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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 at 10:38 AM

Dead in the water? Not yet my hearties!

My month in review:

Went up north with the kids, like I mentioned in my last post a month ago, came home and had a jury summons. Went to said jury duty and, just my luck, got picked for a two week trial. Ended said jury duty and went on yet another vacation, this time with the entire family, to the Canadian Niagara Falls, Toronto and some other random parts of Canada along the way. Long story short I have been out of touch with everything and everyone this entire month. In fact I was in the office three days the entire month of July, even though I got paid for all of it! SWEET!

The Pistons month in review:

I say kudos to Joe Dumars for not breaking the bank on Ben Wallace, even though he offered him more money out of the gate then I would have. I said 3 years for 30, club option for year 4, take it or leave it. Joe D went right to the 4 and 48 but he didn’t cave when Chicago screwed itself by overpaying for Ben. I said if I could pick a starter to go it would be Ben but I will not bash the man, he needed a fresh start and hell yes, even I could not leave 12 million on the table and I doubt any of us could say the same. I say thanks Ben and sorry at the same time because you aren’t going to get past the Pistons, they still have the best starting line up in the NBA. Oh and Joe, just a side bar here, don’t let this happen with Chauncey next season, his loss would be huge and much harder to overcome than that of Ben’s.

The Tigers month in review:

Well they still have the best record in baseball yet we all still are waiting for the wheels to fall off. This can’t be for real can it? That is the general thought in this area, after nearly 20 years of losing how can it not be? Something tells me there may be playoff baseball in the near future and I tell you what, this town is going to explode!

The Red Wings month in review:

Even though I am not a hockey fan I must say that it was sad to see Stevie go and wish him luck and would like to say thanks. Next I just want to laugh and say good thing you guys are getting younger and starting fresh with the likes of Hasek and Chelios coming back, what a joke.

The Lions month in review:

Well it is just starting so it is really too early to say much except I like what I hear from camp and it really seems this coaching staff ain’t going to take any shit from anyone! That is the best news yet, except for the fact that Joey is gone! Hey, did you hear, he looked like crap in his first few sessions down in Dolphins camp, shocking!

Odd ball month in review:

Tiger won his first major since his dad died and I say congrats for that; Floyd Landis wins the Tour de France and they find dope in his system – come on, you knew that if an American won that was going to happen, fucking French; college football is breathing down our necks and I couldn’t be more excited; I really can’t think of anymore.

Sorry guys for my absence, this is the first post of many more to come so get used to it, the annoying old sports dude is back and ready to go. Later and thanks for all your patience.

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