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Friday, December 03, 2004 at 3:10 PM

Lions prediction time.

Well, they are the home town team, so I guess I should at least give my thoughts on the game, right? Unfortunately, my outlook on the game is not so bright. I am interested in watching the game, however, but it not for the Lions ties - it is for the Cardinals. See, my boy John Navarre, will be making his NFL debut in the game, starting at QB for the Cardinals. I, unlike many people in Wolverine World, always loved Navarre. In fact at the season ending bust last year for the Wolverines, which I was able to attend, I was one of a large crowd of people that gave Navarre a standing ovation when it was his turn to speak. I always liked the dude, he was a good QB for what it is worth, and I think he handled himself professionally day in and day out, even though he was considered a lousy QB by most. But I liked him and I am looking forward to him getting a chance in the NFL, once again showing that unless you are named Elway, Montana, Manning, etc. that a QB is better drafted in the later rounds ( like his predecessor Tom Brady ) than with the number 3 pick in the draft ( like Harrington, who he will out perform on Sunday ). Now, to the preview.

Well, our only weapon capable of scoring a TD is out for the season, one Eddie Drummond. So, I ask, how the hell do the Lions find the end zone? The only answer I can come up with is that the Cardinals are just as bad as the Lions, that is how! I think the Lions fans should all wear T-Shirts to this game with the slogan "Mom, do we have to watch?" right on the front, because it will be a rough one to watch for sure. In the end, however, the game will go to the Cardinals. Navarre will have a better stat line then Joey and be thankful that he gets to make his NFL debut against the lowly Lions. He will easily pass for about 250 yards and throw at least 2 TD's. Joey, on the other hand, will lead the Lions to the end zone in the first quarter, but will be ineffective after that. He will eventually be pulled in the third quarter, where we are all forced to watch Mike McMahon try and play QB once again. The game will be over, more people will be calling for Joey's head on a platter, and I think the organization will finally realize what we have been saying for a very long time - at best Joey is a decent back up QB, not a starter and definitely not a star or savior. His days are numbered, as well as the Lions season, and they all begin thinking about the draft and who the hell they are going to sign in the off season to be their QB next year. Final score prediction:

Cardinals 27, Lions 16.

Well, that is all for now. I, for one, am actually excited about a Lions game for once, it is just too bad it is for the wrong reasons! I look forward to watching Joey getting embarrassed, I looked forward to Navarre showing us all that he is a good QB and helping to embarrass Joey, and I look forward to seeing him start of his pro career with a solid game and a win. Sorry Joey, but you are done - just like this post!

Have a good weekend, live, love and learn - the sports dude!

at 9:01 AM

Willingham, Meyer and the Golden Dome.

First, let us get to the links, the articles that I read. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, but they are interesting none the less. You can get to them here, or here, maybe here, check over there and yes, under here and my favorite here. Now, to my points in the post.

Now, I am going to say this right off the bat - RACE WAS NOT AN ISSUE!!!! Is race an issue sometimes? Yes, it is unfortunately. Is race an issue in this case? No, it is not. In this case it about two simple words - Urban Meyer. Let me explain.

See, Urban Meyer is a hot commodity in the college sport world. In fact, the dude has an out clause in his contract ( which I will discuss more later ) for Notre Dame. He was an assistant there for some time under Lou Holtz and Bob Davie, and has been quoted as saying that Notre Dame would be "like a dream job". Think the guy wants to coach there or what? But the problem is, there was another school knocking on the door, and it wasn't Notre Dame - it was The Florida Gators. Now there is no clause in his contract for Florida, but it does offer more than his current position at Utah. They include, but are not limited to, more control over the program, nicer facilities, a more recognizable program, more national attention, the chance at a National Championship, a more realistic shot at getting to the NFL someday and I am sure others. Oh yeah, did I mention a shit load more money as well? Point is Urban Meyer is a Notre Dame guy, plain and simple.

Does that make Notre Dame right? No it doesn't, but it also doesn't make them racist. They saw, on the field, a team that had been getting worse and worse for two years. Bottom line people, college football is a cash cow, and whether Notre Dame likes it or not, with all their "holier than thou" bullshit, they are just like everyone else and saw the cash cow slipping away. They also saw Urban Meyer slipping away and they had to make their move. No race, no black, no white - just the simple fact that Urban Meyer could go somewhere else and get locked up in a situation where there was no out clause, or maybe a place where he would fall in love and not want to leave! That place was Florida, it was realistic and probably would have happened, so Notre Dame panicked and made a move.

I guarantee you that if Urban Meyer was not in the running, not in "serious" contention for another job anywhere that Willingham would have been back and Notre Dame would have honored his contract, just like all the other coaches in the past. No black, no white - just an opportunity to get Urban Meyer before he was gone, for what could have been forever. No black, no white, just an opportunity to take what they felt was the only chance to get Meyer at all! No race, none at all, just a panic move to get there guy!

Does it make Notre Dame racist, no! It doesn't make them right either - it just means that they are finally like the rest of the cash cows in college football, whether they like it or not. And, for the record, I think that if Willingham were a white coach he still would have been fired anyway, because it was about Meyer and not race. Done.

Now, for my last little part of this post, I would like to talk about the out clause in Meyer's contract. It is for three schools and two of them I understand completely. The third I am a little curious about. The two that make the most sense, to me, are Notre Dame and U of M. Those two programs are the greatest in college football, hands down. Rich in tradition, proud, clean, true - what all college football programs should be. They are also neck in neck for the all time winning percentage, they are #1 and #2 respectively. But the third school in his clause is Ohio State University, home of the Fuckeyes! I really think Meyer needs his head examined for that one. For all the things U of M and Notre Dame stand for on the football field, OSU is the opposite. Liars, dirty, paying your athletes and bribing them, cheating and a lack of respect for all things pure and good in college football. I am sure I left things out, but think of all the things the dirty Florida schools do - the Gators, the Seminoles, the Hurricanes and their band of thugs - and Ohio State is the Big 10 version of that, just not quite as bad. This is just not coming from a Wolverine fan, a Wolverine fan traditionally would say all those things about Notre Dame as well, but I respect Notre Dame. I have, however, no respect for the Fuckeyes, as they have no respect for college football themselves.

Well, that is all for now, later I will post about my Lions predictions and all that jazz. For now, I am off to call the Fuckeyes athletic department, I need them to check Urban Meyer's head the same way they did the Wolverines bags, equipment, etc. a couple weeks ago! Come on Meyer - U of M, Notre Dame make sense, an out clause for Ohio State? That is like having an out clause for your Porsche if a Ford Festiva ever becomes available! I think that we need to check your head and not the Wolverines bags, that's for sure! Until then take care and we will talk soon - the sports dude!

Thursday, December 02, 2004 at 1:51 PM

Was Ohio State searching for skills in U of M's bags?

First, I know this is old news, I know Ohio State embarrassed the Wolverines on that Saturday afternoon, but I still would like to talk about this quickly. It is old news, but since times are slow I figured I would catch up on some old stuff I had swept under the rug. So, like Carr, I will echo his statement by saying I am not whining, OSU kicked our asses that day, search or no search, they won that game on the field - nothing to do with the outcome of the game, period. All this is, all this shows, it what we as U of M fans already knew - that the Fuckeyes really are sad, lonely, pathetic creatures who would rather go 1-10, as long as that one win is against the Wolverines, then the season would be a success. A success - at 1-10? That is pathetic you losers, get over it - and the next time you search our bags, leave our skills in them - you stole them for this game!

Now, here are a couple articles I enjoyed about the ILLEGAL searches - ESPN here and The Detroit News here. Now, on to the rest of the post.

I totally agree with Carr, hands down. Why U of M and no one else? Why out in the open, where the fans could see? Why embarrass the Wolverines like that? Because Ohio State has no class, plain and simple. Listen to the stories about U of M fans that go down there and it is horrible, brutal and disgusting the way they are treated. Beaten, spit on, cursed at, you name it - the typical response from a U of M fan that goes there for the game is "they fear for their lives". Then, after not getting killed, the Columbus cops pull you over on the way home and give you tickets because you are from Michigan - how petty is that? Extremely, if you ask me! Plus, we have all heard the stories about the team hotel losing hot water, losing electric and the "mysterious" crank calls at four in the morning. Again petty! But that is the mentality of the Fuckeye, to be big cock suckers up and down, in and out. Now, I am sure there are a couple nice ones, but I ain't never seen them! I have been to "The Horseshoe" for the game, as well as at "The Big House" for the game. The fans in Ann Arbor are more respectful than those is Columbus - plain and simple. Apparently it also carries over to the athletic department as well.

Seriously, searching the players in the open? Lets see, all that causes is embarrassment and a great opportunity for them to get pummelled by some of the fans, who we already know are some of the worst behaved in college sports! Do it right in front of them, let the crowd see it, taunt them, etc. And, you know what, guess who it is going to effect the most - the freshman, who are already nervous enough about "the rivalry" as it is, being there and experiencing it for the first time. And guess who the biggest contributors are on U of M - Hart and Henne, a couple of freshman, who have no idea what to expect, what the hell is going on, and this is their first taste of "the rivalry". Yeah, it would make me think twice too!

But the point to all of this is simple - to U of M the season is about winning the Big 10, going to the Rose Bowl, that is all. If they win the Big 10 and lose to Ohio State, like they did this year, well - it would have been nice to win the game, but we are the Big 10 Champs - that is all that matters. However, the pathetic bitches at OSU are just the opposite, as I already stated above. They would rather go 1-10, get blown out and embarrassed in every game, as long as that one win was Michigan. You know what, that would be a great season for them, a successful season for them, and you know what else? That is why OSU is petty, pathetic and full of whinny little bitches, from the field to the stands to the athletic department. It was a disgrace, it was wrong, and apparently you are all a bunch of little school children - immature!

Now, I have heard the "What should U of M do to them next year? Search them too, or embarrass them some other way?". My answer to you is this - NOTHING!!!! Do nothing, rise above them and show them how a classy organization acts, how a classy program acts. Then, take all the pent up anger and frustration and embarrass them the only place it really matters - on the football field! Run up the score, torch them and let her rip - no holds back! I know Carr doesn't like to run up the score on teams, he is a class act unlike ANYONE associated with the OSU football team or athletic department, but I think he might make the exception this time, how about you?

Well, that was more like a novel than a post, but it pissed me off so I felt like going off! Next post will be the Notre Dame - Willingham - Meyer post. There will also be a OSU tie in to that, but that will be in the next post as well! Until then, go get a cup of coffee or a beer if you prefer, read some posts and take a nap or something, you look like shit! Until then - the sports dude signing off!

at 10:01 AM

Many happy returns.

Not that too many people care, but I was sick yesterday and had no desire to post about anything. Currently I am still feeling a little under the weather, but at least I do feel like posting about stuff today. So here we go:

The brawl is done, the brawl is over, the mess is being cleaned up and the justice is starting to be served. Here are links to some of my favorite articles that I have read, so far, on the brawl, people's opinions, and what is being done to prosecute people and move on. You can find the articles here, here, here, here, here and yes, even here! I still blame Artest, I still think he is the one at fault. Yes, John Green had no right to throw the cup, but Artest had no right to go into the stands - none what so ever! If he stands, yells and points into the crowd and lets security handle it, like a real man would, then that brawl never would have happened. Sorry, Ron, but you are to blame, end of story. And all this stuff about getting "punked" or losing your "street cred" - hmmmm... I wonder why so many fans view NBA players, and a lot of athletes in general, as hoods, thugs, etc. You are a millionaire playing a game - and you are worrying about your street cred? That is weak, that is lame, and anyone that is worrying about being punked is a sorry excuse for a human being, plain and simple! Take your street cred and shove it up your stupid ass you pathetic piece of shit, and then go promote your lousy CD instead of apologizing! Ban the dude for life, he is a stupid bitch, a waste of oxygen and a waste of time - done!

Now, moving on to happier things - I will later post about some new stuff ( Ty Willingham - Urban Meyer - Notre Dame ) and some old stuff that I keep forgetting about ( the embarrassing BS that Ohio State University did to U of M before the game ). Until then, I need to go relax and calm down - even thinking the name Artest gets me pissed and all fired up! So, until next time, when I return from promoting my CD - the sports dude.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 at 1:29 PM

Boring day in sports!

Much to do about nothing! There really is not much of anything going on in the world of sports today. The Pistons play tonight, hopefully they will get out the funk soon. Having Ben Wallace back should make it easier, that is for sure, and tonight is the last game he will miss because of the suspension. Carl Pavano is visiting the Tigers this week, as well as a list of other teams as well. But, unlike in the past, at least the dude is visiting - that says a lot about where the Tigers are now as opposed to where they were a couple years ago. Beyond that there is not too much else to say!

I will return with more later, nursing a bad hang over today! Was up late last night playing Madden 2005 on the old PS2 - won the super bowl and had an undefeated season on top of it! 19-0 BABY!!!! Yes, I am a geek - but love it anyway! Well, until we meet again, I am off to take some tylenol and then go sleep in the bathroom stall for a few! Later my hearties - the sports dude!

Monday, November 29, 2004 at 1:48 PM

Monday Morning QB

Well, I am back! How was everyone's turducken day? Mine was great, seeing how I ate prior to the Lions game - if you want to call that a game! Damn, my prediction was pretty close - I am rather proud of myself! Maybe I should give up blogging all together and go into sports betting, at least I have an opportunity to make money there! I will say I am fatter today then last week, just like Peyton Manning and his stat sheet thanks to the Lions! I ate, I drank, and then I continued to repeat that process all weekend long! I love Thanksgiving - especially when all I do is go to other people's houses and let them prepare meals for me! No mess, no clean up, just belly fattening fun! Ah, yes, Happy Thanksgiving me! Now, onto blogging...

Well, the Lions are toast, plain and simple! I guess you can't really blame Mooch for endorsing Joey, what choice does he have? I again go back to my previous post, where I referred to the comparison of Joey and McMahon to that of a Chevette and a Geo Prism. But, now upon further review, I would like to change it to a Chevette and a Ford Festiva - the end result is still the same in the comparison, both cars blow, but all you can do is hope one of them has enough gas to get you home! The only problem is, the Lions are out of gas and Mooch has no choice but to go with Joey - the dude is LARGELY overpaid, so you may as well get your money's worth out of him and put him out there. Beside from that fact, there is no other reason to start him - trust me, McMahon will do no better. Point is, the Lions are out of gas, shit out of luck, up shits creek without a paddle ( any other puns you want to throw in here feel free! ) and all us Lions fans can now start looking at next year and the draft - the Lions equivalent of the playoffs / Super Bowl.

Well, that is all for now - I really was in a good mood until I started talking about the Lions. Later on this week I would like to start talking about the college bowl picture, the Pistons and their problems, and who knows what else - we shall have to wait and see!

Until then, keep reading, keep commenting and keep breathing! Christmas is now upon us, so lets make our lists for Santa, shall we? I will start with a QB for the Lions, getting Ben Wallace back for the Pistons, etc... but right now all I need to worry about is a diet! Until next time, signing off a little fatter today - the sports dude!

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