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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 11:07 AM

Tiger Talk

A local radio station had a segment today talking about the Tigers. The topic was do you think they are better off this year than last ( assuming that they are done with major moves )? It made me start thinking about the Tigers, as well as dan joseph talking about them this week. For the record, I hope he doesn't think I am "stealing his thunder" on the subject, he is going more in depth and doing a better job explaining than I am. I was just thinking about two things and that is all:

- Are they better?

- Why Magglio Ordonez? Please no!!!!

Are they better?
Yes, they are - even if they are done signing people. For the record, I expect one more move - I think Dombroski has something up his sleeve somewhere - but if not, no big deal. They addressed their biggest need, the bullpen, vastly improving it with just the one signing - Troy Percival. That gave them a closer and allowed their previous closer, Urbina, to move to their other hole - set up man. With Chris Spurling coming back from injury, and an oddball starter for long relief, the bullpen is much better than last year. Here is my guess, assuming they go with a 12 man bullpen as usual:

Starters :
Jason Johnson
Mike Maroth
Jeremy Bonderman
Nate Robertson
Wilfredo Lidezma or Gary Knotts, with the other moving to the bullpen as a long reliever.

Chris Spurling - long relief.
Jamie Walker - lefty situational guy.
Steve Colyer - spare "lefty" in the bullpen everyone seems to love to have.
Ugueth Urbina - set up.
Troy Percival - closer.
Either Franklyn German or Fernando Rodney, with the other going to Toledo to pitch more often.

The rest of the roster shapes up like this, in my guess:

1B - Carlos Pena
2B - Omar Infante
SS - Carlos Guillen
3B - Brandon Inge
Bench - Ramon Martinez
Bench - Jason Smith

Catchers = Pudge and Vance Wilson as his back up.

Outfield - kind of plug and play between Craig Monroe, Alex Sanchez, Bobby Higginson, & Marcus Thames. Also, not to be forgotten are the outfielder/DH guys in Dmitri Young and Rondell White.

Magglio Ordonez - please, don't bring him here!
We really don't have room for him anywhere, we already got Rondell White and Dmitri Young sharing DH / Outfield duties every so often, which is what Ordonez would do. Also, don't forget, Pudge will log some time at DH to keep his aging knees rested while keeping his bat in the line up. Plus, there are two things that scare me about Ordonez - his aging knees and his agent, Scott Boras. Too risky, too much money for said risk, and really no room for such a risk. I think if they do it that it would be a huge mistake and too much like one of those "making a move just to make a move" scenarios. Hopefully Dombroski is smarter than that and I feel he is.

Well, that is all for now. Seriously, check out dan joseph, detroit sports junkie, this week for better Tigers previews and such. Also, feel free to continue to check out this site for new posts, as well as some of the links on the old side bar. Until next time my hearties - the sports dude!

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

I like your thoughts on Ordonez. It reminds me of my own when J.D. Drew was a possibility. I didn't like Drew for the same reasons you don't like Ordonez, injuries and price tag.

I thought about Ordonez yesterday. At first, my emotions got me, and I thought "Get him!" After a few hours to think about it, and your points about him, I have to agree, avoid him. I too believe Dombrowski is up to something, and will most likely end up orchestrating a Trade rather than wooing a Free Agent.

I guess what we, as fans, want most is for the Tigers to show us that they're improving the team. The fatigue from the losing seasons is starting to really take toll, and we all see the division as winnable.

"stealing his thunder" -- Heck NO! I love it when there is a lot of Tigers talk. Keep talking!  


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