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Monday, February 20, 2006 at 10:57 AM

Monday Morning Randomness...

Well, I got a midterm tonight, and you want to know what the sports dude did last night to prepare for it? That’s right, studied… the NBA All-Star game that is! Damn it all to hell Pistons, how could you do that to me? Of all the years to go and get four players in it had to be this year, didn’t it? I mean, if it was just Ben I probably would have skipped out on it, for me it is hard to watch Ben suffer when he is all alone out there. What do you mean suffer there sports dude? Well, just ask Pau Gasol who learned first hand, back to back, in a matter of two seconds why Ben is there in the first place… his defense! How cool was that watching Ben stuff the shit out of Gasol like that and how quickly he blocked him not once but twice? That is why I say suffer because if Ben were out there without his partners in crime he is like the sore thumb sticking out, why are you playing defense Ben? We don’t do that here! But seeing the four of them together, damn, that was cool and it was also the first time I watched an All-Star game in years.

Speaking of them being all together, can anyone else deny the fact that it was the four of them being in there together in the late third and early fourth quarters that brought the East back? Personally, if you ask me, Chauncey was the MVP because he was running the show when the comeback began, but we all know it goes to the “pretty” boy on each team, so it makes sense Lebron got it. Besides, Lebron can have that MVP, Chauncey already got the better one a couple years ago in the Finals and could (or should!) be in line to win the league MVP, plus maybe another Finals MVP as well. The point is something tells me Chauncey ain’t feeling too bad this morning, all things considered.

How out of place did Paul Pierce look in there with the Pistons, especially in the first quarter? I think he shot every time he touched the ball (shocking!) and boy did he look like a wet bag of shit misplaced and uncoordinated as hell. But hey, Flip had to use someone, maybe he used Pierce because he knew it would make him look bad and wanted to embarrass him, I don’t know, but he really looked like shit. Hey, did I mention yet that Pierce looked out of place out there?

Lastly, is there any doubt now that the Pistons are not only the best team in the NBA but they clearly have the five best starters in the league? I mean, they erased a 21 point deficit against the “Best of the West” without one of there own, and the “other guy” usually looked so out of place I felt bad for him? If anyone doubts what the Pistons have and what Joe D. has helped build then shame on them, they need to go get their head checked.

In other news, the Olympics apparently are still taking place and the Ice Dancers that train in Canton are in second place with only today’s event left. Yeah, I admit, I have watched a little ice dancing, but that is only because Tanith Belbin is so damn hot! In all honesty is there any other reason to watch that stuff? (If you said yes, and you are a male, please leave you man card at the door!) I also enjoyed the replay of that snow boarding race in which the Lindsay Jacobellis totally bought it at the end and lost the gold, what a screw up that was! Guess she must have thought someone stole her Visa Check Card or something and freaked out! (Yeah, I am sure no one else made that joke yet either!) But whatever that event was called, the downhill motor cross half pipe snow board thingy was awesome, how about that other wipe out in the final where the chick bought it and went into the fence? Man, if all the Winter Olympic Sports were like that I would tune in all the time.

Lastly I guess there was some race somewhere with these fast cars that go in a circle, well actually more like an oval, for about 100 some odd laps or so and every now and then one crashes or something? Did that happen over the weekend? Yeah, if you guessed it, I am not a big NASCAR fan, I put it right up there (or should I say down there?) with hockey. In fact, I always mess with the “token” hockey fan here at work and tell him that hockey is simply NASCAR on ice. The rink and the track are about the same shape and every now and then someone or something flies into the boards. The NHL has intermissions and NASCAR has pit stops, there is a zamboni in one and a pace car in the other, see what I am saying? He doesn’t appreciate it too much but what do I care; I just love messing with the dude.

Well, there you have it, the sports dude showed up on a Monday and gave you all a post to chew on and digest, enjoy! Oh, and please, no choking… the sports dude.

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