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Friday, December 03, 2004 at 3:10 PM

Lions prediction time.

Well, they are the home town team, so I guess I should at least give my thoughts on the game, right? Unfortunately, my outlook on the game is not so bright. I am interested in watching the game, however, but it not for the Lions ties - it is for the Cardinals. See, my boy John Navarre, will be making his NFL debut in the game, starting at QB for the Cardinals. I, unlike many people in Wolverine World, always loved Navarre. In fact at the season ending bust last year for the Wolverines, which I was able to attend, I was one of a large crowd of people that gave Navarre a standing ovation when it was his turn to speak. I always liked the dude, he was a good QB for what it is worth, and I think he handled himself professionally day in and day out, even though he was considered a lousy QB by most. But I liked him and I am looking forward to him getting a chance in the NFL, once again showing that unless you are named Elway, Montana, Manning, etc. that a QB is better drafted in the later rounds ( like his predecessor Tom Brady ) than with the number 3 pick in the draft ( like Harrington, who he will out perform on Sunday ). Now, to the preview.

Well, our only weapon capable of scoring a TD is out for the season, one Eddie Drummond. So, I ask, how the hell do the Lions find the end zone? The only answer I can come up with is that the Cardinals are just as bad as the Lions, that is how! I think the Lions fans should all wear T-Shirts to this game with the slogan "Mom, do we have to watch?" right on the front, because it will be a rough one to watch for sure. In the end, however, the game will go to the Cardinals. Navarre will have a better stat line then Joey and be thankful that he gets to make his NFL debut against the lowly Lions. He will easily pass for about 250 yards and throw at least 2 TD's. Joey, on the other hand, will lead the Lions to the end zone in the first quarter, but will be ineffective after that. He will eventually be pulled in the third quarter, where we are all forced to watch Mike McMahon try and play QB once again. The game will be over, more people will be calling for Joey's head on a platter, and I think the organization will finally realize what we have been saying for a very long time - at best Joey is a decent back up QB, not a starter and definitely not a star or savior. His days are numbered, as well as the Lions season, and they all begin thinking about the draft and who the hell they are going to sign in the off season to be their QB next year. Final score prediction:

Cardinals 27, Lions 16.

Well, that is all for now. I, for one, am actually excited about a Lions game for once, it is just too bad it is for the wrong reasons! I look forward to watching Joey getting embarrassed, I looked forward to Navarre showing us all that he is a good QB and helping to embarrass Joey, and I look forward to seeing him start of his pro career with a solid game and a win. Sorry Joey, but you are done - just like this post!

Have a good weekend, live, love and learn - the sports dude!

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