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Monday, December 12, 2005 at 2:00 PM

Monday Morning Madness...

Well, the Lions are continuing down the road of the most laughable franchise in maybe not only the NFL but in the three major sports in the USA - the NFL, NBA and MLB. I only hope I can hear Jauron give us another one of those "best chance to win" speeches this week when he names Garcia the starter again.

Looks like the Pistons just continue to roll and that is how I spent my Sunday evening, watching them go to 10-1 on the road (15-2 overall) by beating the Clippers and the "Hack-A-Ben" tactics last night 109-101. Seventeen games so far this season and an astounding 11 on the road, the fact that it includes two Western swings is remarkable if you ask me. I am glad we have these guys to watch, there ain't much else as far as sports go nowadays! I know it is still early and I know that there could still be a key injury or some other fluke or dry spell, but even if they go 7-3 the rest of the way (still possible!) you get a 57-20 record and five other games that could split the difference, so let's go 60-22. Not too shabby for a team that is picked to be the third or fourth best in the east. But all that regular season crap means nothing if they don't maintain it, get the Central Crown and get that #1 seed, which I predicted would come out of the Central anyway. Damn, the sports dude is looking pretty smart again huh? All right, like I said it is early, but step off... I can pat myself on the back a little.

Anyway, another one of my predictions came true today, you know where I said Ron Jeremy Van Gundy wouldn't make it thru the season in Miami. Well, I said it was going to be because he was fired, but looks like he "resigned" instead. That's all right, I still think it was a conspiracy and the cat was really fired, but whatever, I was right and the dude is gone. Good luck Pat and keep buying that motor oil you put in your hair to keep it black. That dysfunctional group you put together there in Miami will make you totally gray before too long!

Lastly I just want to say that I love Ron Artest, especially when he opens his mouth and gives us quotes like this:

"I'm so demanding of the ball. It's not my fault," he said. "Every time somebody is on me it's a mismatch. It messes up the offense."

Hey Ron, maybe you need to go back on your medication okay, but unless you are battling you inner demons or other personalities or something I don't think teams try and focus on "stopping Ron Artest" offensively when they game plan for the Pacers. They worry about you defensively yes, but I think on offense they worry more about Jermaine O'Neal and not your "Tru Warrier" style. Lastly, before you start demanding trades remember to spell shit correctly okay!

Damn, the Pistons go 15-2 and all basketball hell breaks loose! Look out folks, it is Armageddon time! Later - the "taking cover the sky is falling" sports dude.

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