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Friday, August 05, 2005 at 2:39 PM

How about this rumor?

I remember joking with a fellow coworker back a few months ago, you know when Flip Saunders was fired and everyone (myself included) assumed he would be the Pistons next coach. Well, I was joking with him about a silly little thought I had in my head - a trade with the Wolves to bring Garnett here. I know, it seemed far fetched at the time, and still does now, but none the less we talked a little on it. You know, there is the connection with Flip, KG's one and only coach so far in the NBA, the connection with Chauncey (if I am not mistaken, one of them was in the others wedding, I think it was Billups in KG's) and a chance for Garnett to play on an actual title contender. Well, even after Flip was officially hired, we joked a little on it again and figured it would be a nice dream come true. Then the Heat do all this wheeling and dealing the other day, the Pacers are better and the Nets (as long as Abdur-Rahim joins) are better. I said as of now the Pistons are the fourth best team in the east, behind those others I just mentioned in that order. Well, we again talked about it the other day, saying the Pistons need to do something and soon. Well, the local sports radio station just mentioned a rumor about the Pistons that brought a smile to my face. Seeing how all of you can not here my radio, I looked on the internet for a link to this rumor, if one even existed. Well, I found it, here it is, and here is the RUMOR:

The Pistons may be trying to swing a deal with the Wolves involving Garnett.

Now, I would love to have KG in a Pistons uniform, but the deal that I read is asking way too much of the Pistons. Sorry, even for KG there is no way in hell I give up Big Ben. That is how much I love that man, he is the Pistons, and I think even for someone with KG's game, Big Ben is not worth it. Look, I say a package of Rasheed, Darko, Arroyo, and the draft picks is more than enough. But sorry both Ben and Rasheed? Too much from the Pistons, way too much. I tell you what though, if the Pistons were to pull this damn thing off and somehow keep Ben, sorry, there ain't no one in the East even close then!

Yeah, I know, it is just a rumor, but it still got me smiling! But sorry Joe, not even for KG would I give up Ben. I hope that you are not even that foolish. Later - the day dreaming sports dude.

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