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Monday, January 10, 2005 at 9:41 AM

Monday Morning QB - 1-3 for the weekend.

Well, I guess it is a good thing I don't make a living as a gambler, I would be broke today! Three of my four picks lost, although two of them really shouldn't count! The damn Chargers and the damn Seahawks, those are the two of whom I speak! The Seahawks because, to be quite honest, that game was my toss up game anyhow! That was my weekly "someone has to win, right?" game and I went with the Seahawks because I had to pick someone. As far as my excuse for the Chargers, how was I suppose to know they had a rookie kicker? I am not a gambling man, therefore I don't break down rosters and things of that nature. How the hell was I suppose to know that San Diego had a kid kicking field goals that would choke under pressure like that? A forty yarder - that is a "chip" in today's NFL. The dude choked, and I hope he goes into hiding somewhere for the rest of the off season - I would not want to be him that is for sure!

The Packers, oh well, there goes my Super Bowl! But I still will stick with Brady and my boys, I just have to! Their hardest test will be this weekend against the Colts. And, for what it is worth, whoever wins between the Colts and the Patriots this weekend will go to the Super Bowl. That is all but guaranteed, I hope! I still feel for Brett Favre, because his age really showed in that game. If he decides to play one more season I would understand, who would want to go out with a game like that? But I think his best days are clearly behind him and it is time to bid farewell to one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game of football.

So the tables are set, the next round now begins. I am not ready to yet make predictions at this point, my 1-3 record for the weekend is still a little too hard to swallow! Plus, are any of you actually going to listen to me after such a lousy showing? I doubt it, even if you were crazy enough to listen to me before! But give me a few days to rest and recover, and hopefully I will have a better showing with this round of picks! Hey, at least the Lions didn't lose right?

Well, that is all for now. Until next time, when you will get my picks and whatever other wacky things pop into this little head of mine, good bye and god bless. I am off to choreograph another dance routine for Randy Moss in the end zone! The sports dude.

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