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Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 10:34 AM

Some random quickies...

The Tigers have reportedly brought back Todd Jones to be their closer and I have heard they are about to announce the signing of Kenny "I Love Cameramen" Rogers, both to two year contracts. Personally, as long as Rogers behaves himself, I like both of the moves and they seem safe, especially the two year deal part. This will give us a veteran in the starting five to eat up innings and help take some of the stress of the younger guys while they grow and develop. As far as Jones in concerned I like that move as well, we have no closer and we didn't have to over pay for a one year bust (please see BJ Ryan and Toronto for details!).

The Lions continue to be a mess and it is clear to me that Millen, in all his intelligence, forgot to ask Jauron one key question - "Are you going to play the younger guys and develop them?" This franchise is going nowhere fast and even if Joey and Chuck are not in future plans why do this? I could see Orlovsky starting if Joey is not in the mix next year but Garcia? And with Chuck just give the guy a chance to showcase some stuff, I guarantee that he would be good trade bait... If he got some time! Damn, what a farce it has become in Lionsville.

The Red Wings seem to have cooled off after the hot start, kind of up and down lately. Not that I really care about hockey, but I figured I would be nice for a change and mention them.

The Pistons, well when it is going good it is really going good. Although this week off makes me feel like it is the All-Star break and not the beginning of the season. I tell you what, 13-2 with and impressive 8-1 mark on the road is all I need to see. They have looked like a very dangerous bunch and I really don't see any let up in the near future. Oh, for the record and even though I know it is all rumors and such, I would not trade any of the starting five for Garnett, period. They can have any of the pieces off the bench but no one in the starting five is worth it. Besides, Garnett is a free agent after the season, just wait and sign him then. Come on, 'Sheed was going to come off the bench last year for Dice, you don't think he would for KJ.

That's all I got for now, later! The sports dude.

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