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Monday, January 10, 2005 at 11:29 AM

Gary Payton to the Pistons?

The Pistons played the Celtics over the weekend and played them good. In fact, it was the type of game that I wish the Pistons played more often - just loose, having fun and letting it fly. It was, during this game, that I had this thought that I would like to briefly share with you all - trading for Gary Payton. Let me expand a little, shall we?

Look, the Pistons seriously need another guard to help out, that is clear. I love Lindsey Hunter, but the dude is too old to be logging heavy minutes night in and night out. At this pace he will be winded come playoff time, and that is when we will need his pressure defense the most. I started thinking about this listening to the game on the radio - trade for Gary Payton. Why not? Yes, Gary Payton is no longer the All-Star he once was, but he still is a damn good player. He is already talking about next year, has made it quite clear that he wants to leave Boston and play for a contender to get his ring. Why not make the trade? If he came to the Pistons this year he is out of Boston, who even if they make the playoffs have no chance in hell getting past the Pistons, Heat or Pacers. If you can get him on board he will solve the Pistons need for a back up guard and have a chance to play for a contender now, as opposed to next year - when he will be one year older and slower. The hardest sell would be for him to accept a back up role, 20 to 30 minutes a night spelling Chauncey and Rip. I think it would be a good fit if the Pistons could pull it off. I mean, Ainge helped get Rasheed here last year - without Boston taking Chucky Atkens there is no Rasheed in Detroit, hence there is no Championship. Maybe Joe could offer Ainge Horace Jenkins, a draft pick, some cash and get Payton on board. If you can Payton to accept a back up role I think it would be a great upgrade and a huge move for the Pistons. The question is - could it happen or will they be creative enough to give it a try.

Yes, Payton is old, but he would be a great back up and that is all we really need. Between Lindsey and Payton, the two of them could share the back up minutes and stay fresh all season long. Alternate their minutes, night in and night out, but I think it could work. Worth a shot if you ask me. It would clearly solve our need for a solid, proven back up for Billups, make life easier on Lindsey and give Payton a chance to play for a contender now! Everyone is happy, everyone wins, and Larry Brown is definitely a coach that could make it work. I say do it if you can.

That is all, just wanted to share my crazy creative thought with everyone. Catch you later on the flip side! The sports dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

Good thought, not a bad idea.

Won't happen for some reasons...

Payton whines enough about minutes and ball touches. He thinks 35 minutes isn't enough, and 50 shots isn't enough.

With that in mind, he'd never agree to be on the bench in Detroit. He's too selfish for Larry Brown's "share the ball" attitude also. He'd really have to swallow his pride, and want to only play for the Pistons to get his ring.

Overall, not a bad idea though.  


Blogger the sports dude said...

I agree with all your points, like I said it was mostly an entertaining thought and nothing more! It would just be interesting to see if he could swallow enough pride to do it! Of all the contenders out there, the Pistons are the only ones that I could see him fitting into (whining and bitching aside) to get that ring now. Fairy tale and a dream, but it was a thought I had that I felt like sharing.  


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