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Friday, February 24, 2006 at 2:26 PM

Friday update...

This could be the last post for awhile from the sports dude, not that many care, but I figured that I would at least give some update to you all as to why I am most likely going to disappear for about two weeks.

First, for the fun part, I am on break next week from school, as well as my oldest son, so the family and I are packing our bags and heading here for a few days. Yep, just a nice little relaxing break for the kids and, yes I will admit, myself for a few days away from the world of work and school. So if you are a little lonely, miss the sports dude and wish he were posting just relax, smile and picture me floating in an intertube down the lazy river.

Now, for the no so good portion of what could be a two week absence for the sports dude, the surgery part. That is right folks, the sports dude is going under the knife (or, rather, under the scope!) for a little arthoscopic knee surgery on the bum right knee. It has been bothering me for quite a few years now, an old basketball injury, and the sports dude finally had an MRI done on it this summer. As the doctor told me when he reviewed my case, if you are going to tear your medial meniscus you may as well do it right! So I am going in, getting it cleaned up and hopefully by summer I will be pain free and ready to go. Unfortunately about the only athletic thing the sports dude does nowadays is golf and the chasing of his three young sports dudes, but at least I will be able to do it pain free. So, if you are looking for me after next week I will be on a table, out cold and in a nice little hospital gown here, praying I wake up again when it is done and not in the middle of the surgery. Also, as I found out officially today, there will be physical therapy involved in my recovery time which means the sports dude has to start working out. Man, gone are the days where working out involved a recliner, a beer, a remote and a playstation controller, now I have to use weights and stuff!

Lastly, as yesterday was Thursday, I would like to give everyone my weekly hot chick update just for the hell of it. First I want to say, yep, she is still hot! Second, I would like to add that I have discovered her to be even hotter because she is a member of the dance team/cheerleading squad. Third I would like to add that she went out of way last night to sit right next to me even thought there were plenty of seats open in the class. And, last but not least, I got the old sympathy vote from her because I mentioned that the next time she sees me I will be on crutches and told her all about the surgery. That's right y'all, the sports dude played the sympathy card!

Later, wish me luck and I hope to return to your regularly scheduled blog-casting system in a matter of two weeks. The surgery is on Tuesday March 7, wish me luck, godspeed and I look forward to returning shortly after that. Later and keep the sports blog world going for me fellas! The sports dude.

Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 11:55 AM

Thursday this and that...

Not too many people took to commenting on the hot chick debate so I guess I will just leave it at what it is, the sports dude should stick to sports. Fair enough, like I said I was just taking a chance at talking about a different subject for a change, now we move on. I would like to thank the sports pig for checking it out and just remind everyone that this is Thursday therefore it is hot chick night at school. All right, enough with that let us talk about sports for a few.

Well, apparently my good buddy Ian at Sweaty Men Endeavors is having issues with his man card, apparently he has watched the women’s figure skating for no other reason than because he can. Look, I gave him the outs and he at least appears willing to use them, as in he was watching to look at the flexibility of the women, the overall hotness of the women and really enjoys it when they do those “leg thingies” with their legs behind their heads. Also, I would like to congratulate the local hottie Tanith Belbin and that guy she skated with (I think his name was Ben Agosto, but come on, it was all about her) on the silver medal they won this week, man talk about eye candy… I mean a great accomplishment for them and this country, yeah, that is what I meant!

Locally, the Tigers are doing their spring training thing, saying all the right things, and having a blast down in Lakeland. Man, does that sound familiar or what? In fact I read an article the other day saying how Leyland was going to preach “situational hitting” and playing “little ball” and making sure guys got hitters home from third with less than one out. Sound familiar? Yeah, it was the same shit that Trammell had preached each spring he was there, how did it work out for the Tigers? That’s right, they sucked at it, sucked at all aspects of baseball and Tram got fired. Good luck Jimmy, good luck!

Next, the Americans are out of contention for a medal in hockey, does this shock anyone at all? I didn’t think so; in a country where hockey is barely a “blip” on the map what do you expect? It will always be the ugly step sister of sports (and I use the word “sport” there loosely) here in America, get over it!

The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner and I have already heard rumors on the radio this morning involving these players all coming to the Pistons – Iverson, Garnett, Mike James and Jesus Christ himself. Man, I love the trade deadline rumor wire, but come on, could you imagine if the Pistons got Jesus Christ? Look out Shaq and Wade; we got your equalizer now! Truth be told I don’t see them making anymore moves, although Mike James would be nice and is the most realistic, but all they have to offer is some random picks and Cato, there really isn’t much else there. In conclusion I only have two words for you – standing pat.

Lastly the Lions have made no progress; apparently Matt Millen is telling his coaches that Harrington will be given a chance no matter what. Yeah, if I was Martz and Marinelli I would quit right now, period, point blank, end of story. I also keep hearing and reading that, contrary to the shit Millen is spewing and selling, that the Lions are going to pursue Brees when, and if, he becomes available. Look, I like a wet bag of shit over Harrington, I think you all know that, but until we have a real QB on the roster (which is what Brees would be) then I am not getting my hopes up.

That is all I got for today, enjoy the rest of your Thursday and I will try to drop you all a line later. Peace – the sports dude.

Monday, February 20, 2006 at 3:06 PM

The sports dude is calling it quits.

Well, the sports dude has decided to hang it up, call it quits and ride off into the sunset… for a post at least, that is! Hah, did I scare you? Probably not, but at least I thought I would attempt it anyway. I am, however, partially telling the truth because, for a post at least, going to hang up my sports blogging shoes and take a ride down non-sports blogging lane and discuss something that has been mentioned quite a bit here lately – the hot chick.

See, this entire post comes from a conversation I had with my brother in law last weekend about said hot chick and I was wondering if anyone else out there had ever experienced anything like this before. For the record I would like to mention two things right off the bat – one, I am happily married (and yes, I stress the HAPPILY part) and two I have no desire or intentions to pursue anything with said hot chick. Not that there is anything to pursue, for the most part it has just been fun conversations and the like, but I just wanted to throw those disclaimers out there so that people did not think the sports dude was some cheater or evil bastard. However, what I wanted to discuss and get people’s comments on, I hope, is the conversation that my brother in law and I had on the hot chick and get some other peoples perspectives on it.

As you all are aware of by now, at least the two of you that read on a daily basis, in my Thursday literature class there is one extremely hot chick that I have enjoyed several nice conversations with and even walked her to her car a couple times, seeing how she was mugged recently and all, I figured I would be nice and offer. Not that the sports dude is exactly “ripped” or anything, actually nothing could be farther from the truth, but rather safety does come in numbers and I just felt like being nice. The point of the conversation my brother in law and I had was how different it is now that I have nothing to lose, as does he because he is also HAPPILY married and he himself, being a recent college grad, has experienced this same thing recently as well. What we were saying is that, since we had nothing to lose, we were more likely to talk to the said hot chicks in classes and engage ourselves in their company because, at this stage in life, we really have nothing to lose one way or the other.

What do you mean by that sports dude, what the hell are you talking about? Well, what I am saying is that, back in my earlier college days when I was “unhappily” single and looking for dates, him and I both agreed that there was no way in hell that we would have even fathomed having a conversation of any sort with a hot chick, it just wasn’t something we would have done. See, believe it or not, on the surface I may seem like a rather confident and out going guy, but underneath it all I am this shy little shit that had a hard time finding dates because I just had a hard time approaching women, it just wasn’t me. But now, seeing how I am off the market, have no intentions of going back on the market, happy and like I said have nothing to lose, I am enjoying college life like I should have in the first place, with a “who gives a shit” attitude about what people think of me. I am what I am, why not strike up a conversation with a hot chick and see what happens, and this semester I did just that and it worked. (There were no hot chicks last semester so I didn’t get the opportunity to have this type of fun before now.) Don’t get me wrong, I am not “playing” hot chick either, by that I mean not only do I have my wedding ring on the left finger (AKA branded) we had a group discussion a couple weeks ago about a book in which the main character went to Jamaica and I openly talked about my honeymoon there in front of the whole class. See, I am not trying to play her either, she as well as the rest of the class knows this man is married, but like I said it is just fun for me to experience life with confidence all of a sudden, you know, and talk to the hot chick and not be scared shitless about it.

So has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? Is the sports dude a horrible person for enjoying his college experience like this? What do you all think? Like I said, there are no intentions, there is no doubt that everyone knows I am married, all this is, basically, is what my brother in law and I said, a “nothing to lose” type of adventure. Agree? Disagree? Or are all of you saying “shut up sports dude, get back to sports dude?” Hey, feedback is fun; let me know what you think, later – the sports dude.

at 10:57 AM

Monday Morning Randomness...

Well, I got a midterm tonight, and you want to know what the sports dude did last night to prepare for it? That’s right, studied… the NBA All-Star game that is! Damn it all to hell Pistons, how could you do that to me? Of all the years to go and get four players in it had to be this year, didn’t it? I mean, if it was just Ben I probably would have skipped out on it, for me it is hard to watch Ben suffer when he is all alone out there. What do you mean suffer there sports dude? Well, just ask Pau Gasol who learned first hand, back to back, in a matter of two seconds why Ben is there in the first place… his defense! How cool was that watching Ben stuff the shit out of Gasol like that and how quickly he blocked him not once but twice? That is why I say suffer because if Ben were out there without his partners in crime he is like the sore thumb sticking out, why are you playing defense Ben? We don’t do that here! But seeing the four of them together, damn, that was cool and it was also the first time I watched an All-Star game in years.

Speaking of them being all together, can anyone else deny the fact that it was the four of them being in there together in the late third and early fourth quarters that brought the East back? Personally, if you ask me, Chauncey was the MVP because he was running the show when the comeback began, but we all know it goes to the “pretty” boy on each team, so it makes sense Lebron got it. Besides, Lebron can have that MVP, Chauncey already got the better one a couple years ago in the Finals and could (or should!) be in line to win the league MVP, plus maybe another Finals MVP as well. The point is something tells me Chauncey ain’t feeling too bad this morning, all things considered.

How out of place did Paul Pierce look in there with the Pistons, especially in the first quarter? I think he shot every time he touched the ball (shocking!) and boy did he look like a wet bag of shit misplaced and uncoordinated as hell. But hey, Flip had to use someone, maybe he used Pierce because he knew it would make him look bad and wanted to embarrass him, I don’t know, but he really looked like shit. Hey, did I mention yet that Pierce looked out of place out there?

Lastly, is there any doubt now that the Pistons are not only the best team in the NBA but they clearly have the five best starters in the league? I mean, they erased a 21 point deficit against the “Best of the West” without one of there own, and the “other guy” usually looked so out of place I felt bad for him? If anyone doubts what the Pistons have and what Joe D. has helped build then shame on them, they need to go get their head checked.

In other news, the Olympics apparently are still taking place and the Ice Dancers that train in Canton are in second place with only today’s event left. Yeah, I admit, I have watched a little ice dancing, but that is only because Tanith Belbin is so damn hot! In all honesty is there any other reason to watch that stuff? (If you said yes, and you are a male, please leave you man card at the door!) I also enjoyed the replay of that snow boarding race in which the Lindsay Jacobellis totally bought it at the end and lost the gold, what a screw up that was! Guess she must have thought someone stole her Visa Check Card or something and freaked out! (Yeah, I am sure no one else made that joke yet either!) But whatever that event was called, the downhill motor cross half pipe snow board thingy was awesome, how about that other wipe out in the final where the chick bought it and went into the fence? Man, if all the Winter Olympic Sports were like that I would tune in all the time.

Lastly I guess there was some race somewhere with these fast cars that go in a circle, well actually more like an oval, for about 100 some odd laps or so and every now and then one crashes or something? Did that happen over the weekend? Yeah, if you guessed it, I am not a big NASCAR fan, I put it right up there (or should I say down there?) with hockey. In fact, I always mess with the “token” hockey fan here at work and tell him that hockey is simply NASCAR on ice. The rink and the track are about the same shape and every now and then someone or something flies into the boards. The NHL has intermissions and NASCAR has pit stops, there is a zamboni in one and a pace car in the other, see what I am saying? He doesn’t appreciate it too much but what do I care; I just love messing with the dude.

Well, there you have it, the sports dude showed up on a Monday and gave you all a post to chew on and digest, enjoy! Oh, and please, no choking… the sports dude.

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