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Friday, January 14, 2005 at 8:54 AM

Two parts Pistons, one part NFL.

Luke Waltons Forehead is a little short on time this morning, so this post may be short and sweet - for a change! But, there are a few things I didn't get a chance to say this week so I want to get them out this morning. They are as follows:

Darko Milicic - For the record, I still think it was a great pick. Also, for the record, I totally believe he will pan out. The way I look at that draft is, in my opinion, there were only two other players that I would have taken instead of Darko. One, the obvious choice, is Lebron. Even though there was Chauncey, Rip, & Tayshaun, you just don't pass up on that dude. The other player is DeWayne Wade. But, in all honesty, I don't think that anyone at that time knew he was going to be a stud like he is. Forget Carmelo, I still like Tayshaun better them him, so get that 'Melo crap out of my face. And, for the record, I think 'Melo is going to be a wash, so forget about it. Look at him in his second season, nothing special? It is not even worth arguing over, Darko was the best pick at that time for the Pistons. We will finally start seeing more of him next year, as Elden Campbell comes of the books and Darko gets one more summer to get stronger and work on his skills. The Pistons were a perfect team for a "project", and that it what Darko is. They didn't need a guy to play now, which is what a team picking at #2 usually needs. He is also still only 19 or 20 and never really played pro ball before. But, mark my words, he will play more next year, being the first big of the bench, and two seasons from now when he is consistently putting up double-doubles, a lot of people around here are going to eat their words. Done.

Grant Hill - he comes back to the Palace tonight for the first time in four years. People, please do not boo him. #1, the dude almost died and has had a span of four years that I would not wish on my worst enemy. #2, get over it! Look at it this way - without Grant Hill agreeing to the sign and trade ( remember, he actually just wanted to leave ) there would be no Big Ben here. See, Grant had to be talked into the sign and trade by Joe Dumars, and really it was a nice gesture. Grant could of just left, wanted to just leave, but Joe said "Look, if you do the sign and trade, first you get more money because we can give you more than Orlando and second, at least you will allow me to get some guys in return for you.". Grant didn't originally want the sign and trade, but him and Dumars agreed to it to kind of "scratch each others backs" - Joe gives Grant more money and Grant allows the Pistons to get a couple bodies in return, one of which happened to be Ben. Enough said, so respect the guy and give him the standing ovation he deserves. He was here during the dark years, gave his all and never once asked for a trade when a lot of players ( see Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, T-Mac, etc. ) all say "Trade me, I want to go to a contender.". He stuck it out during the dark ages, was an All-Star, and gave his all to this team. And, for the record, it wasn't Grant's decision to leave, it was his wife's! Every married guy out there, just like me, can understand this - when the wife says it, we does it!!!! So, really, it wasn't Grant's fault - he was just doing it for the booty yo! Done.

Randy Moss - not going to talk too much about it, I already know it is old news, but I just missed out on it. My initial reaction was this:

#1 - Randy why? I wasn't offended, I just thought it was kind of classless, but whatever. At least it wasn't a cell phone!
#2 - Joe Buck - get a life! You blew it way out of proportion with your "calling" it on the play-by-play. You made it bigger then it needed to be and helped it blow up! Get your panties out of a bunch and get a life you loser.
#3 - damn you Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson!!!!

However, upon hearing this my opinion of it changed - the Lambeau Fans have a tradition for years now of mooning the visiting teams bus when it arrives. Not just fake mooning like Moss, but all the way baby!!!! A little too cold in the winter for me, but those cheese heads, whatever! I just hope they don't have cheesy asses as well! But, after I heard that, I got over it quick, realized that Moss was just giving a little back to the crowd that has mooned him at least once a season for years now, and said whatever! I still miss the simple spike, but people want to be entertained now, so end zone routines are becoming more "creative". The Packer fans for years have been giving opposing teams their "love", so Moss was just giving it back. Let it go, get over it and Joe Buck - really, you just need to get laid dude! Way to up tight - done.

Well, that is all for now - good thing that was short and sweet, huh? Later on I will post my playoff picks as we look ahead to round two of the Road to Jacksonville. Later my fellow cheese heads! The Sports Dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

We, as Pistons fans, should never forget all the things Grant Hill did for us. He nearly ruined his career playing on a broken ankle trying to get us out of the first round of the playoffs. And you are right, we woudln't have Big Ben. We also wouldn't have Rasheed. Chucky came in that trade, and was the final piece of the Rasheed trade.

I wish I could go to the game. I've wanted to see Grant Hill play again for years. Next time...  


Blogger the sports dude said...

Yes, you are right with all of that. He gave us his all when he was here, and we owe it to him. I also would have loved to been at that game because I for one would have given him a standing ovation. I thought it was funny to read the wager that he and Joe D. had on this game - with Grant betting he would get booed and Joe betting he would get the "standing-O". Also, I enjoyed the article in yesterdays Free Press talking about how Grant would call Arnie Kander before just about each win in last years playoffs. If he didn't call it seemed like they always lost that game, like game #2 in the finals for example. That just shows you what type of guy Grant is, he could have been bitter, but he called to wish us luck and ended up being a "superstitious" help to us, I guess. And Joe even invited him to come to game #5 of the finals and sit in his suite! That all speaks a lot about the guy and how Joe felt about him when he left - on good terms, honest and no hard feelings! I didn't see Joe invite his former back court mate, "Zeke" to his suite - just wanted to point that out, for what it is worth. Grant Hill is a stand up guy and I hope the Palace crowd stands up for him, not boos. Later - T.S.D.  


Blogger Dan Joseph said...

Joe and Grant were good friends when they sat on the bench together. I know Joe was disappointed he didn't get to sign Grant, but understood his position.

I didn't know that about Grant calling Arnie. Interesting stuff. The only reason I see people booing is because he was on WDFN for four hours after he decided to leave and told people that they should boo him -- and others -- when they come into their building to play against their team. I look to Grant to have a career night. The Pistons better watch him.

Zeke really left on bad terms. He was given a share of the team pending he keep his mouth shut. As expected, he blabbed, and lost his share and left bitter. Its ashame, but that's how it goes. He was used in Toronto and thrown out. He was treated wrongly in Indiana (even though a firing was imminent). I think he's finally found a place he can call home. The Knicks are slowly getting better under his direction.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A nice post about Hill and Darko. Keep up the good work.

Dan from  


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