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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 1:00 PM

Tiger Talk

When the Tigers and the Yankees played a while back Big Al and I both thought the same thing about Craig Monroe’s winning HR in the ninth that night… could that be the hit that propels them to the Division Title? Unfortunately as we have seen since that time it was clearly not the impact maker we or many of the rest of us, thought or even hoped it would be. Now the question arises once again as we witnessed last night could it be this time Guillen’s HR is the one that lifts them the rest of the way this season? Only time will tell but I think in every Tiger fans heart and stomach we are hoping that this time this HR will be the one.

As this season winds down I think it is clear that the Tigers not only miss “small ball” Polanco at the top of the order but the Tigers need a big bat, a true big bat, in that #4 spot to do what a #4 hitter is supposed to do… clean things up on the base path. Maggs was suppose to be that guy but it is clear that he has not only hit the wall in this, his first full season in two years, but his knee may be healthy enough to play but not healthy enough to help him generate power with the bat the way he once did. But imagine with me if you will next year a line up that has a #3 in Guillen followed by a #4 that Illitch either buys or Dombroski trades for followed by Maggs at #5 where I think he is better suited. Shoot, you could even put Monroe at #3 and place Guillen at #6 and to me that would be a killer stretch for any pitcher to get through. I think it is clear that Mr. Illitch will spend now because he clearly believes (FINALLY) in this organization and I think with the pitching depth the Tigers have that one Jeremy Bonderman would be great trade bait this off season to get a strong clean up hitter away from someone.

Think about it, the Tigers have Rogers for another year and unless some strange drop off occurs it looks like Verlander is finally the Jack Morris the Tigers farm system has long needed. Couple that with a healthy Maroth and a steady Robertson (seriously, has there ever been a more unlucky guy than Nate) and the Tigers still have a great 1-4 rotation intact. The #5 guy could come from anywhere in the organization, either Ledezma or maybe another shot for Zach Miner or maybe even another free agent acquisition this off season. The point is I think Bonderman would be great trade bait for the Tigers to use and get that big #4 bat that they clearly lack and need.

I know it may be premature to look too far ahead but the organization is finally bringing up everyday players from the farm system and finally has enough depth to make trades like this and not be hurt. The future finally looks bright for the Tigers and I for one and very damn happy to be able to type that. Later – the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Good stuff sports dude!

Man that game stunk last night, Verlander didn't pitch well.

Bonderman as trade bait would be a good idea, he seems to be very inconsistent, I know he's still young, but I don't know about him.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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