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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 11:10 AM

Welcome back Luke!

Luke Walton was out sick yesterday, but gladly is feeling better today. Went out to dinner with the wife on Monday, ate some suspect seafood, was down for the count yesterday. Not quite at 100% yet, but able to get out of bed for something besides running to the bathroom! Not that you all needed to know that, but it is my blog damn it, so I felt like sharing. Any-Who, on to a couple random things I have floating in my head.

First, for those of you who can not stand cliffhangers, I apologize for being sick yesterday and leaving you hanging. My Grant Hill rumor was suppose to be discussed yesterday, but I had to put if off until today. Anyway, for what it is worth, I say the word rumor because it is that, plus the source it came from is, in my mind, a lousy sports writer all together. Rob Parker of the Detroit News ( formerly of the Freep, but they fired him years back because he sucked, so the News pick him up for some reason ) was on Sports Final Edition with Fred McCloud on Sunday night, his usual spot. He generally is there as Fred's guest, but I tend to drown out the garbage that comes out of his mouth because, as I said, I think the guy is a moron. Anyway, to get to the point, he said that in his talkings with Grant Hill and those close to Grant, he gets the feeling that Grant really wants to return to Detroit. Much in the way Lindsey Hunter returned last year, Grant would love to somehow comeback and finish his career where he started and hopefully get a championship as well. Not that I believe Rob Parker, like I said the guy is a horrible journalist, but it made me raise my eyebrows and think a little. It would be nice if it happened, although he would have to come off the bench, but that would only make the Pistons deeper and stronger. Whatever, just a rumor, but something I heard and felt like sharing. Done.

Next topic, what the hell is this crap all about? Milicic complaining about playing time and "hinting" he may want a trade? I am not going to even go into this very much because it is a joke! All I am going to say is earn it dude! The four "BIGS" in front of you - Ben, 'Sheed, Dice and Elden - are all better than you! Crap, Elden ain't getting no minutes either, but I don't hear him bitching! Keep practicing and learning not only from those guys but from the best teacher in the game, your coach Larry Brown. Earn the minutes, play hard and hustle, but don't piss and moan to the media and then go on the court and play like a little baby when you get minutes! That ain't going to help either dude! Your time will come Darko, quite frankly next year if you ask me since Elden will be off the books, but wait until you are ready. Shut up and practice - done.

Well, that is all for now. I am working on an idea for a Wednesday feature or something, but it is still up in the air. I will be back later to discuss it more. Until then, cheerio my mates, and have a bloody cheery day! The Sports Dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

Heh.. Formerly of the Freep, WDFN, and several other places. I guess I won't spend the time to complete bash on Parker, but I don't like him either. His thoughts are usually either based solely on desire, emotion, or a bad lead.

Sure, why wouldn't Grant want to return to a place that gave him a standing ovation and embraced him for several years? Anyone would say that. Does that mean he's going to come back? I don't think so. Heck, I would love it. Let's look at this...

SF - Grant Hill
PF - Rasheed Wallace
CC - Ben Wallace
SG - Richard Hamilton
PG - Steve Francis

Since we're on the topic of bad journalism, I'm going to predict that if Grant Hill comes here, Francis will too, cuz Francis won't put up with another trade. So let's examine how the trade will happen.

Chauncey Billups, Darvin Ham, Draft Pick, Cash for Hill and Francis

That leaves us with the regular bench contributors...

Antonio McDyess
Tayshaun Prince
Lindsey Hunter
Carlos Delfino

I'm all for it. Call Parker, tell him you have a story for him.  


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