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Thursday, November 04, 2004 at 10:19 AM

More posts to come....

Many apologies to my fans and fellow readers for the lack of posting this week, it has been crazy mad yo! I was extremely busy on Tuesday, it was a good day for me. Voted for the very first time, that was exciting! Seeing as how I don't like to talk politics, it gets me more upset than listening to Terrel Owens open his stupid mouth, I will not say who I voted for or what I voted on. All I will say is that I am glad it is over because I am tired of the political TV commercials and the stupid "I am so and so and I endorse this message" tag line.

Also, on an even happier note, I became an uncle for the first time on election day. My nephew was born at 5:20 AM on Tuesday morning. To make it even better, the name the parents picked out was one they liked for years and also one that is close to my heart, it is my middle name. Thus, as they claimed, even though they liked the name for awhile it made it a definite to use because it was my middle name. That was nice to hear, that the little man was named for me, in a round about way, but like I told them - you could have called the kid mud and I would have been just as excited to FINALLY be an uncle!

But, back to the sports blog stuff. I planned on posting my Pistons preview on Tuesday, but was obviously very busy and away from a computer all day. I was going to try and post it yesterday, but missing a day of work on Tuesday made yesterday even more hectic than I expected. Therefore, today will be the Piston preview - season predictions post - but not until later, I still have some catching up to do here today.

So, until that time comes, enjoy your Thursday, check back later for updates, and enjoy life my hearties! I am the sports dude and I endorse this post! - ME.

Monday, November 01, 2004 at 4:21 PM

I didn't watch the second half or overtime....

Well, what can I say - I really didn't watch the game. I watched the first half and constantly saw Chad Henne throw the ball in the turf. I saw Michael Hart running the hell out of the ball, and then saw Henne look like shit! I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and was wondering why they just weren't snapping the ball right to Hart - just take Henne out of it all together. At half time we had a family halloween party to go to, so I left the house and went to it. There was a TV on at my aunts, but I was paying attention to all the kids getting candy and playing games. Yes, even though I bleed maize and blue, my children still come first. Around dinner I decided to take a break and see what the score was - it was 27-10 at that time. I just walked away disgusted, I couldn't believe the Wolverines were going to lose like that - at home, to MSU. I was so disgusted I already made plans to burn my U of M hat, window sign, flag and all my maize and blue clothing! Never again, I won't watch another game this year! Curse you Wolverines! Then it hit me - like a little voice in my head, I heard the words - "Remember the Metrodome! Remember the Metrodome!" Maybe it was because I just watched the movie "The Alamo" on DVD, and it kind of sounded like that good ole' Texas battle cry "Remember the Alamo!", but I started to think of the comeback last year against Minnesota. Then we took over, then we ran it down the field in a hurry, then we got - A FIELD GOAL! Shit, that sucks, I know we needed the three points at some point, being down 17, but a field goal - it is Garret Rivas still kicking, right? I was like screw it, no comeback this time.

Then we line up for an onside kick - THIS EARLY LLYOD, WHAT THE HELL! Special teams have been our Achilles heal for a couple years now and you are going to do this now? Put our defense out there, kick it deep, they haven't done shit all day but maybe they will when the season is on the line. But, thanks to a young kid who went for the ball prematurely, we got the kick back - and Braylon Edwards, the best receiver in the nation, took over! A catch only he could make, might I add on a shitty throw by Henne, for a score - 27-20. A big defensive stop, another scoring drive, another shitty throw by Henne and another athletic, only Braylon could make catch. BOOM - 27-27 and a little overtime love! What can I say, what a game! What a comeback! What a game! Still don't believe it, but it happened!

All I can say is this. First I am going to apologize because I gave MSU no props what so ever. MSU came to play, U-M didn't until there was 8 minutes left in regulation, and I am honestly looking forward to the Drew Stanton - Chad Henne rematch next year in East Lansing and the next year after that in Ann Arbor. It will be a great game, already, and a great rivalry - once again - for years to come. I would also like to say that anyone who says that the Spartans lost only because Stanton got injured is full of shit. If I remember correctly the last three drives Stanton was in MSU did not score, and the last time they scored in regulation Damon Dowdell was already in at quarterback. Plus, Stanton doesn't play in the secondary does he? Braylon would have scored those touchdowns still, no matter what, and the outcome still would have been the same. Don't tarnish what is sure to be an instant ESPN Classic game by saying that junk, don't cheapen the return of the rivalry, don't insult Damon Dowdell and all the other Spartans who were still on the field by saying that stuff. Point is, if all MSU has is Stanton then MSU is in for more trouble than just this game, that is all.

Well, again my apologies to Sparty, you have earned my love and respect. Now, I have to ask for a favor in return - can you PLEASE BEAT WISCONSIN FOR US? I mean, if you can't go to the Rose Bowl, can you at least make sure the other Big Ten school from Michigan does? It would be the least you could do for us, seeing how you made us give you some respect back! And for us Wolverines, respect is not something we throw around enough, even though we should. That is all for now - the sports dude, feeling lucky on Monday.

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