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Friday, March 17, 2006 at 3:38 PM

Man, Thursday was the best day ever!!!!

Not only did the Lions finally get to the point with Joey that I have been waiting for since about three years ago, the hot chick really made my day last night!

See, last week she was not in class, she was off performing with the dance/cheerleading team at some event for the school, it was either a competition or a sporting event they needed to be at, whatever it was the point is it is HOT!!!! Anyway, so she missed me in class last week with the two crutches, but I am still forced to use one for at least another week. Anyway, so she sees me hobble into class and the second best thing I heard all day came out of her mouth...

"Oh my god, how are you? How is your knee? You know, I thought about you over spring break and was hoping you were all right. How are you feeling? How did it all go?"

Now, some of that is paraphrased, but the key part that is true and quoted direct are the sweet words "I thought about you over spring break"; it felt like that scene in Jerry McGuire and all I wanted to say was "You had me at hello!" So there you have it folks, your weekly hot chick update, and it the words of Cartman "As if we care!"

Wait a minute sports dude, you said that the hot chick thinking of you over spring break was second place to the news that Joey is all but gone? Yes, yes I did... tells you how much Joey has disgusted me since they drafted his overrated ass! It was a close second, but still second to that!

Have a nice weekend, I will talk to you all Monday - now go drink some green beer! The sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

These hot chick stories are getting good, but more and more unbelieveable every time!

We'll still like you Sports Dude regardless if you made the whole thing up!

On the Joey subject, I still have a bad feeling he is going to come back and haunt the Lions, not sure with what team, just this feeling...  


Blogger Ian C. said...

Sports Dude, when do you get an invite to one of the dance/cheerleading performances? That'll be the next GREAT DAY.  


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