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Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 11:55 AM

Thursday this and that...

Not too many people took to commenting on the hot chick debate so I guess I will just leave it at what it is, the sports dude should stick to sports. Fair enough, like I said I was just taking a chance at talking about a different subject for a change, now we move on. I would like to thank the sports pig for checking it out and just remind everyone that this is Thursday therefore it is hot chick night at school. All right, enough with that let us talk about sports for a few.

Well, apparently my good buddy Ian at Sweaty Men Endeavors is having issues with his man card, apparently he has watched the women’s figure skating for no other reason than because he can. Look, I gave him the outs and he at least appears willing to use them, as in he was watching to look at the flexibility of the women, the overall hotness of the women and really enjoys it when they do those “leg thingies” with their legs behind their heads. Also, I would like to congratulate the local hottie Tanith Belbin and that guy she skated with (I think his name was Ben Agosto, but come on, it was all about her) on the silver medal they won this week, man talk about eye candy… I mean a great accomplishment for them and this country, yeah, that is what I meant!

Locally, the Tigers are doing their spring training thing, saying all the right things, and having a blast down in Lakeland. Man, does that sound familiar or what? In fact I read an article the other day saying how Leyland was going to preach “situational hitting” and playing “little ball” and making sure guys got hitters home from third with less than one out. Sound familiar? Yeah, it was the same shit that Trammell had preached each spring he was there, how did it work out for the Tigers? That’s right, they sucked at it, sucked at all aspects of baseball and Tram got fired. Good luck Jimmy, good luck!

Next, the Americans are out of contention for a medal in hockey, does this shock anyone at all? I didn’t think so; in a country where hockey is barely a “blip” on the map what do you expect? It will always be the ugly step sister of sports (and I use the word “sport” there loosely) here in America, get over it!

The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner and I have already heard rumors on the radio this morning involving these players all coming to the Pistons – Iverson, Garnett, Mike James and Jesus Christ himself. Man, I love the trade deadline rumor wire, but come on, could you imagine if the Pistons got Jesus Christ? Look out Shaq and Wade; we got your equalizer now! Truth be told I don’t see them making anymore moves, although Mike James would be nice and is the most realistic, but all they have to offer is some random picks and Cato, there really isn’t much else there. In conclusion I only have two words for you – standing pat.

Lastly the Lions have made no progress; apparently Matt Millen is telling his coaches that Harrington will be given a chance no matter what. Yeah, if I was Martz and Marinelli I would quit right now, period, point blank, end of story. I also keep hearing and reading that, contrary to the shit Millen is spewing and selling, that the Lions are going to pursue Brees when, and if, he becomes available. Look, I like a wet bag of shit over Harrington, I think you all know that, but until we have a real QB on the roster (which is what Brees would be) then I am not getting my hopes up.

That is all I got for today, enjoy the rest of your Thursday and I will try to drop you all a line later. Peace – the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Sorry your hot chick post didn't take off. It's probably because I was posting everywhere I could that the Sports Dude made her up! Ha, ha!

I will admit I have watched some of the ice dancing and figure skating as well. Luckily my wife is the one watching so it's not actually my decision.

I am very excited about the Tigers, but that's my problem isn't it.

U.S. Hockey - Too slow and too many primadonnas obviously.

Keep up the great sports posting, and the occasional hot chick post is okay too I guess!  


Blogger Big Al said...

The Tigers? I'm in wait and see mode. I've gotten all giddy like a school girl in the past, but I've been burned by the Tigers too many times.

You know my feeligs on the Pistons PG situation. I'm not happy, but I can live with it...

Feel free to post about hot chicks all you would like...  


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