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Monday, January 17, 2005 at 10:13 AM

Monday Morning QB - 3 & 1 BABY!!

Well, I am allowed to brag a little right? I mean, after my dismal showing in week one (1-3), to come back with a 3-1 record gives me the right to boast a little, right? If it doesn't, oh well, I am going to do it anyway! Well, enough with the bragging, let us get on with the posting.

My boy Tom Brady and the Patriots really stuck it to the Colts, didn't they? Even though I was all but certain they would win, I really did not think they would win in that fashion. They all but turned Peyton Manning into Eli Manning and shut down that high powered, record setting Colts offense. It looked more like Joey Harrington out there this weekend, didn't it? Well, the match up is set, Patriots against the Steelers, next weekend in Pittsburgh. Let us talk about the Steelers for a second, shall we? Rothlesberger looked like a rookie, rattled and unsure of himself all game long throwing a couple picks. In fact, the Steelers were two missed field goals away from being the upset of the weekend, my congrats to the Jets for playing them so well. Kickers have been a big story so far in the playoffs for the Jets, last week they got saved by the rookie from the Chargers choking, this week they lost because their kicker missed twice in regulation. Steelers .vs. the Patriots, my prediction will come later in the week. But, if you read my last post, you already know who I am picking.

Now, the NFC, where my one loss from the weekend came, the Falcons beat the Rams and did it pretty easily. Oh well, you can't be perfect all the time, right? But it will make for a nice QB match up in the NFC title game, McNabb against Vick, that one has Madden NFL 2005 written all over it, doesn't it? I know, I am a Playstation 2 slappy, so you have to excuse the video game reference my friends, but I had to throw it in. It should be an exciting game, the only question is - is the fourth time a charm for McNabb and the Eagles? Can they finally get to the big game, the big dance, and out of the NFC Title game? That pick is to come later in the week, I still need to consult my magic eight ball for guidance!

Well, that is all for now on this cold as hell ( why do we say cold as hell anyway, isn't it hot in hell???? ), snowy Monday morning in the "D", but I will return later. I would like to post a little about Grant Hill, an interesting rumor I heard, and the "love" he got and deserved on Friday night. Until then, stay warm, bundle up and drink some coffee, tea, or cocoa to help stay warm! Whatever your preference is, that is alright by me - but I am partial to the coffee! Later my fellow sport geeks! The Sports Dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

I don't think I see the Eagles beating Atlanta without TO. I also think that their best shot to beating Atlanta, is stopping the running game (duh!). I really thought the Eagles were going to meet New England in the Superbowl, but without TO, I'm starting to doubt it. Each year they go into the playoffs, and each year they bow out. TO was brought in to change that, now he's gone. The only thing going for them is Atlanta is Atlanta. If that makes any sense.

I see you're now doing cliffhangers! haha... I'll check back later to hear your rumor!  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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