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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 3:03 PM

Monday Morning QB - Tuesday Edition

The sports dude goes to the Big House for the first time in two years and how does Mother Nature welcome me? With the first rain delay in Big House history that’s how! Thanks Mother Nature, gotta love ya! All kidding aside the sports dude stuck it out, got a little wet but still had a helluva good time watching the game, watching the sky and just taking in all the things that are Big House Football.

Just a few quick thoughts on the game and that is about it for today I suppose, I apologize for the one day delay but I just did not feel up to blogging yesterday as my post states. The burning question in everyone’s mind has been the vanilla offense and the lack of a passing attack but again I ask you why are you even asking those questions? For how long have people been bitching that Carr has continually lost the road openers in seasons or bitching that he can not win big games against ranked opponents? Hello people, whom are the Wolverines playing next week? #2 Notre Dame on the road, which to me falls into the category of road opener and big game against a ranked opponent all in the same package. Do you really expect anything but vanilla against Vanderbilt and Central Michigan University? Come on people, I know damn well if Carr and Debord would have opened that play book even a little you same idiots would be screaming at him saying “Oh great, way to show your cards to Notre Dame there Lloyd!” What the hell do you people want? Carr did just enough in these first two games to keep Henne healthy and from falling asleep and that is all he should have done, nothing more and nothing less. I have no problem with the lack of an air attack and if you are a true U of M fan deep down then you should feel the same way as I do; if not you are nothing more than a hypocrite.

As far as the game goes the greatest play, especially live, was kicker Ross Ryan’s punishing hit on Central’s kick returner in the second half. I am telling you Ryan should ask Carr to line up at linebacker sometime if they ever need an extra body because he flat out put a licking on the dude and it was awesome. The replay even got the fans going a little but and Ryan quite frankly saved maybe not a TD but at least another 10-15 yards on the return. The other thing that I liked was the 1997 National Championship staple play on offense returned twice, maybe three, times and that was the naked bootleg to the TE. That play was the bread and butter of the 1997 teams run and it worked again against CMU and I expect it to work again this week in South Bend. With the way teams play U of M for the run that play is successful more often than not and with the return of Debord my dad (whom is responsible for the maize and blue side of me) and I were wondering if he were smart enough to use it again… thank goodness he was! The defense was still quick and aggressive and even though the secondary gave up some questionable TD passes they were not the main guys playing defense when it happened. All in all I like the way U of M is looking, both defensively and yes offensively going into the game at Notre Dame. Does that mean the sports dude is predicting a victory this Saturday in South Bend? Hell no I am not jinxing that game, all I will say is what I said before, IF (yes, I purposely put IF in all caps) the Wolverines win this game then I truly feel this is a special team and there is a chance for a very special season.

MSU looked like MSU, thanks for killing my EMU football team guys and the Lions looked great on defense but confused on offense. So far the sports dude is right on with his Lions prediction, I did say they would lose to the Seahawks didn’t I? Well I guess that really is not cause to brag but I just felt like typing it anyway!

Well there you have it, the sports dude finally has classes underway so I will keep you all up to date on all things “hot chick” related but no news yet, there have been no sightings! Later – the sports dude.

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