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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 1:32 PM

The sky is falling - quick, blame the Pistons!

This is the topic I was going to go off on today, a trend this season that is getting old already. Let me see, last summer the Pistons were the cream of the crop, the Cinderella if you will. They were tiny David thwarting Goliath, they "played the right way", they were a true "team", the very definition of the word. They were what everyone wanted to be, they were the reason why the mighty Lakers imploded, they were the story book ending of the 2004 NBA season. Now, we have this season, and it seems that everything that is wrong with the NBA is the Pistons fault.

First, we have the rule changes in the off season - that hand checking garbage that basically took the Pistons out of their game. Can you blame Larry Brown for bitching to the officials? I know he complains a lot, but this time it is truly justified. The league basically made this rule to stop the Pistons from playing defense the way it is supposed to be played. It basically should be called "Article 47, Section 9, Sub-Section D - the anti-Piston rule. If you breathe on an opposing player anywhere outside the three point line you will be called for a foul.". I am sorry, but I like the Pistons style of defense, the style of play. I would much rather watch Big Ben, Tayshaun and 'Sheed throw shots into the stands all night, final score 82-79, than watch the "west coast offense" run and gun, dunk and crap their way to a 125-123 shoot out. Call me crazy, but the playoffs last year all I watched were either the Pistons games or the other Eastern Conference games. I do not like the Western style, it to me is not basketball, it is garbage.

Next, we go to the brawl. I swore that I was never going to talk about it again, but now I have to. Why? Because stupid Rick Carlisle had to open his mouth? What the hell Rick, blaming the brawl on the Pistons coaching staff, lack of security and Big Ben? What the crap is that? Let us dissect your points for a moment, shall we?

The Pistons coaching staff, security and Big Ben - what are they suppose to do? Ben showed enough constraint on his own, don't you think? I mean, shit it was a cheap shot by Artest that set Ben off, in a game that was all but over. Artest was trying to send a message, but Ben sent a better one back - you all still have to go through me! Then Artest continues to "yap" at Ben, Reggie Miller makes sure to get his two cents in ( pussy! ), and Artest lays down on the table like the little bitch he is. Let me put it to you this way, if Ben wanted to make himself look good for the sake of "street cred" like Artest and Jackson and O'Neal did by acting like thugs, I think he would have leapt over the coaches and body slammed your bitch ass right there on the scorers table. That is what he should have done and is more of a man than me and all of your Pacer team mates and coaches. So Rick, in closing, I would like to say this - before you open your mouth again, check the facts boy! The coaches, and Ben's team mates, did a great job of holding Ben back - luckily all he threw was that towel or head band. Getting Ben to leave the floor, or any player for that matter, when Artest and Miller are still "yapping" in their face - impossible. Point the finger at your guys, your coaches Rick, that is the problem. You should have never allowed Artest to stay that close to Ben, you should have escorted him back to your bench - before he grabs the head set and acts all cocky, before he lays on the table to flaunt and before some stupid fan ( yes, the fans are still stupid ) throws a beer. It is your staff Rick that failed that day, not Larry Brown and his - you should have made Artest go take a seat, if you would have done that then it all never would have happened. Go to hell Rick, and let me by you a beer on the way! And, for the record, no amount of security could have stopped what happened, in any arena in any city? Why - because no one ever imagined in all their worst night mares that it could happen, that is why! No one ever envisioned it, therefore no one really would have had the type of security to stop it. Done.

Next, and last, the newest addition to the "Pistons are evil" mantra - Richard Jefferson. What the hell are you talking about dude? You injured that wrist two weeks prior to that play against the Pistons, then went on to play in another seven games. How the hell can you even justify what you are saying? Furthermore, I saw the replay dude - the foul was not even flagrant my man, sorry it wasn't! You turned your hip into Chauncey as he ran by - AS HE RAN BY!!!! Furthermore, if you look at the replay, he was leaning away from you not into you, with his hands down by his hips. I think if he wanted to hurt you he would have taken a swipe at you, gave you a little shove or something. Instead he runs by you, keeps his hands down by his side and leans away from you - man, what a dirty player he is! That Chauncey, we should trade him to the Pacers or something. And, one last thing, if the Pistons were going to play dirty and take a star out from an Eastern Conference foe, don't you think they would be smart enough to do it to a teams best player that was going to make the playoffs? You may be the Nets best player, but you ain't making the playoffs kid! Again, check the facts before you open your mouth - done!

Well, that is enough for now. I need to go sit in a dark corner, calm down and find a happy place! I will be back in awhile to post about the brawl again, but it is something that I noticed that night watching at home that I haven't heard anything about yet. Here is a clue - it happened when the Pacers were exiting through the tunnel. Enjoy the suspense - the sports dude!

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

Words simply cannot express how much I just enjoyed reading that! Its things that needed to be said, and you said it well.

Rick Carlisle needs a reality check. He's just mad because he wasn't the one who got to coach the Pistons to a title last year. He was the one who got fired, then lost in the conf finals, now his team has a meltdown, and he blames Larry Brown! Suuuuure!!!

As for Jefferson, New Jersey as a collective whole are thugs. Kidd is a trouble maker, Carter is a trouble maker, and Jefferson is a trouble maker. They have a history of fights and elbows and dirty hits. Billups' foul definitely was not flagrant. It was a hard foul fueled by momentum. Its basketball, which is turning into a sissy's game slowly, so stop whining about contact, and play the game, Richard!

Now you have me fired up! Let's get a rifle brigade together and head to Indianapolis!  


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