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Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 8:54 AM

Some odd ball thoughts.

Tiger Talk - the Tigers invited Dean Palmer to spring training. It is nice to see his name appear somewhere again, nice to know he is at least feeling well enough to come to spring training. His career was cut short by severe neck and shoulder injuries, all but making him useless his final few seasons in the "D". Maybe he is feeling better, maybe he just is dreaming, who knows? But it is nice to see all the same and I hope he can make it through pain free. Hey, if he is healthy, it couldn't hurt to have his bat back right? Good luck to him.

Other familiar names include Nelson Cruz, Craig Dingman ( not exactly a great name for a pitcher, huh?), John Ennis, Matt Roney, Maxim St. Pierre and Michael Rivera, whom we traded a couple seasons back to San Diego. He put up some decent numbers while here, but nothing special. He even did less in San Diego, which is why I guess he is back with the "minor league invite" tag.

Next, one of the new links I added yesterday gave me some bad press. Oh well, bad press is better than no press right? Hmmmm..... CLEVER!

That is all, I will chat with you all next time - later alligator - after awhile crocodile! Sorry, I have three young sons - you get that crap sometimes! Peace - the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

I don't like to hear of anyone giving bad press to Luke Waltons Forehead. I will not stand for it. Let me at them!  


Blogger the sports dude said...

Hey, thanks for the kind support - I appreciate it! I thought about linking to the site directly in my post, but changed my mind. For what it is worth I really just don't feel like getting into a "blogger war" with another site, kind of petty. Just like I would never criticize someone else's blogging style. The other site looks very serious, like someone who has a journalism degree and wants to be straight laced and I am fine with that. Me, I take the world of sports from a whacky sort of view and just let her rip! But, hey, that's just me! Also, for what it is worth, that site has gotten me almost one hundred hits today alone since they linked to me and called me unclever! Not that I am a stat whore, but like I said - bad press is better than no press! Advantage Luke Walton if you ask me! Take care and keep reading - T.S.D.  


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