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Friday, January 21, 2005 at 1:50 PM

Quick Hits.

The big house to get renovated: All I can say is I love everything I read here ( thanks Dan Joseph for the article link. ) and forgot about the halo garbage by reading here. Basically I am all for it. Have any of you ever been to the Big House? I am a skinny guy and my ass has a hard time fitting into the space provided! I mean, I know they only plan on widening the spots by an inch, but I'll take it! I mean, come guys, every extra inch counts right? More concessions, more bathrooms, more handicap friendly seats and hand rails, wider tunnels, etc. All good things. Plus, that scary looking press box will be torn down ( I am still surprised it hasn't fallen yet! ) and will be replaced by a new one, along with indoor luxury suites. It all sounds promising and I hope it works out.

The Pistons acquire Carlos Arroyo: good, I hope. Thanks Dan Joseph for saying the deal is finalized. As long as what is expected to happen, Elden gets waived by the Jazz and we pick him back up, then I am fine with it. The only reason why I think Elden is so important is one word - Shaq. We still have to go thru the big fellow to get to the finals and although Elden isn't playing that much right now, he will be needed then. His 15-20 minutes a night, but more importantly six fouls to use, will be very important to the Pistons in a seven game series against the Heat. If there was no Shaq factor than this is a slam dunk trade, hands down. But, with the Shaq factor, I hope the waiver wire stuff pans out. Much like we did with Lindsey last year, traded him and then he got waived by Boston, if we do it then, once again, Joe Dumars is the ultimate genius. I just hope we get Elden back, or that Joe Dumars has another big man somewhere in his back pocket. Darko is not ready to get abused by Shaq in a seven game series, and I think without Elden then Rasheed, Ben and even Mcdyess would get into too much foul trouble and be tired by the end of a seven game series. Believe it or not, if Elden does not return or there is no other big man in Joe D.'s back pocket, in my mind, it is a bad trade. Done.

Well, that is all for right now, I will be back later with my playoff picks - peace! The sports dude.

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