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Tuesday, November 30, 2004 at 1:29 PM

Boring day in sports!

Much to do about nothing! There really is not much of anything going on in the world of sports today. The Pistons play tonight, hopefully they will get out the funk soon. Having Ben Wallace back should make it easier, that is for sure, and tonight is the last game he will miss because of the suspension. Carl Pavano is visiting the Tigers this week, as well as a list of other teams as well. But, unlike in the past, at least the dude is visiting - that says a lot about where the Tigers are now as opposed to where they were a couple years ago. Beyond that there is not too much else to say!

I will return with more later, nursing a bad hang over today! Was up late last night playing Madden 2005 on the old PS2 - won the super bowl and had an undefeated season on top of it! 19-0 BABY!!!! Yes, I am a geek - but love it anyway! Well, until we meet again, I am off to take some tylenol and then go sleep in the bathroom stall for a few! Later my hearties - the sports dude!

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