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Friday, November 12, 2004 at 1:54 PM

New link on side bar....

Just added a new link to the old side bar, Pro Football Encyclopedia. Haven't wandered around it too much, but got the heads up for it from the Detriot Free Press sports section this afternoon at lunch. According to the brief write up in the paper, there are scores, rosters, standings, and some trivia. Looks pretty neat, and I am always trying to keep up to date on new and exciting things in the world of sports.

I stated earlier that I was going to talk today about Maurice Clarett and Joey Harrington, but there really is no point in that anymore. All I will say is that Maurice Clarett is a paycheck player, plain and simple. He will play good one year to earn the cash, crappy for a couple because he is getting paid and who cares, then will have another good year in the final year of his contract. The only reason why he even said what he said is because people were starting to forget him, he had been out of the spotlight for awhile, and needed some face time to make his inflated ego feel full again! He is an overachieving, money hungry whore, nothing more, nothing less. Don't get me wrong, being a U of M fan I have no love for anything related to the Buckeyes, but this is just a cheap shot by a cheap player. Plain, simple, end of story.

Next - Joey Harrington. Look, sorry Lions faithful, but Joey will never be any better than he is, and what he is, plain and simple, is a decent quarterback that should be a life long back up. I said it a few years back when they drafted him and I say it again - a quarterback is only as good as the conference he comes from and the secondaries he is throwing against. Joey came the Pac-10 where they recruit for offense, maybe a little for the D-Line, but the secondaries are made up of other schools cast offs, leftovers and walk-ons. He had inflated numbers against shitty defenses, and he will never be anything but mediocre in the NFL. I really wish the Lions would have gone after Jeff Garcia this off season, that would have been great! I also wish the Bengals wouldn't have screwed us over and let Chris Perry fall in the draft right into our laps, but that is all another story for another day and time!

Well, signing off, I have to think of creative ways to portray to you, my readers, how the Wolverines will win this weekend and the Lions will lose. Until that time, enjoy the rest of your Friday - the sports dude.

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