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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 1:10 PM

Reggie Miller is an asshole too!!!!

Look, again the headline says it all. Much like my Terrell Owens post awhile back, I would like to take a brief moment to say "Shut the hell up!!" to one Reginald Miller as well. Here is my brief parting shot.

Look, this has nothing to do with the brawl, I couldn't stand Reggie Miller before that either. The brawl, however, did make it worse for me. I had a strong dislike for Reggie back in the days where he was feuding with the Knicks fans and mainly one, Spike Lee (another dude I can not stand, but that list could go on forever!). I remember those stupid playoff series where they would go at each other, Spike from his courtside seat and Reggie as he went up and down the court. He was a cocky, arrogant asshole then and he remains one now.

Then, last week I was listening to the Jim Rome Show (another dude I hate on!!) waiting for an interview with Ben Wallace to take place, which by the way was the only reason I was listening. Anyway, before the Wallace interview he spoke to none other than Bill Walton, and although the name bears a resemblance to mine I really find him to be a dufus. Anyway, back to the point - somehow, Rome and Walton started to speak about Miller and the words out of Walton's mouth totally floored me and made me sick. I am paraphrasing here, but Walton said about Miller, he is "one of the classiest, nicest, stand up guys the NBA has ever seen." I all but shit myself, I felt like calling and saying "Is this the same Reggie Miller?" Reggie Miller has about as much class in his entire body as an abandoned, burnt out Detroit Public School - as in there is none to be found! The guy is a punk, the guy is a pussy, the guy is a whiner and I will be glad to see him retire.

Also, I am tired of his talking about how Detroit ruined his season, his swan song if you will. Look, no one made Ron Artest go into the stands except Ron Artest, so don't blame it on the Pistons. And I am tired of hearing him say that his Pacers did all the suffering and the Pistons got nothing. Nothing? Everywhere they go this year it comes up, it is in their face every damn day. Shit, they were the Cinderella of the NBA last year, the David taking down the Goliath Lakers in the Finals. They barely got to enjoy the rewards when the brawl happened, so don't tell me they didn't suffer! They never got to be the happy champ, the celebrated champ, instead the brawl tarnished all the good they accomplished last year and shit on it. So don't even give me that garbage Reggie, the Pistons suffered more than your Pacers you fuck, deal with it! And lastly, where were you on brawl night Mr. Stand Up Classy guy? Oh, that's right - you were in Ben Wallace's face jawwing at him and making matters worse, not better! If you were so classy you would have done the right thing and taking Artest back to the bench, not just stand there and jaw at Big Ben you pussy! Your team mates, you yourself, ruined your swan song, not the Pistons. So retire and go the fuck away, and good riddance.

There, now I have to go relax, Reggie, stupid people like him and the brawl always get me worked up. Later - the sports dude.

PS - the sports dude did not have a chance to proof read or spell check this post, so sorry if it was not as neat as usual. Got busy half way thru it and had to just finish! Peace!

Monday, April 25, 2005 at 9:38 AM

The Three Musketeers.

I guess that is what you could call them, although they may not appreciate the cheesy nickname too much, in reference to Charles Rogers, Roy Williams and Mike Williams. They are the Lions last three #1 picks, all receivers, all studs at their position in college and now all Lions team mates. What the hell can you say about it, you can guess and come up with theories all you want, but can you blame the Lions? They were in an excellent position this year to do something unheard of in Lions town, not drafting for a need but rather drafting the best player available at that time, which happened to be #10. Was Mike Williams that, damn right he was! Was it a mistake? Who knows, only time will tell, and the only player that really could put it back in the Lions face would be Derrick Johnson, the only guy I think would have been a better pick for them at #10. If Johnson becomes a stud, which might happen, and the Lions offense flounders, with Joey that is a possibility, then this could be a mistake. But there were no corners left to take, I really did not care for the DE's that were available, so if not Johnson then Mike Williams made the most sense. That must have been the logic in the Lions "war room", so they snatched the best athlete that was there and got, yet again, another receiver.

Now, in the office today I have heard many a conspiracy theory as to why the Lions did this, but there is no need to really talk too much about them and wonder why. I really think it was just a matter of the best pure athlete available at the time, and the Lions did that. They are deep and athletic at LB, maybe Johnson would have been nice, but it wasn't a "need". Maybe the Lions know something more about Charles Rogers than we do, maybe "Mr. Glass" himself (yes, I always picture Samuel L. Jackson's character in "Unbreakable" when I think of Charles Rogers) is not as healed as the Lions would like. Maybe they have just given up on the dude all together, but I think that is highly unlikely. Maybe there is a trade in the works that we don't know of, but again I don't buy it either. I still think of all the talk about how "big" Mike Williams already is and how much bigger people believe he may become. The Lions did pick up Marcus Pollard to be there TE this year and next (it was a two year contract, right?!?!), maybe they are figuring that they can make Williams become their TE of the future if he does continue to grow. Who knows, but all the theories aside I think this is nothing more than the best athlete at the #10 and that is it. Also, I really think they did this to basically broom Joey out the door, that is where my conspiracy theory comes in.

Look, we all know that here at Luke Waltons Forehead there is not a lot of Joey love to be had, never has been and never will be. I have also said that if Joey proves me wrong and somehow does turn into a decent QB that I will gladly eat my words, because if he does good then the Lions do good and I have no problem with that. I would love for the Lions to succeed, but I just don't see Joey being the one under center when it happens. All that being said, there are no excuses now for Joey, none what so ever. Period, point blank, end of story - you can not say that he does not have the weapons around him anymore. He has a nice young RB in Kevin Jones that should be good for 1200-1400 yards a year, the TE came from the Colts and we have seen Pollard, we know he has skills. Now there are four receivers that are all skilled in Rogers (let's pretend he is 100% and will be the kid the Lions drafted), the Williams boys in Roy and Mike and don't forget Chad Johnson, a gifted receiver in his own right that has just been in a couple bad systems the past couple years. Say what you want about the offensive line, but they played better down the stretch last year and Kevin Jones did surpass 1,000 yards, so they can't be all that bad. Looking at this offense on paper there is only one question mark I see and that is the guy distributing the ball to all these weapons, one Joey Ballgame. This is set up perfectly for him to succeed and if he falters, if he fails for even one second, the plug all but has to be pulled. And that is where my theory comes in.

Say what you want about Millen, but I really don't think he is a Joey supporter, I really don't. I think Joey was a Morningweg pick, but more importantly, a William Clay Ford pick, and that is where the problem lies. Mr. Ford is a loyal guy, which is a very stand up trait to have, but in the sports world sometimes loyalty can be a negative and not a positive. I really think Ford doesn't want to be unloyal to Joey and I think all these offensive weapons are a way for Millen and Mooch to throw it in his face. I really think they have all the pieces there to say to Ford now "Look, the kid has studs all around him and he is failing, can we finally pull the plug now?" I think that may be the only way to get Ford to see the mistake that is named Joey Harrington, admit fault, and put Garcia under center for christ's sake. Is Garcia the long term answer? No, he is aging and his skills are definitely on the decline. But shit, even Garcia at 50 to 75 percent of what he was in San Fran is better than Joey at 110% and I think Mooch and Millen are all but forcing Ford to see that. Yes, I am aware that Millen said the pressure is now on Mooch, and I agree, there is a shit load of pressure on Mooch as well. But don't you think that if after three games, which is my pick, if Joey stumbles for one second that Mooch will see the pressure on him and say "Look, let me put my guy under center now and let's ride this thing out?" I think all of these moves, all the little behind the door type things are being done to get Joey out of there and let everyone save face - well, mainly Millen and Ford, Mooch wasn't around when they wasted that pick on Joey! I say three games and done for Joey, and if he proves me wrong so be it! But all the weapons are there for the kid to utilize, I just really don't think he has the skills to do it.

Lastly, I like the move that Millen made in the second round there to get that Cody kid from USC. If he is the pro that he should be, that gives the Lions a great replacement for Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson, who is aging himself and close to retiring. Crap, Shaun Rogers and Cody for years to come sounds pretty damn good to me, how about you? The other picks I am not too sure on, I know they got a corner in the third round from Stanford, Stanley Wilson, that people are calling the Lions "sleeper" pick. The QB from UConn whom should be there #3 this year, Dan Orlovsky, that I am guessing was a Mooch pick for sure. Then there final two picks fall in the "WHOM!?!?" department, DE Bill Swancutt from Oregon St. and LB Jonathan Goddard from Marshall. No disrespect meant to them, but I just never heard of them.

Lastly, although I love my Wolverines with a passion, I was damn glad to see on Ernest Shazor did not get drafted. Cat should have stayed in school for his senior year, especially after his piss poor Rose Bowl performance, so it made me laugh a little inside this morning. Can you say "tackled Texas QB Michael Young like a girl!"? Actually, you can't even say tackled, dude got juked more times then I have ever seen anyone get juked in my life! What a waste, he would have looked good back there for the Wolverines for a senior season, but it is what it is right?

Well, that is enough BS from my keyboard for one day! Later we talk Pistons/Sixers and my little farewell to Reggie Miller, who is another one of my "asshole and good riddance" type of guys! Later - the sports dude.

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