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Friday, February 17, 2006 at 10:35 AM

The Friday List

Well, well, well, two posts in one week, which is almost unheard of in these parts isn’t it? Man it is really sad what I have let my blog become but I am not going to waste your time with sorrow, instead I will try and share some brief thoughts with you quickly. Here is something that I am going to try and stick to, a Friday list of things that happened in the week that I feel were of note.

Lions presser – I only listened to bits and pieces of it, work has been just as busy as school, but the pedigree is definitely there. Henderson seems like he will play defense the way Marinelli wants it and Martz is a genius, right? I tell you what, if he even turns Joey into “serviceable” then I will buy a t-shirt that says “E=M(artz)C2” because I still don’t think Joey will ever be worth a damn.

Pistons trade – Darko and Arroyo to Orlando for 8.5 million in cap relief and a first round pick in 2027. Look, I think we all know Darko was never going to play enough here, there was just no way. Arroyo didn’t fit, but I hope Joe sticks to his word and tries to send Cato to someone for another PG. My final thought on the “great debate” is this, Darko was the best option for the Pistons at #2 at that time, life goes on, and that is that. Carmelo would not have fit; Wade and Bosh were not household names, period, and end of story.

Tigers in spring training – that’s right folks, love springs eternal! The Tigers are back to torment us yet again with dreams of a winning season and hope, yes hope. I think we all can say that all we really want is a damn winning season, crap I will take two games over .500 at this point! I think that is along the lines of what you will but it is, at least, a start.

NBA All-Star Game – well, it is this weekend and when I am not studying for my damn midterm on Monday I hope to watch, but only to see the Pistons enter all at once. I also can not wait to see what sorry sap gets to be the fifth man with the Pistons and watch as they totally shut him out of the offense. Yeah, that’s right fifth man, you will see what team ball is all about bitch! Lastly, if I were Flip, I would play them for maybe five minutes in the first half, five in the second, and then run the rest of the Eastern Stars into the ground.

U of M and MSU basketball – what the hell guys? Are you trying to compete for the team that has the worse record than the other? Shit, they are both playing like crap right now.

The Olympics – is anyone really watching? Me, I have not watched a lick, but that is because there are no real good events in the Winter Olympics. Hockey? Yeah right, that is the same damn thing as figure skating; just the players are a lot uglier. I would have liked to have seen some of the snow boarding events, the skiing events, and even the luge and bobsled are pretty cool, but beyond that I say “why bother?”

Gretzky – old news, but I still find it funny, how the hell are you going to bring down “The Great One?” It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

Super Hot Chick – come on, how could I not mention her? Had my Thursday class with her last night and, as always, it was enjoyable.

Peace out and I will talk to you all soon – the sports dude.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 3:49 PM

What is this? Is it really a post? Hell yeah!!

Man, this old blog of mine is really getting lame, isn’t it? Seems like ever since I got put in the pages of “Deadspin” that my blog has taken a turn for the worse, kind of like the Madden jinx I suppose. I would like to thank you all for continuing to check, I promise to be a better blogger in the future, but damn if life isn’t moving at a hundred miles a minute. For the most part I have missed some sort of hockey scandal (not that I care for hockey!) that involves “The Great One” and his wife, whats-her-face. Kind of reminds me of basketballs great conspiracy theory from back in the day, you know when Jordan “retired” from basketball right around the time some bookie slips were found with his name on it. Come on people, we all know he didn’t retire right? We all know that Stern and him had some behind the scenes deal to just disappear for awhile until it all blew over. I mean, can you imagine the shit storm if Stern had to ban Jordan, who was the NBA for Christ sakes, for life because of it? Just thought that I would mention it because I have always loved that one.

So, what else is going on? Well, the Winter Olympics but again I chalk that up in the “does anyone really care” category. Are there really any interesting sports going on in the Winter Olympics? I mean you have figure skating (both female, male and NHL versions) and skiing, but again I say does anyone care? I haven’t watched a lick, at least not on purpose, and until the NBA resumes next week will be happy taking some time off from sports.

Baseball has begun again; the catchers and pitchers have started to report for active duty. The Lions have hired Mike Martz for the seventh time, the Wolverines finally got smart and dumped Herrmann and Malone, the Spartans and Wolverines in basketball seem to be forgetting that you are suppose to win more than lose and tomorrow I have my literature class with super hot chick again. That about sums it up right there, except for the NBA All-Star game with four Pistons (long overdue recognition) and the second half with Dallas and San Antonio on our tails for the best record there is little to discuss. I look forward to seeing Flip insert all four guys at one time but then I hope he rests them and wears the hell out of the rest of the guys on the roster.

Now let me put forth my opinion on the hot topic of the week, Darko and Arroyo for spare change, a broken player and some first round pick eventually. I have yet to read other bloggers opinions on it, I will do that after posting mine here, but here is what I think and I hope I am not stealing any thunder. I will start by saying that I am tired of hearing about Bosh, about Wade, and anyone else the Pistons passed to take “Busto”, I mean Darko. Look, I distinctly remember that draft and there were only three names being mentioned hot and heavy folks, Lebron, Darko and Carmelo, that was it. If I recall no one at that time had any clue that Wade would be what he is today, no one thought Bosh was going to be this solid. Everyone knew that Lebron was going to Cleveland so it was simply a matter of Darko or Carmelo for the Pistons, plain and simple. I think we all know that Carmelo had no place to play on this team (I still would take Prince over him any day) so why not take a chance on Darko? It was a project, we all know it, but the project is failing because the project doesn’t want to sit, learn and be patient for the next three years until Ben retires or ‘Sheed retires. Quite frankly the project has turned into a whining little bitch that simply “wants to play”, doesn’t want to work for it, doesn’t feel he should earn it, so quite frankly here is you ticket out of town buddy, enjoy your time on a perennial loser of a team like Orlando.

As far as the trade itself if I was the Pistons I would take the first rounder in any way, shape or form, get it while the getting is good. Cato is a salary dump, that is about it, and the first rounder could be useful to get a point guard in here to learn from Billups now (I just don’t trust Acker) and sit and watch like Darko should have. Does this mean Darko is a failure or that Joe is a lousy GM? In my mind no, how many teams can take the #2 pick in the draft simply for the hell of it? Not too many, that is for sure. They took it because they really just were drafting a project for themselves, what the hell else can you say? The project failed, but ask yourself this (as I stated before) did anyone know what Bosh and Wade would become? Furthermore, what makes you think Bosh would have played, wouldn’t he still have been behind Rasheed, Ben and McDyess? How about Wade, don’t you think he would have been behind Rip and Prince? Wade was a starter from day one in Miami, he would not have had that luxury here, and so what makes anyone think he would have gotten the chance to develop like this? Quite frankly I don’t think he would have and we all would be saying this following statement:


Funny how things work, doesn’t it? I still think it was a good move, I still think Darko will be a decent pro someday, but he is just too impatient and clearly doesn’t want to wait. Wish granted, here is your ticket out of town and playing time, just don’t feel bad why the Pistons are still winning Championships the next couple years and you are playing, just on a team that is struggling to finish at .500.

That is it, more later (I hope) so until then see you all later! The sports dude.

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