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Friday, December 17, 2004 at 10:10 AM

Weekend Sports Forecast.

Well, let us start with the Lions and I will make this short and sweet, shorter than the leash around Joey's neck! The Lions will lose, end of story. Kevin Jones will continue to shine, at least giving us some hint of hope for the future. He is a keeper, a very dependable back, and I am glad that he finally got the opportunity to show his skills. However, Joey will continue to give the game away, throwing passes into the turf, and the offseason officially begins now. The Lions will finally see they need a proven veteran at QB to push Joey, and they will go after one BIG TIME in the off season. All being said, my final score prediction:

Vikings 36, Lions 16.

Bye bye playoffs and bye bye Joey! Done.

Next, a quick shot at the Tigers. I like Dave Dombrowski and I like what he is doing. It is clear that he is not going to over spend and will wait until the last possible minute if necessary to sign someone. Much like last year and Pudge, I think you will see something like that again for the Tigers this offseason. It will most likely come down to Scott Boras and Dombrowski saying to each other, again, my star needs a team and your team needs a star. That is what happened with Pudge and I see it happening again this off season with some of Boras' players. That being said, I think they will still add a starter and another big bat, but they will not drastically over pay to get either! Good job Dave, it is nice to have a smart baseball man in the front office.

That being said, I am out like Joey Harrington's career - god speed, god bless and have a good, safe weekend - the sports dude!

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