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Tuesday, November 09, 2004 at 1:59 PM

Just some oddball thoughts on the NBA...

The offseason was strange this year, don't you think? I mean, signing a contract for a lot of money, making a commitment to an organization, and playing for that team all just kind of got thrown out the window, didn't it? What I am talking about here is the "professional" athletes like Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Tracy McGrady, Alonzo Mourning, etc. Am I missing anyone in that group there? Basically all those guys said the same thing - "I want to go to a winner, a team committed to winning." So, the guys that are your teammates, what they are chopped liver? If I was on the team that these guys go to, what would I think? What would I feel? What, if we start playing bad he is going to disrespect us and say he wants another trade, to another contender? What, am I not good enough to even lace up a pair of sneakers with you now? Are you going to force a trade someday for me to get out of town? And what about the team he leaves, yeah, that would make me feel real good about myself. What, am I not good enough to even be on the same plane as you? Should I put my clothes on in a separate locker room, eat my meals at another table not even facing yours? How about I wipe you ass for you, maybe kiss it a little, would that be better? I know there really is no flow to this paragraph, I apologize, it is just this - plane and simple. Until those above guys learn the value of the word "team", they will all be nothing. Not a single one of those guys there, listed above, will ever win a championship. Seriously, I am saying it now, typing it now, remember you heard it here first - they will never win a ring, period! The only way it may happen, and I stress "MAY", is if they realize that all their bitching, all their pouting, will never get them anywhere. That is why I was so glad the Pistons won last year, the way they won, the "team" ( to use that word loosely! ) they DESTROYED AND EMBARRASSED, was that they did it as a team, no egos, nothing, just a true team. Until these guys understand that, until they get it, they can switch uniforms quicker than a whore on Friday night, they will never be anything but another player, left on the outside looking in.

Next, and this one is more brief, here is another article that pisses me off. Read the last paragraph of the opening story about Carmelo ( whinny bitch ass punk ) Anthony's T-Shirt. I am not going to get political, I am not going to tell you who I did or didn't vote for either. All I am going to say is this - if you are going to be "cool" or "hip" and wear a "dope" T-Shirt that is all "phat" and shit, talking about politics and other "shiz-nit", then at least vote you asshole! The point here is not that I am pro-Bush or pro-Kerry, I told you I wasn't going to tell you, the only point is that if you speak out then make your voice heard you jackass. Better yet, lie and say you voted for Kerry you dick, at least then we would believe that you know how to read and write - which, I doubt, you do. He probably didn't even understand the point the shirt was trying to make, he probably thought it was just an album cover for his favorite rapper, MC Jackass or something! (Sorry, that is the best fake rapper name I could come up with at the time.) Seriously Carmelo, go whine about your lack of skills, go whine about your Olympic benching, or better yet go smoke some of your friends weed! And, by the way, whether you like Bush or not, by wearing that T-Shirt you insult every man, woman and or child who died on September 11 or lost someone who died that day. Maybe you should go to their door step, wearing that shirt, and see what is like to be an American you bitch! If you don't vote, you have no right to piss and moan. Furthermore, I doubt you even realized that those were the Twin Towers burning, you cunt, you probably thought they were big, fat ( or would it be "phat" here too? ) joints burning or something, fuck you asshole!

There, that is enough for now, I am truly pissed off enough about this - until next time - the sports dude.

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