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Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 2:35 PM

Wolverine Preview - Part Two

Well I said I would get to the Wolverines schedule and here I am, just as promised, finally doing it. I am not going to make predictions, after last seasons embarrassing show I don’t think they need the dreaded sports dude jinx hanging over their heads! The only prediction I will make is this season will be better than last, it can not get any worse, and that I am sure their will be plenty of people out there screaming about Carr and his hot seat. (Note to the ladies here I am not talking about his butt!) Again I will say this one last time – Carr is not going anywhere!!!! There, I feel much better now, let us get on with the schedule:

Home – Vanderbilt
Home – Central Michigan University
Away – Notre Dame
Home – Wisconsin
Away – Minnesota
Home – MSU
Away – Penn State
Home – Iowa
Home – Northwestern
Home – Ball State
Away – Indiana
Away – Ohio State

The way I see the schedule breaking down is there are five “gimmie” games in there and they are as follows: Vanderbilt, CMU, Northwestern, Ball State, and at Indiana. Do I really have to go into a description for any of those as to why I think they are victories? Didn’t think so! The only one that would swing me is Northwestern because they are playing for their coach this season but I put it in the “gimmie” column because it is in Ann Arbor.

The next four games are the ones that I consider the “50-50” games because of the rivalries involved, the competitive nature of the Big Ten (best conference in college football!), and just any of the other factors that get thrown in. Those games are Wisconsin, at Minnesota, MSU, and Iowa. The nice thing about those games are the toughest three are in the Big House this year and the lone road game is Minnesota and they are full of question marks.

The next three games I will not even touch because they are all big games, all on the road, and there is no way I am putting any hexes or jinxes or anything remotely voodoo related on these games – at Notre Dame, at Penn State and at Ohio State. The only thing I will add is that if U of M finds a way to win in Notre Dame on September 16th I think this might have the makings of a special season. If they lose, oh well, I guess all of you will put Lloyd back on the hot seat again.

That’s it for now, the weekend warrior returns tomorrow, peace! The sports dude.

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