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Thursday, December 02, 2004 at 1:51 PM

Was Ohio State searching for skills in U of M's bags?

First, I know this is old news, I know Ohio State embarrassed the Wolverines on that Saturday afternoon, but I still would like to talk about this quickly. It is old news, but since times are slow I figured I would catch up on some old stuff I had swept under the rug. So, like Carr, I will echo his statement by saying I am not whining, OSU kicked our asses that day, search or no search, they won that game on the field - nothing to do with the outcome of the game, period. All this is, all this shows, it what we as U of M fans already knew - that the Fuckeyes really are sad, lonely, pathetic creatures who would rather go 1-10, as long as that one win is against the Wolverines, then the season would be a success. A success - at 1-10? That is pathetic you losers, get over it - and the next time you search our bags, leave our skills in them - you stole them for this game!

Now, here are a couple articles I enjoyed about the ILLEGAL searches - ESPN here and The Detroit News here. Now, on to the rest of the post.

I totally agree with Carr, hands down. Why U of M and no one else? Why out in the open, where the fans could see? Why embarrass the Wolverines like that? Because Ohio State has no class, plain and simple. Listen to the stories about U of M fans that go down there and it is horrible, brutal and disgusting the way they are treated. Beaten, spit on, cursed at, you name it - the typical response from a U of M fan that goes there for the game is "they fear for their lives". Then, after not getting killed, the Columbus cops pull you over on the way home and give you tickets because you are from Michigan - how petty is that? Extremely, if you ask me! Plus, we have all heard the stories about the team hotel losing hot water, losing electric and the "mysterious" crank calls at four in the morning. Again petty! But that is the mentality of the Fuckeye, to be big cock suckers up and down, in and out. Now, I am sure there are a couple nice ones, but I ain't never seen them! I have been to "The Horseshoe" for the game, as well as at "The Big House" for the game. The fans in Ann Arbor are more respectful than those is Columbus - plain and simple. Apparently it also carries over to the athletic department as well.

Seriously, searching the players in the open? Lets see, all that causes is embarrassment and a great opportunity for them to get pummelled by some of the fans, who we already know are some of the worst behaved in college sports! Do it right in front of them, let the crowd see it, taunt them, etc. And, you know what, guess who it is going to effect the most - the freshman, who are already nervous enough about "the rivalry" as it is, being there and experiencing it for the first time. And guess who the biggest contributors are on U of M - Hart and Henne, a couple of freshman, who have no idea what to expect, what the hell is going on, and this is their first taste of "the rivalry". Yeah, it would make me think twice too!

But the point to all of this is simple - to U of M the season is about winning the Big 10, going to the Rose Bowl, that is all. If they win the Big 10 and lose to Ohio State, like they did this year, well - it would have been nice to win the game, but we are the Big 10 Champs - that is all that matters. However, the pathetic bitches at OSU are just the opposite, as I already stated above. They would rather go 1-10, get blown out and embarrassed in every game, as long as that one win was Michigan. You know what, that would be a great season for them, a successful season for them, and you know what else? That is why OSU is petty, pathetic and full of whinny little bitches, from the field to the stands to the athletic department. It was a disgrace, it was wrong, and apparently you are all a bunch of little school children - immature!

Now, I have heard the "What should U of M do to them next year? Search them too, or embarrass them some other way?". My answer to you is this - NOTHING!!!! Do nothing, rise above them and show them how a classy organization acts, how a classy program acts. Then, take all the pent up anger and frustration and embarrass them the only place it really matters - on the football field! Run up the score, torch them and let her rip - no holds back! I know Carr doesn't like to run up the score on teams, he is a class act unlike ANYONE associated with the OSU football team or athletic department, but I think he might make the exception this time, how about you?

Well, that was more like a novel than a post, but it pissed me off so I felt like going off! Next post will be the Notre Dame - Willingham - Meyer post. There will also be a OSU tie in to that, but that will be in the next post as well! Until then, go get a cup of coffee or a beer if you prefer, read some posts and take a nap or something, you look like shit! Until then - the sports dude signing off!

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