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Friday, January 21, 2005 at 3:35 PM

Weekend NFL Playoff Picks.

Eagles .vs. Falcons - this is the Madden NFL 2005 EA Sports game of the season. Come on, how many of you have never sat down, had a few beers and challenged your buddy on a Friday night to be Vick while you were McNabb? Or vice versa? Anyone? Well, I am a PS2 Madden slappy, so excuse me if I have no life and have done it before! Anyway, on to the "real" game. This will all come down to Vick if you ask me. Can the Eagles contain him? If they can limit his running and force him to throw I believe the Eagles have a chance. If they let Vick get in a groove and run wild the game is all but over. So, will the fourth time be the charm for the Eagles? The sports dude says yes! My final score prediction:

Eagles 31, Falcons 24

Patriots .vs. Steelers - this is the game I am most interested in, to tell you the truth! The Steelers were the ones that stopped the Pats streak earlier in the year, beating them at Heinz Field 34-20. Do the Patriots get their revenge? Will the Steelers defense again frustrate Brady, getting to him and forcing him out of his normal composed self? Who's defense will get the better of the other team? I have said it before and I will say it again, until Brady loses ( dude is 6-0 in the playoffs with 2 Super Bowl Rings and 2 Super Bowl MVP Trophies to boot! ) I can not and will not pick against him. So therefore, I am obviously not going to do it this time either! I think the Patriots have revenge on their minds and a huge chip on their shoulder as well. Revenge will be a key and Belichick again will use that to his teams advantage. Brady's leadership, composure, experience and knowledge will get the best of Rothlesberger this day and the Pats will return to the Super Bowl. Final score prediction:

Patriots 24, Steelers 16

Well, that is all for now. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend, hope to see you all back here on Monday. Be safe, be good and godspeed - the sports dude!

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