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Friday, February 24, 2006 at 2:26 PM

Friday update...

This could be the last post for awhile from the sports dude, not that many care, but I figured that I would at least give some update to you all as to why I am most likely going to disappear for about two weeks.

First, for the fun part, I am on break next week from school, as well as my oldest son, so the family and I are packing our bags and heading here for a few days. Yep, just a nice little relaxing break for the kids and, yes I will admit, myself for a few days away from the world of work and school. So if you are a little lonely, miss the sports dude and wish he were posting just relax, smile and picture me floating in an intertube down the lazy river.

Now, for the no so good portion of what could be a two week absence for the sports dude, the surgery part. That is right folks, the sports dude is going under the knife (or, rather, under the scope!) for a little arthoscopic knee surgery on the bum right knee. It has been bothering me for quite a few years now, an old basketball injury, and the sports dude finally had an MRI done on it this summer. As the doctor told me when he reviewed my case, if you are going to tear your medial meniscus you may as well do it right! So I am going in, getting it cleaned up and hopefully by summer I will be pain free and ready to go. Unfortunately about the only athletic thing the sports dude does nowadays is golf and the chasing of his three young sports dudes, but at least I will be able to do it pain free. So, if you are looking for me after next week I will be on a table, out cold and in a nice little hospital gown here, praying I wake up again when it is done and not in the middle of the surgery. Also, as I found out officially today, there will be physical therapy involved in my recovery time which means the sports dude has to start working out. Man, gone are the days where working out involved a recliner, a beer, a remote and a playstation controller, now I have to use weights and stuff!

Lastly, as yesterday was Thursday, I would like to give everyone my weekly hot chick update just for the hell of it. First I want to say, yep, she is still hot! Second, I would like to add that I have discovered her to be even hotter because she is a member of the dance team/cheerleading squad. Third I would like to add that she went out of way last night to sit right next to me even thought there were plenty of seats open in the class. And, last but not least, I got the old sympathy vote from her because I mentioned that the next time she sees me I will be on crutches and told her all about the surgery. That's right y'all, the sports dude played the sympathy card!

Later, wish me luck and I hope to return to your regularly scheduled blog-casting system in a matter of two weeks. The surgery is on Tuesday March 7, wish me luck, godspeed and I look forward to returning shortly after that. Later and keep the sports blog world going for me fellas! The sports dude.

Blogger Ian C. said...

Enjoy your vacation, Sports Dude, and good luck during your surgery and rehabilitation. Think of it this way; you'll be back by the time baseball season is ready to begin.

My blogs will certainly miss your readership and comments, but I'll try that picturing you riding an inner tube thing and see if that helps.

Excellent decision to play the sympathy card with the Hot Chick. I meant to comment on your previous post about enjoying your college experience at a different stage in life. As someone who went back to college later - though not as a married guy - I totally agree with you. Taking the "nothing to lose" approach makes the overall experience more enjoyable.

There's no pressure. You have the confidence to enjoy what you weren't mature enough to appreciate when younger, and people can see that in you, which makes them gravitate toward you. You're going about this in entirely the right way, Sports Dude.

Just make sure to really milk those crutches and bandages next time you're in class. ;-)  


Blogger Big Al said...

Good luck, Dude! You'll be missed in the pool that is the Detroit blogosphere...

Basically, what Ian said!  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Sports Dude, I am going to be at the TC Great Wolf Lodge starting tomorrow! I just might run into you on the lazy river! Hope all goes well!  


Anonymous kevin said...

Did you survive? We miss you! We NEED you!  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Sorry about your Wolverines in the Big Ten Tourney, that had to hurt!  


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