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Monday, November 29, 2004 at 1:48 PM

Monday Morning QB

Well, I am back! How was everyone's turducken day? Mine was great, seeing how I ate prior to the Lions game - if you want to call that a game! Damn, my prediction was pretty close - I am rather proud of myself! Maybe I should give up blogging all together and go into sports betting, at least I have an opportunity to make money there! I will say I am fatter today then last week, just like Peyton Manning and his stat sheet thanks to the Lions! I ate, I drank, and then I continued to repeat that process all weekend long! I love Thanksgiving - especially when all I do is go to other people's houses and let them prepare meals for me! No mess, no clean up, just belly fattening fun! Ah, yes, Happy Thanksgiving me! Now, onto blogging...

Well, the Lions are toast, plain and simple! I guess you can't really blame Mooch for endorsing Joey, what choice does he have? I again go back to my previous post, where I referred to the comparison of Joey and McMahon to that of a Chevette and a Geo Prism. But, now upon further review, I would like to change it to a Chevette and a Ford Festiva - the end result is still the same in the comparison, both cars blow, but all you can do is hope one of them has enough gas to get you home! The only problem is, the Lions are out of gas and Mooch has no choice but to go with Joey - the dude is LARGELY overpaid, so you may as well get your money's worth out of him and put him out there. Beside from that fact, there is no other reason to start him - trust me, McMahon will do no better. Point is, the Lions are out of gas, shit out of luck, up shits creek without a paddle ( any other puns you want to throw in here feel free! ) and all us Lions fans can now start looking at next year and the draft - the Lions equivalent of the playoffs / Super Bowl.

Well, that is all for now - I really was in a good mood until I started talking about the Lions. Later on this week I would like to start talking about the college bowl picture, the Pistons and their problems, and who knows what else - we shall have to wait and see!

Until then, keep reading, keep commenting and keep breathing! Christmas is now upon us, so lets make our lists for Santa, shall we? I will start with a QB for the Lions, getting Ben Wallace back for the Pistons, etc... but right now all I need to worry about is a diet! Until next time, signing off a little fatter today - the sports dude!

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