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Friday, December 03, 2004 at 9:01 AM

Willingham, Meyer and the Golden Dome.

First, let us get to the links, the articles that I read. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, but they are interesting none the less. You can get to them here, or here, maybe here, check over there and yes, under here and my favorite here. Now, to my points in the post.

Now, I am going to say this right off the bat - RACE WAS NOT AN ISSUE!!!! Is race an issue sometimes? Yes, it is unfortunately. Is race an issue in this case? No, it is not. In this case it about two simple words - Urban Meyer. Let me explain.

See, Urban Meyer is a hot commodity in the college sport world. In fact, the dude has an out clause in his contract ( which I will discuss more later ) for Notre Dame. He was an assistant there for some time under Lou Holtz and Bob Davie, and has been quoted as saying that Notre Dame would be "like a dream job". Think the guy wants to coach there or what? But the problem is, there was another school knocking on the door, and it wasn't Notre Dame - it was The Florida Gators. Now there is no clause in his contract for Florida, but it does offer more than his current position at Utah. They include, but are not limited to, more control over the program, nicer facilities, a more recognizable program, more national attention, the chance at a National Championship, a more realistic shot at getting to the NFL someday and I am sure others. Oh yeah, did I mention a shit load more money as well? Point is Urban Meyer is a Notre Dame guy, plain and simple.

Does that make Notre Dame right? No it doesn't, but it also doesn't make them racist. They saw, on the field, a team that had been getting worse and worse for two years. Bottom line people, college football is a cash cow, and whether Notre Dame likes it or not, with all their "holier than thou" bullshit, they are just like everyone else and saw the cash cow slipping away. They also saw Urban Meyer slipping away and they had to make their move. No race, no black, no white - just the simple fact that Urban Meyer could go somewhere else and get locked up in a situation where there was no out clause, or maybe a place where he would fall in love and not want to leave! That place was Florida, it was realistic and probably would have happened, so Notre Dame panicked and made a move.

I guarantee you that if Urban Meyer was not in the running, not in "serious" contention for another job anywhere that Willingham would have been back and Notre Dame would have honored his contract, just like all the other coaches in the past. No black, no white - just an opportunity to get Urban Meyer before he was gone, for what could have been forever. No black, no white, just an opportunity to take what they felt was the only chance to get Meyer at all! No race, none at all, just a panic move to get there guy!

Does it make Notre Dame racist, no! It doesn't make them right either - it just means that they are finally like the rest of the cash cows in college football, whether they like it or not. And, for the record, I think that if Willingham were a white coach he still would have been fired anyway, because it was about Meyer and not race. Done.

Now, for my last little part of this post, I would like to talk about the out clause in Meyer's contract. It is for three schools and two of them I understand completely. The third I am a little curious about. The two that make the most sense, to me, are Notre Dame and U of M. Those two programs are the greatest in college football, hands down. Rich in tradition, proud, clean, true - what all college football programs should be. They are also neck in neck for the all time winning percentage, they are #1 and #2 respectively. But the third school in his clause is Ohio State University, home of the Fuckeyes! I really think Meyer needs his head examined for that one. For all the things U of M and Notre Dame stand for on the football field, OSU is the opposite. Liars, dirty, paying your athletes and bribing them, cheating and a lack of respect for all things pure and good in college football. I am sure I left things out, but think of all the things the dirty Florida schools do - the Gators, the Seminoles, the Hurricanes and their band of thugs - and Ohio State is the Big 10 version of that, just not quite as bad. This is just not coming from a Wolverine fan, a Wolverine fan traditionally would say all those things about Notre Dame as well, but I respect Notre Dame. I have, however, no respect for the Fuckeyes, as they have no respect for college football themselves.

Well, that is all for now, later I will post about my Lions predictions and all that jazz. For now, I am off to call the Fuckeyes athletic department, I need them to check Urban Meyer's head the same way they did the Wolverines bags, equipment, etc. a couple weeks ago! Come on Meyer - U of M, Notre Dame make sense, an out clause for Ohio State? That is like having an out clause for your Porsche if a Ford Festiva ever becomes available! I think that we need to check your head and not the Wolverines bags, that's for sure! Until then take care and we will talk soon - the sports dude!

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