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Friday, September 23, 2005 at 10:19 AM

Weekend Warrior - 9-23-05

Not a lot of time here today, so this will be a shorter version of the Weekend Warrior. I also apologize for the lack of a Monday Morning QB, but there has been no time for anything this week. Anyway, a quick Monday Morning QB would have consisted of U of M getting some back ups in, MSU nearly choking and planting a flag and Joey looking great if you are a Bears secondary member. That being said, here we go, Weekend Warrior time.

U of M at Wisconsin

One of Lloyd Carr’s personal favorites, a night game to open the Big Ten Season, plus it is on the road. Knowing that this is the last time he gets to coach against the Wolverines, Coach Alvarez gives an emotional pregame speech to his players, imploring them to really “give it to the Maize and Blue”. Unfortunately for the coach, his players take him too literally, thinking he is asking them to simply choke and hand the game to the Wolverines like they always do.

U-M 34, Wisconsin 21

Illinois at MSU

Earlier in the week, reports out of East Lansing stated that Coach John L. Smith actually had to stop the team practice and made his players start all over due to their sloppy play. Unfortunately for the coach, the referees will not allow him to do the same thing in the game. MSU falls back into it’s more familiar ways, losing a famous “trap game” to an underachieving program, one week after an emotional win and one week prior to their biggest rival.

Illinois 31, MSU 30

Notre Dame at Washington

The old coach versus the new coach; the only thing that would make it more intriguing is if Bob Davie was in the booth doing color! Make no mistake about it, Washington Coach Tyrone Willingham really wants to give one to the team that fired him, unfortunately for him his new team ain’t all that good either! Charlie Weis, in the mean time, is still too busy removing that Spartan flag from his ass to pay that much attention to the game.

Notre Dame 31, Washington 16

Tennessee at LSU

Someone please tell me how the hell Tennessee is still ranked in the Top Ten? They barely won their first game against a weak team (TCU), they lost last week to Florida, what the hell else do they need to do? Does Fullmer still have people in his pocket? Or naughty pictures of the pollsters or something? Maybe a good old fashioned blow out with cause this garbage (and always over rated!) program to finally fall down where it deserves, and I see it coming this week.

LSU 37, Tennessee 9

USC at Oregon

Seeing how no team has yet to find a way to slow down Trojan QB Matt Leinart, the Ducks finally feel like they may have an answer. Whenever Leinart is under center, the stadiums speaker system pumps in ballroom dancing music to confuse him, causing him to forget if those are his football shoes or dancing shoes when he drops back in the pocket. Unfortunately for the Ducks it is still nowhere near enough and the Trojans still get the last dance on this day.

USC 37, Oregon 24

Yes, now it is time for that silly, ridiculous, hide the kids away from the TV game because we don’t want them to cry:


Troy at South Carolina

The big (Game) cock himself, Steve Spurrier, tries to inspire his team to victory by having them enter the stadium in a giant wooden horse. All right, not that funny, but it was the best I could come with and I really hate Spurrier!

South Carolina 27, Troy 15


Bye Week at Detroit Lions

Even a home game against the Bye Week can’t cure the Lions woes! Joey improves ever so slightly, only throwing four interceptions this time instead of five, but doesn’t get them into the end zone. The bad news for the Lions comes at half time when they lose Charles Rogers yet again to a broken collar bone. What happened this time? The former Spartan got confused and put his shoes on the wrong feet, falling in the tunnel on the way back to the field. Sparty on dude!

Bye Week 47, Lions 2

That is all I got this week, see you next week where I will try and be a little better. As always, be safe, tail gate responsibly and have a great football weekend. Later – the sports dude.

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