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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 3:43 PM

New Weekly Feature - Wednesday Hump Day List.

In trying to come up with some type of weekly feature, I decided to do a list. Why on Wednesday? Well, it is hump day, kind of in the middle of the week, so I figured why not? Kind of break the week up, we are half way there, so let us do something to keep the week moving.

The first list is kind of "blah", I sort of winged it today and did it "on the fly". Next week I will put more time and effort into it, as well as more research, and hopefully come up with a better list and product. But until then, you just have to deal with the boring one today to start it all off. Without any further apologies or excuses, the first annual list is:

Goofy White Guys Who Had 15 Seconds of Fame Against the Pistons in Last Years Championship Run.

Round 1 - Toni Kukoc. Had one great game against the Pistons in the Bucks only victory of the round.

Round 2 - Brian Scalabrine. In the game 5 overtime victory, the Nets back up went three pointer crazy and all but carried the load for his team.

Round 3 - Austin Croshere. In the Pacers game 3 victory ( I believe it was game 3 ) he also went three pointer crazy helping the Pacers win easily at the Palace.

The Finals - Luke Walton. My name sake came off the bench to provide some much needed spark to the Lakers in their only victory of the series, game 2.

That is all, like I said boring, quick and easy. I am planning on doing more research for next weeks list and hopefully that one won't put everyone to sleep! Later y'all!!!! The Sports Dude.

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