger ( spelling? ) against another talented youngster, Chad Pennington. Steelers defense is too much for a not 100% Pennington to handle, plus he is on the road.
Steelers win; 27-20

Colts .vs. Patriots - all I am going to say on this one is that whoever wins this game goes to the Super Bowl and most likely wins it. This may be Peyton Manning's best chance because the Pat's secondary is made up of one of their best receivers, Troy Brown, and some rookies and cast offs. Plus, Ty Law is out for the rest of the playoffs and he gave the Colts receivers fits last year and in the first game of the season between these two. However, as long as my boy Brady is in the playoffs I can not pick against him.
Pats win; 31-24

Well, hopefully I can only improve upon my record of 1-3 last weekend, it can only get better right? RIGHT? Well until next week, when we meet again god bless, god speed and have a safe weekend! The Sports Dude.

at 8:54 AM

Two parts Pistons, one part NFL.

Luke Waltons Forehead is a little short on time this morning, so this post may be short and sweet - for a change! But, there are a few things I didn't get a chance to say this week so I want to get them out this morning. They are as follows:

Darko Milicic - For the record, I still think it was a great pick. Also, for the record, I totally believe he will pan out. The way I look at that draft is, in my opinion, there were only two other players that I would have taken instead of Darko. One, the obvious choice, is Lebron. Even though there was Chauncey, Rip, & Tayshaun, you just don't pass up on that dude. The other player is DeWayne Wade. But, in all honesty, I don't think that anyone at that time knew he was going to be a stud like he is. Forget Carmelo, I still like Tayshaun better them him, so get that 'Melo crap out of my face. And, for the record, I think 'Melo is going to be a wash, so forget about it. Look at him in his second season, nothing special? It is not even worth arguing over, Darko was the best pick at that time for the Pistons. We will finally start seeing more of him next year, as Elden Campbell comes of the books and Darko gets one more summer to get stronger and work on his skills. The Pistons were a perfect team for a "project", and that it what Darko is. They didn't need a guy to play now, which is what a team picking at #2 usually needs. He is also still only 19 or 20 and never really played pro ball before. But, mark my words, he will play more next year, being the first big of the bench, and two seasons from now when he is consistently putting up double-doubles, a lot of people around here are going to eat their words. Done.

Grant Hill - he comes back to the Palace tonight for the first time in four years. People, please do not boo him. #1, the dude almost died and has had a span of four years that I would not wish on my worst enemy. #2, get over it! Look at it this way - without Grant Hill agreeing to the sign and trade ( remember, he actually just wanted to leave ) there would be no Big Ben here. See, Grant had to be talked into the sign and trade by Joe Dumars, and really it was a nice gesture. Grant could of just left, wanted to just leave, but Joe said "Look, if you do the sign and trade, first you get more money because we can give you more than Orlando and second, at least you will allow me to get some guys in return for you.". Grant didn't originally want the sign and trade, but him and Dumars agreed to it to kind of "scratch each others backs" - Joe gives Grant more money and Grant allows the Pistons to get a couple bodies in return, one of which happened to be Ben. Enough said, so respect the guy and give him the standing ovation he deserves. He was here during the dark years, gave his all and never once asked for a trade when a lot of players ( see Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, T-Mac, etc. ) all say "Trade me, I want to go to a contender.". He stuck it out during the dark ages, was an All-Star, and gave his all to this team. And, for the record, it wasn't Grant's decision to leave, it was his wife's! Every married guy out there, just like me, can understand this - when the wife says it, we does it!!!! So, really, it wasn't Grant's fault - he was just doing it for the booty yo! Done.

Randy Moss - not going to talk too much about it, I already know it is old news, but I just missed out on it. My initial reaction was this:

#1 - Randy why? I wasn't offended, I just thought it was kind of classless, but whatever. At least it wasn't a cell phone!
#2 - Joe Buck - get a life! You blew it way out of proportion with your "calling" it on the play-by-play. You made it bigger then it needed to be and helped it blow up! Get your panties out of a bunch and get a life you loser.
#3 - damn you Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson!!!!

However, upon hearing this my opinion of it changed - the Lambeau Fans have a tradition for years now of mooning the visiting teams bus when it arrives. Not just fake mooning like Moss, but all the way baby!!!! A little too cold in the winter for me, but those cheese heads, whatever! I just hope they don't have cheesy asses as well! But, after I heard that, I got over it quick, realized that Moss was just giving a little back to the crowd that has mooned him at least once a season for years now, and said whatever! I still miss the simple spike, but people want to be entertained now, so end zone routines are becoming more "creative". The Packer fans for years have been giving opposing teams their "love", so Moss was just giving it back. Let it go, get over it and Joe Buck - really, you just need to get laid dude! Way to up tight - done.

Well, that is all for now - good thing that was short and sweet, huh? Later on I will post my playoff picks as we look ahead to round two of the Road to Jacksonville. Later my fellow cheese heads! The Sports Dude.

Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 1:18 PM

Some odd ball Pistons thoughts.

I have had issues with my blog today, strange things popping up and effecting my links and my counter. I tried cleaning things up, hopefully all will stay normal and did some other stuff as well. I added a new link to my "friendly blogs" section, eliminated one that no longer existed and reworked the names of some. Nothing fancy, nothing amazing, just some house cleaning. Hopefully all the problems will go away and all will be well. Now, onto my odd ball Pistons thoughts for today.

I would first like to talk about where they stand and where they are going. They currently are in second place in the Central Division (20-14) with the fourth best record in the east behind Miami (27-10), Cleveland (21-12) and Washington (20-13), who actually has us by a marginal difference in percentage points. For the record, I don't think we can catch Miami. I know the difference is not that huge, but I think it may be too late to catch them. Shaq is on a mission this year to prove Kobe wrong and is healthier and meaner than seasons past. I think the Heat will finish with the best record in the East, followed by the Pistons at #2, but I don't look at that as a big deal, which I will get into later. The other two teams I mentioned, the Cavs and the Wizards, I don't give them credit. Basically, I think they are just off to a fast start and an injury here or a losing streak there will get to them. They are both young teams that I think are off to quick starts, but I don't think they have the longevity to maintain it all season. I expect them both to make the playoffs, but nothing more. As far as the rest of the East, the Pacers - with or without Artest - were never a concern to me and I expect them to get a low seed in the playoffs, face Miami in the second round and get knocked out. Done.

As far as Miami having a better record then us and getting the #1 seed, I really am not too concerned. The Pistons just need to focus on getting the Central Division title, which I think they will. Like I said, I don't see Cleveland being able to keep it up all season long. By being the #2 seed, the Pistons would at least have home court against everyone in the East playoffs except the Heat. My biggest thing with the Heat is we beat Shaq last year with better players, better coaching and a better "team", to use the word loosely there. This year he has Dwayne Wade, an amazing young player, and then is surrounded by a bunch of NBA cast offs. I still feel the only team in the East that can beat the Pistons is themselves, and as long as they stay focused and don't get too full of themselves, a six or seven game series against the Heat should go to them. They just need to win the central and get the #2 seed, minimum. Done.

I really think the Pistons are finally putting it together, "turning the corner" as people like to say. Really, they have not had their full roster together yet this season I don't think. Ben was in and out early, Larry was gone, the brawl aftermath, Delfino has been out, McDyess had to get use to coming off the bench - that is a laundry list of things for any team. Now throw all that into the fact that every team every night is coming at you with maximum effort wanting to knock that bulls eye of your back, damn that is a lot! I think the hangover is finally starting to lift for these guys and you can kind of see it starting again. I still think they will push for that 60 win mark, which would be quite an accomplishment, and I still think they are the team you have to go through in the East. Miami and Detroit, that is my Eastern Conference finals pick.

The West, briefly - what a mess. As far as the Suns and Sonics are concerned, I don't think they will keep it up all season. I still give my nod to the Spurs and the T-Wolves, maybe not in the Western Conference Finals but as the two teams that will give everyone the most fits. My West pick is still the Spurs.

Well, I will be back at some point to talk about Darko "The Human Victory Cigar" Milicic, but not yet - I got work to do! Later my back court mates - the sports dude.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 4:07 PM

Last thought on the brawl garbage.

The final thing I wanted to say about the brawl, which I have yet to hear anyone talk about, occurred while the Pacers were exiting the floor. Everyone recalls the scene, beers flying, popcorn tossing, etc. Well, before all of that happened there was something that I noticed that night that sparked it and I am just curious if anyone else caught it. First, for the record, I am not condoning the actions of the fans, they had no right to toss stuff. Nor have I ever condoned the actions of John Green and the cup toss. However, there was something that the Pacers players did as they were exiting that I think sparked the throwing of garbage down on their heads. What was it? The good old middle finger, that is what.

When the players first made their way through the tunnel they were simply showered by boos, not booze. Then, as some of the players just made their way under the stands a couple of them, Jeff Foster for sure, through their fingers up to say good-bye to the Palace crowd in a special way - and let us just say it wasn't a reflection of them being #1 in the way you or I would like. A couple middle fingers went up and that is when all hell broke loose and the garbage started going down. Does it make it right? No, but I am tired of people pointing all this blame at the fans of Detroit as thugs, punks, etc. Simply put, the Pacers were on their way out, the fans were already rowdy and pissed, why throw us the middle finger? That action set everyone over there over the edge and without it I think the showering would have stopped at boos, again not booze ( man, I love stupid puns! ). Again, before you point fingers and place blame on Detroit as a city, as an organization and a team there Pacer lovers, you should really look at the tape and everything as a whole and realize your team, your players, your coaches, your staff was at fault a lot more than Detroits. Done.

Well, that is all for today, hopefully tomorrow will be happier. Until then, keep reading, keep commenting and keep breathing - I need a beer! But not to throw, to drink - I don't believe in wasting beer, even if it is the over priced $7 a cup warm tap garbage you get at a sporting event! Ahhhh, behold the power of beer - or is that cheese? The sports dude.

at 1:32 PM

The sky is falling - quick, blame the Pistons!

This is the topic I was going to go off on today, a trend this season that is getting old already. Let me see, last summer the Pistons were the cream of the crop, the Cinderella if you will. They were tiny David thwarting Goliath, they "played the right way", they were a true "team", the very definition of the word. They were what everyone wanted to be, they were the reason why the mighty Lakers imploded, they were the story book ending of the 2004 NBA season. Now, we have this season, and it seems that everything that is wrong with the NBA is the Pistons fault.

First, we have the rule changes in the off season - that hand checking garbage that basically took the Pistons out of their game. Can you blame Larry Brown for bitching to the officials? I know he complains a lot, but this time it is truly justified. The league basically made this rule to stop the Pistons from playing defense the way it is supposed to be played. It basically should be called "Article 47, Section 9, Sub-Section D - the anti-Piston rule. If you breathe on an opposing player anywhere outside the three point line you will be called for a foul.". I am sorry, but I like the Pistons style of defense, the style of play. I would much rather watch Big Ben, Tayshaun and 'Sheed throw shots into the stands all night, final score 82-79, than watch the "west coast offense" run and gun, dunk and crap their way to a 125-123 shoot out. Call me crazy, but the playoffs last year all I watched were either the Pistons games or the other Eastern Conference games. I do not like the Western style, it to me is not basketball, it is garbage.

Next, we go to the brawl. I swore that I was never going to talk about it again, but now I have to. Why? Because stupid Rick Carlisle had to open his mouth? What the hell Rick, blaming the brawl on the Pistons coaching staff, lack of security and Big Ben? What the crap is that? Let us dissect your points for a moment, shall we?

The Pistons coaching staff, security and Big Ben - what are they suppose to do? Ben showed enough constraint on his own, don't you think? I mean, shit it was a cheap shot by Artest that set Ben off, in a game that was all but over. Artest was trying to send a message, but Ben sent a better one back - you all still have to go through me! Then Artest continues to "yap" at Ben, Reggie Miller makes sure to get his two cents in ( pussy! ), and Artest lays down on the table like the little bitch he is. Let me put it to you this way, if Ben wanted to make himself look good for the sake of "street cred" like Artest and Jackson and O'Neal did by acting like thugs, I think he would have leapt over the coaches and body slammed your bitch ass right there on the scorers table. That is what he should have done and is more of a man than me and all of your Pacer team mates and coaches. So Rick, in closing, I would like to say this - before you open your mouth again, check the facts boy! The coaches, and Ben's team mates, did a great job of holding Ben back - luckily all he threw was that towel or head band. Getting Ben to leave the floor, or any player for that matter, when Artest and Miller are still "yapping" in their face - impossible. Point the finger at your guys, your coaches Rick, that is the problem. You should have never allowed Artest to stay that close to Ben, you should have escorted him back to your bench - before he grabs the head set and acts all cocky, before he lays on the table to flaunt and before some stupid fan ( yes, the fans are still stupid ) throws a beer. It is your staff Rick that failed that day, not Larry Brown and his - you should have made Artest go take a seat, if you would have done that then it all never would have happened. Go to hell Rick, and let me by you a beer on the way! And, for the record, no amount of security could have stopped what happened, in any arena in any city? Why - because no one ever imagined in all their worst night mares that it could happen, that is why! No one ever envisioned it, therefore no one really would have had the type of security to stop it. Done.

Next, and last, the newest addition to the "Pistons are evil" mantra - Richard Jefferson. What the hell are you talking about dude? You injured that wrist two weeks prior to that play against the Pistons, then went on to play in another seven games. How the hell can you even justify what you are saying? Furthermore, I saw the replay dude - the foul was not even flagrant my man, sorry it wasn't! You turned your hip into Chauncey as he ran by - AS HE RAN BY!!!! Furthermore, if you look at the replay, he was leaning away from you not into you, with his hands down by his hips. I think if he wanted to hurt you he would have taken a swipe at you, gave you a little shove or something. Instead he runs by you, keeps his hands down by his side and leans away from you - man, what a dirty player he is! That Chauncey, we should trade him to the Pacers or something. And, one last thing, if the Pistons were going to play dirty and take a star out from an Eastern Conference foe, don't you think they would be smart enough to do it to a teams best player that was going to make the playoffs? You may be the Nets best player, but you ain't making the playoffs kid! Again, check the facts before you open your mouth - done!

Well, that is enough for now. I need to go sit in a dark corner, calm down and find a happy place! I will be back in awhile to post about the brawl again, but it is something that I noticed that night watching at home that I haven't heard anything about yet. Here is a clue - it happened when the Pacers were exiting through the tunnel. Enjoy the suspense - the sports dude!

at 8:48 AM

Happy Trails Joey Harrington!

I was actually going to have a boring day of posting today, probably just talk a little Pistons for the sake of hearing myself speak. Then the sports radio station I listen to in the morning, WDFN THE FAN, put a smile on my face that has not been that big since my honeymoon! They said, in an article by Tom Kowalski that you can read here ( link can also be found via the sports pig ) the Lions are considering releasing Joey Harrington! Happy New Year to me! Great news, bold move and smart move. I would love to see it happen. Plus, to me, the best part of the article is to hear about the letter that Sherm Lewis wrote to the higher ups in the Lions organization. The guy is retiring, he has no motives at all, and he says Joey isn't the answer. Awesome!

Now I know some people will say that it is too risky because there is no back up plan, there is no QB at all. Well, I truly think that Mike McMahon, who is a free agent, would come back if Joey was out of the way. Is McMahon the answer? No, he is not. However, he is a quality back up whom the coaches actually like & trust, the opposite of Joey whom the coaches never liked or trusted. He is backing up a guy in Joey Harrington that should be a back up and I think that is what pisses him off more than anything else! I think that if the Lions were to go after a veteran ( Garcia, Warner, Holcombe, Flutie, Brad Johnson, shit, bring Steve Young out of retirement!! ) I think McMahon would be happy being a back up then. In the case of being a veteran at least he is backing up a real QB, not a fraud like Harrington. Plus, he knows his chances of playing increase because he is behind a veteran, not someone that was tapped a "savior" whom should have been tapped a bust!

Now, for another interesting scenario, I turn to the San Diego Chargers and their QB soap opera. Look, for whatever reason it is apparent that the Chargers still feel that Philip Rivers is their QB of the future. How can I say that after the year Brees had? Easily - franchise tagging him! They don't plan on giving him the long term deal he deserves, so they franchise him so he is stuck playing for them for another year while Philip Rivers waits in the shadows to take his job. Well, why doesn't Brees just play poorly then if they do that, sabotage the team and the season. For two reasons, one being what he did this year should be proof enough he has too much pride for that! He could have sulked and pouted knowing that they drafted their "QB of the future" as a slap in his face, but instead went out there on the field and told the Chargers to "kiss his ass, you got the QB of the future already on your roster." Two, the Chargers know Brees can't afford to play a crappy year on purpose and why? Because after the season, he will be a free agent again. No one will sign him if he has a crappy year, they will consider him a one year wonder or a bust. So he has to put up big numbers in order to avoid that tag, all while doing it on a team that really doesn't want him. Plus, like I said, I think he has too much pride to sabotage an entire season, he is bigger than that.

So, this is where the Lions come in. Instead of releasing Joey, work out a sign and trade with the Chargers. The Chargers sign Brees to the long term contract he wants, one that the Lions are comfortable with, and trade him to Detroit for Joey Harrington and maybe a pick or some cash or some peanuts - whatever it takes to get Joey the hell out of here!!!! Drew Brees gets the starting job he wants, the security he wants and the opportunity he deserves. The Chargers get a "starter", and I use that word loosely with Joey, in Harrington that at least could by time while Rivers develops more. I don't know, I am sure it would never happen, but I felt like getting it out anyway.

Now, one last thing on Drew Brees. Someone out there might be saying that he himself may actually be a one hit wonder, and I will tell you this - no way. He may never have a break out year again like this season, but his numbers will never be low ( like Joey Harrington's ) again. How can I say that? Look at the school and, more importantly, the conference Brees played at in college - Purdue, of the Big 10. Look at the school that Joey Harrington played at in college, and the conference - Oregon, of the Pac 10. Sorry, the Big 10 will always be the toughest conference in football, that is true. The Pac 10 is a conference built on offense, they recruit for offense, therefore they do little recruiting for their secondaries. My point is Joey Harrington spent his college career throwing into secondaries made up of walk ons, cast offs and extra band members! Brees was arguably the best QB in the conference when he was here, throwing against some of the best secondaries in college football. Done.

So, that is all for now. I still plan on talking about my boring Pistons stuff later, but this was more interesting and made me a hell of a lot happier! Until next time, I am off to offer my services to Joey - help him pack, sell his house, bubble wrap his piano, etc... later! The sports dude!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 11:07 AM

Tiger Talk

A local radio station had a segment today talking about the Tigers. The topic was do you think they are better off this year than last ( assuming that they are done with major moves )? It made me start thinking about the Tigers, as well as dan joseph talking about them this week. For the record, I hope he doesn't think I am "stealing his thunder" on the subject, he is going more in depth and doing a better job explaining than I am. I was just thinking about two things and that is all:

- Are they better?

- Why Magglio Ordonez? Please no!!!!

Are they better?
Yes, they are - even if they are done signing people. For the record, I expect one more move - I think Dombroski has something up his sleeve somewhere - but if not, no big deal. They addressed their biggest need, the bullpen, vastly improving it with just the one signing - Troy Percival. That gave them a closer and allowed their previous closer, Urbina, to move to their other hole - set up man. With Chris Spurling coming back from injury, and an oddball starter for long relief, the bullpen is much better than last year. Here is my guess, assuming they go with a 12 man bullpen as usual:

Starters :
Jason Johnson
Mike Maroth
Jeremy Bonderman
Nate Robertson
Wilfredo Lidezma or Gary Knotts, with the other moving to the bullpen as a long reliever.

Chris Spurling - long relief.
Jamie Walker - lefty situational guy.
Steve Colyer - spare "lefty" in the bullpen everyone seems to love to have.
Ugueth Urbina - set up.
Troy Percival - closer.
Either Franklyn German or Fernando Rodney, with the other going to Toledo to pitch more often.

The rest of the roster shapes up like this, in my guess:

1B - Carlos Pena
2B - Omar Infante
SS - Carlos Guillen
3B - Brandon Inge
Bench - Ramon Martinez
Bench - Jason Smith

Catchers = Pudge and Vance Wilson as his back up.

Outfield - kind of plug and play between Craig Monroe, Alex Sanchez, Bobby Higginson, & Marcus Thames. Also, not to be forgotten are the outfielder/DH guys in Dmitri Young and Rondell White.

Magglio Ordonez - please, don't bring him here!
We really don't have room for him anywhere, we already got Rondell White and Dmitri Young sharing DH / Outfield duties every so often, which is what Ordonez would do. Also, don't forget, Pudge will log some time at DH to keep his aging knees rested while keeping his bat in the line up. Plus, there are two things that scare me about Ordonez - his aging knees and his agent, Scott Boras. Too risky, too much money for said risk, and really no room for such a risk. I think if they do it that it would be a huge mistake and too much like one of those "making a move just to make a move" scenarios. Hopefully Dombroski is smarter than that and I feel he is.

Well, that is all for now. Seriously, check out dan joseph, detroit sports junkie, this week for better Tigers previews and such. Also, feel free to continue to check out this site for new posts, as well as some of the links on the old side bar. Until next time my hearties - the sports dude!

Monday, January 10, 2005 at 11:29 AM

Gary Payton to the Pistons?

The Pistons played the Celtics over the weekend and played them good. In fact, it was the type of game that I wish the Pistons played more often - just loose, having fun and letting it fly. It was, during this game, that I had this thought that I would like to briefly share with you all - trading for Gary Payton. Let me expand a little, shall we?

Look, the Pistons seriously need another guard to help out, that is clear. I love Lindsey Hunter, but the dude is too old to be logging heavy minutes night in and night out. At this pace he will be winded come playoff time, and that is when we will need his pressure defense the most. I started thinking about this listening to the game on the radio - trade for Gary Payton. Why not? Yes, Gary Payton is no longer the All-Star he once was, but he still is a damn good player. He is already talking about next year, has made it quite clear that he wants to leave Boston and play for a contender to get his ring. Why not make the trade? If he came to the Pistons this year he is out of Boston, who even if they make the playoffs have no chance in hell getting past the Pistons, Heat or Pacers. If you can get him on board he will solve the Pistons need for a back up guard and have a chance to play for a contender now, as opposed to next year - when he will be one year older and slower. The hardest sell would be for him to accept a back up role, 20 to 30 minutes a night spelling Chauncey and Rip. I think it would be a good fit if the Pistons could pull it off. I mean, Ainge helped get Rasheed here last year - without Boston taking Chucky Atkens there is no Rasheed in Detroit, hence there is no Championship. Maybe Joe could offer Ainge Horace Jenkins, a draft pick, some cash and get Payton on board. If you can Payton to accept a back up role I think it would be a great upgrade and a huge move for the Pistons. The question is - could it happen or will they be creative enough to give it a try.

Yes, Payton is old, but he would be a great back up and that is all we really need. Between Lindsey and Payton, the two of them could share the back up minutes and stay fresh all season long. Alternate their minutes, night in and night out, but I think it could work. Worth a shot if you ask me. It would clearly solve our need for a solid, proven back up for Billups, make life easier on Lindsey and give Payton a chance to play for a contender now! Everyone is happy, everyone wins, and Larry Brown is definitely a coach that could make it work. I say do it if you can.

That is all, just wanted to share my crazy creative thought with everyone. Catch you later on the flip side! The sports dude.

at 9:41 AM

Monday Morning QB - 1-3 for the weekend.

Well, I guess it is a good thing I don't make a living as a gambler, I would be broke today! Three of my four picks lost, although two of them really shouldn't count! The damn Chargers and the damn Seahawks, those are the two of whom I speak! The Seahawks because, to be quite honest, that game was my toss up game anyhow! That was my weekly "someone has to win, right?" game and I went with the Seahawks because I had to pick someone. As far as my excuse for the Chargers, how was I suppose to know they had a rookie kicker? I am not a gambling man, therefore I don't break down rosters and things of that nature. How the hell was I suppose to know that San Diego had a kid kicking field goals that would choke under pressure like that? A forty yarder - that is a "chip" in today's NFL. The dude choked, and I hope he goes into hiding somewhere for the rest of the off season - I would not want to be him that is for sure!

The Packers, oh well, there goes my Super Bowl! But I still will stick with Brady and my boys, I just have to! Their hardest test will be this weekend against the Colts. And, for what it is worth, whoever wins between the Colts and the Patriots this weekend will go to the Super Bowl. That is all but guaranteed, I hope! I still feel for Brett Favre, because his age really showed in that game. If he decides to play one more season I would understand, who would want to go out with a game like that? But I think his best days are clearly behind him and it is time to bid farewell to one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game of football.

So the tables are set, the next round now begins. I am not ready to yet make predictions at this point, my 1-3 record for the weekend is still a little too hard to swallow! Plus, are any of you actually going to listen to me after such a lousy showing? I doubt it, even if you were crazy enough to listen to me before! But give me a few days to rest and recover, and hopefully I will have a better showing with this round of picks! Hey, at least the Lions didn't lose right?

Well, that is all for now. Until next time, when you will get my picks and whatever other wacky things pop into this little head of mine, good bye and god bless. I am off to choreograph another dance routine for Randy Moss in the end zone! The sports dude.

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